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Re: Ladies and gentlemen: the DEATH STAR (WIP)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:56 am
by Rookie_One1
Understand your choice for the trench location, although according to both Legends and canon, it's supposed to be on the northern hemisphere, if it's easier to put it on the south pole, so be it

Re: Ladies and gentlemen: the DEATH STAR (WIP)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:15 am
by Bman
Will be interesting to use Blue Max's bloom effects to bring out the window lights of the DS from afar. Great work.

Re: Ladies and gentlemen: the DEATH STAR (WIP)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 3:48 pm
by Tuskin
DTM wrote:
Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:50 am
Tuskin wrote:
Thu Nov 28, 2019 3:13 am
Wow that's beautiful. Question though, I always thought the thermal exhaust port was in the Northern Hemisphere?
There is no definite information in this regard: the last animation of the briefing would seem to suggest the north pole, but it could be turned upside down. I chose the South Pole for functional requirements of the OPT.
Fair enough.

Re: Ladies and gentlemen: the DEATH STAR (WIP)

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:19 am
by Red_Leader
That is awesome! Great work DTM!

Regarding Hernan - I uploaded videos to Youtube of my Yavin Shipset missions. He commented on the Trench Run mission. It doesn't say a date, just 3 years ago. He said "Wow, after all this time, it's nice to see a video of my Death Star, I'm so sorry I lost all my files. I also had a version 2 wich you could fly inside but never released it, dammit. Anyway, it was nice to see it at least breafly."

I replied to him saying thanks for the comment, and that we miss him over here at the boards and he should drop by one day. That was it, he never commented back. I just checked his Youtube page, it looks like he uploaded a video (non XWA related) about 2 weeks ago. So he is around, I guess he's just done with XWA.

Re: Ladies and gentlemen: the DEATH STAR (WIP)

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:08 am
by Rookie_One1
@DTM I made a EU/Legends version of your briefing :)

Alliance High Command

Confidential military report on :
Operation Skyhook

Code: XCfSTH567YUK

Warning: an AAA security level is required to access this report, as to garantee the security of the operatives that were implicated in this dangerous operation. An invalide access code will delete this report without warning as to avoid comprimising the involved agents to Imperial authorities.

Accessing data…

Holomessage A-01: Operation Skyhook preliminary report
This mission report is a preliminary report in case the last part of the operation failed. This report will be sent by courriers to Alliance High Command staff situated off-world, and more importantly, Alliance Fleet Command, directly to Admiral Ackbar, so that they can try and achieve what we failed to do with the acquired technical data if our attempt failed.

Following the interception of a set of schematics through pirated Imperial communications satellites that transmitted them to outpost AX-235, existence of the battle station in construction in the Horuz System was confirmed and the information was carried by one of our pilots, Biggs Darklighter, to the CRS Independance. The crew of the Tantive IV also learned of it's existence during the same timeframe while executing it's mission to Raltiir to support to bring support to it's resistance movement, supplying them with military-grade equipment and weaponry.
As a reaction and acting on the advice of Princess Leia Organa, who was not openly acting in support of the rebellion at the time and was only identified as an "anonymous friend in the senate", Mon Mothma send orders as to obtain data on the imperial project known as "Death Star" and confirm it's capabilities, which was done through tracking cargo to a research station resulting in the Raid over Corulag.

Once confirmation was attained, Operation Skyhook was fully launched. The first part consisted of the capture of imperial military advisors in the Corellian System, whom then told us that Bevel Lemelisk was the main architect of the Death Star Poject, and pointed us toward part of the project design team that were due to be retrieved by ISD Immortal near coruscant. A mission was mounted to capture them near Coruscant before the transfer and was successful.

