Problem with the v 1.60 upgrade

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Problem with the v 1.60 upgrade

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Post by Pqs_net » Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:21 pm

Hi everyone...
I got problems with crashes in the new XWAU 1.60 version...

I just recently updated to the 1.60 XWAU version.
Before i had the XWAU 1.30 version, and it was flawless.
I now have uninstalled the XWAU V.160 and installed the XWAU V1.30 again, with no problems.

Problems i have in XWAU V1.60

1. Game Crash when loading a mission.
Some missions wont load/crash when in the loading screen. There are no error messages, the game just exit and shut down.
This happens on several missions, but i here take the Death Star missions 1b7m1w and 1b7m2w as an example...

I dont know how to open dumpfiles but have linked them on my google drive: ... EjvxzT7XcH

2. Lacking of Textures and OPT.
When uninstalling the XWAUP V.160 (The uninstaller backs up old files by default) the missions wont crash when loading.
However.... when being in the hangar the Falcon cockpit and hangar it self isnt there in the Deathstar Misisons and some other mission maps.
Its just the basic Starfield (almost black) and the Hud interface with menu where you choose warheads and countermeasires that is visible.

As i said above, if i reinstalling the XWAU v.1.30 everything works as normal again.
This makes med pretty sure that the XWAU 1.60 is where the problem lies.

3. Earlier edited mission files cause crash.
I have also another question related to the XWAU 1.60 version about edited missions files (.tie) from previous versions...
If i have an old edited missions file from v 1.30 or earlier, and copy them into missions folder it seems these .tie files dont work with the 1.60 version.
The game crash the same way as earlier described...
These files works with all earlier versions of X-wing Alliance and XWAU.

I noticed there are a whole lot new files with the XWAU V1.60 such as .ini files in the mission map, and several .text and other files.
Can these ads and changes be the reason old .tie mission files wont work with the XWAU V 1.60?

Thanks in advance for any help i can get.
// PQ

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Post by Wotan Weave » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:29 pm

I can't offer any help on #2 and #3, but I was having identical issues as #1. I just did a fresh install of the Steam version of the game, with jeremy's latest hooks and 1.6 update on a new PC. It crashed almost every time no matter the mission at the mission loading screen. I removed all the hook files and added them back in one by one to see if one of them was causing the crash. It turned out the 32 bit texture hook was causing the problem. If I removed it (or renamed it) the game ran fine. I then discovered that the ddraw versions I had was too old to work with the 32 bit texture hook. I updated the ddraw version and added the 32 bit hook back in and it all ran fine.

That probably doesn't make much sense. Try either removing the 32 bit hook file from your installation or make sure you have the very latest ddraw version. It worked for me.

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