Following these successes, we planned the Mission to Danuta as to acquire plans from one of the various research stations in the galaxy that participated in the project. SpecOps agents Katarn and Ors worked to aquired the plans stored there, while SpecOps agent Saren worked on a diversion elsewhere near the base, permitting Katarn and Ors to escape with the plans. These plans, along with plans that managed to be transmitted to the Polis Massa base following a failed prison break attempt on the Death Star, and plans retrieved by former senator Bel Iblis at Darkknell, who was MIA and presumed deceased at the time, were transferred using the Lambda-class shuttle Maria to the Tantive IV for safe carrying, using the diplomatic immunity of Princess Organa who was the senator representing the Alderaan Sector.

In the next phase, Alliance Fleet Command destroyed the Kalla VII base, stranding the imperial frigate Priam. It managed to capture it and find out the exact location in the Horuz System of the Death Star from it's computer, in orbit around the planet Despayre. Fleet Command sent the Fortressa, a Lucrehulk-Class ship carrying multiple X-Wing squadrons, to investigate the Horuz System, confirm the Death Star location, it's status and attempt to destroy it. Unfortunately the Fortressa and it's starfighters squadrons were destroyed without being able to send even a distress message. Corvette group Ethar was sent to investigate the Fortressa current status, only to be captured after the Death Star departed the system. Starfighters and Shuttles from CRS Independance managed to recapture the corvettes and escape with them. The data collected by those corvettes not only revealed that there is a high possibility that the Fortressa was destroyed as per the debris that the corvettes managed to scan before being captured, but also showed that the planet Despayre was destroyed, as only rubbles remained where the planet was supposed to be located at this time around the Horuz System star.

As to give us the best chance possible to find a defect in the death star design, it was decided to capture one final set of plans at Toprawa, where the Death Star superlaser was developed. While the Tantive IV crew managed to fulfill it's main objective during the Battle of Toprawa, unfortunately the blockade by Star Destroyers including the Devastator, which was under the command of the empire Executor, Darth Vader, prevented the Tantive IV from making rendezvous with the CRS Liberty which was supposed to transport the full set to Yavin IV, and instead diverted to Tatooine as to seek former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unfortunately with ISD Desvastator followed, and captured the Tantive IV before reinforcement from Kolaador managed to arrive, with only two droids managing to escape, with one of the twos having the plans in it's memory.

Those two droids were found by Luke Skywalker, an old acquaintance of Biggs Darklighter, who knew Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was now known as Ben Kenobi. They managed to escape Tatooine toward Alderaan after hiring the help of smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca and using Solo ship, the Millennium Falcon, while the battle of Tatooine was still going on in isolated locations. The battle of Tatooine also resulted in the loss of Anchorhead Base with the few pilots remaining from that base and those that came from Kolaador attempting to support the Tantive IV escaping through the nearby asteroid field after damaging the Devastator.

While the Millennium Falcon was in transit toward it's destination, the Death Star and part of the imperial fleet arrived in the Alderaan system, routing part of the Alliance fleet that was in hiding near the system.

Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the Death Star commander, attempted to blackmail Princess Organa into revealing the location of our main base with threats of destroying Alderaan. While at the time the princess managed to convinced that our base was still situated at it's former site, Dantooine, Tarkin still destroyed Alderaan as Dantooine was considered to be too remote to be an effective demonstration of the Death Star destructive power. Unfortunately, Bail Prestor Organa, one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance, was confirmed to be on the planet at the time and was killed along all the Alderaanians on-planet at the time.

After the Destruction of Alderaan, it was decided by the empire to sends scouts to Dantooine to confirm the existence of the location of our base, reports which came back to Moff Tarkin as being inconclusive as the base was evacuated long ago. In the meantime, the Millennium Falcon dropped out of hyperspace in the Alderaan system, only finding debris from the planet and being tricked by a TIE Fighter into coming close enough to the battlestation and be captured by them. Luckily, the Millennium Falcon have been heavily modified from it's stock YT-1300 specification and included smuggling compartments, where crew and passengers managed to hide and use to avoid active scanning by the Death Star scanner crew. While planning their escape, they managed to rescue Princess Organa and escape to Yavin IV, unfortunately at the price of the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While the Falcon was transiting toward Yavin IV, the CRS Independence managed to escape an imperial ambush and arrive at Yavin IV, where it transferred pilots, starfighters, equipment and part of Alliance High Command, then departed as to keep the rest of Alliance High Command, including Admiral Ackbar, who is currently using the ship as it's flagship at this time, safe in case of failure of the attack on the Death Star.

Following the extraction of the plans from one of the twos droids that managed to escape the capture of the Tantive IV, we managed to analyze the plans and find two weaknesses that can be used against the Death Star to ensure it's destruction. It is our hope that either us or the fleet will manage to destroy the death star. As such, once the main briefing is completed, we will transfer out non-essential staff including Mon Mothma to a safe location as to avoid total loss of leadership if the attack is unsuccessful.

Attached to this communication you will find the plans with a full analysis and the data necessary as to create a simulation and simulate an attack


The Death Star is a mobile space battle station built by the Galactic Empire in order to strengthen its terror regime. The Death Star is the size of a small moon and its main weapon is a huge superlaser cannon capable of destroying a planet in a few seconds.
The Death Star has the appearance of a huge sphere of dark gray color, with a sort of crater in the northern hemisphere, inside which the station's super laser is housed. The surface is protected by a dense mesh of turbolasers and driving radios; these defenses alone are able to develop a volume of fire equal to more than half of the entire imperial fleet.
Since the laser cannon network is designed to hit medium and large ships, the station is home to hundreds of TIE squadrons and numerous other military and transport ships.


The “Death Star OPT shipset” is a set of objects created for the X-Wing Alliance simulation, which reproduce the main features of the Death Star. The main body of the battlestation is composed by eight quarters of a sphere, with a radius of approx. 26 Km, plus an object for the central structure. To complete the functions of the battle station, it's possible to add multiple antiaircraft defense systems and two targets for the destruction of the Station
The base muster of all textures have been created by Hernan in 2004.


The surface of the station is divided into 2,048 sectors, with different structural characteristics. Most sectors are composed by habitable superstructures. The surface antiaircraft defense is scarce: each sector has an autonomous laser system, with a maximum of 5 rotating turrets. This is because the armor of the outer surface is invulnerable to any known weapon.


The space station has four main hangars, which can accommodate transport and medium-sized combat cruisers. In addition to these, there are another 25 hangars for short-range TIE fighter squadrons and long-range Assault Gunboats. Each hangar houses an air force equivalent to that of an Imperial Star Destroyer. The hangars are all located within the equatorial trench.
Hangars have been created by Hernan in 2004.


Inside the Death Star is mainly hollow. The entire structure is designed to protect the central cylinder, which conveys energy through the central regulator, to the main weapon of the Death Star.
The energy regulator is the only weak point of the Death Star. By destroying the regulator, the enormous energy accumulated in the poles would make the sphere explode.
There are two ways to reach the central regulator. The first is well known by the Empire: it consists in flying through the structure to reach the core of the station. The entry point is inside one of the small hangars. You fly through the main warehouse and the shield generator, to get into the core compartment, where the power regulator is located. Obviously this road is very well defended by hundreds of Hunter-Killer droids, programmed to destroy any fighter you try to approach the central nucleus, whether they are aggressors or imperials. The Empire does not intend to take any risks and chances to even manage to fly in the station to this regulator are close to nill.
The internal structures and the Hunter-Killer droids were created by Hernan in 2004


The second way to destroy the Death Star is currently unknown by the Empire; it is a design flaw, overlooked by the designer team including Bevel Lemelisk, the main architect on the project. Proton torpedoes that are appropriately modified to use magnetism to avoid colliding with the walls inside the port tunnel can transit down and provoke a runaway reaction in the main reactor.


The trench runs through the entire southern hemisphere, from the equator to the pole. A maintenance tunnel that allows the target to be reached more quickly exist. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the tunnel will be kept open by the imperials by the time of the attack.


The target to hit could be protected by defensive turrets. A precise blow to the exit hole of the duct will trigger a chain reaction that will destroy the core of the Death Star. We trust in the Force, so that the Empire do not remove realize this weakness and correct it