Open War: A galaxy in flames

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Post by Drake26 » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:16 pm

David felt the mothership start to fold and reacted instantly, rifting himself right on top of it, inside its fold radius. Where ever it was going, he was along for the ride.
Shawn arrived in Malachor just in time to see the Roscha get into trouble. "Open up with the light speed guns, keep those ships off her back. Tell everyone else to form up on us." The ship rumbled as a streak leaped out from the front of the ship and blasted through a group of Keepers, turning it into a cloud of debris. The other gun fired, shredding another group. Shawn felt the rumble of the reloading mechanism, a pause, then the first gun fired a gain. In addition to keeping the Keepers off the Roscha's back, the trio of shots opened up a hole through the Keeper formation. "Send a message to whoever is in charge out there, 'You get in there and do what you came for, we'll hold the door for you.' "
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Post by squarehead93 » Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:36 pm

The Basilisk cruised through hyperspace. D'Arman was thinking about his narrow escape when an alarm lit up. Hyperdrive leak. That was probably inflicted from the missiles exploding at close range. He wasn't going to make it to his destination. Better find a nearaby rock to hide under. He pulled up his galactic map and zoomed in on the nearaby area. Kora IV. That looks good.

A few minutes later, he dropped out of hyperspace near the planet's atmospere. Kora IV was a rocky world of craggy canyons and large deserts broken only by small lakes and rivers. It did have settlements, but they were mostly small. It was the perfect hiding hole. He could stop here, get repairs and lie low for a while.

A lazer bolt grazed above him. Pirates. There were three of them, flying J-37 Skyhawks, which had been popular with the Core's left-wing rebels. Most of the remaining rebels had fled to the Outer Rim. Many turned rogue. That was probably the case here.

A rough voice came over the comm. "Pilot, we want your fighter. Surrender and we might let you live."
D'Arman smiled. "That last part was what I was going to tell you."

Lasers barely missed him. Must not have liked my joke. He targeted the fighter in front of him and released a pair of missiles. Instant kill. The other two reacted. One was on his tail. He dropped behind him. His enemy wasn't fast enough and was caugt by D'Arman's green storm.

A lazer bolt hit him directly from behind. The rough-voiced pirate came on the comm again. "I can always get more pilots, and your ship will buy me a whole wing of fighters!"
"Not if you beat it up much more. You're decreasing its value, Di'kut
"Shut up and die!"
"That last part was what I was going to tell you."

D'arman headed for some nearaby asteroids. Good thing it's just a J-37. The pirate was still hot on his tail. He sped up and headed straight for the nearest asteroid. The pirate matched his speed. He was a hundred meters away from the asteroid, a few dozen, twenty, ten...
At the last second, he pulled up and evaded destruction. The far less maneuverable J-37 wasn't so lucky.
"Goodbye", he said to the pirate as the figter plowed right into the asteroid.

D'Arman checked his systems and realized that the pirate had damaged his fighter. He started re-entry. I'm coming in too fast!
The desert sped toward him. He was rapidly closing in by the second. It was going to be a very, very rough landing. Pull up! Pull up! Pull...

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Post by Mako » Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:05 am

Canthas gritted his teeth as he heard the new comer's message. Hold the door? With what? It took the ship called the Excalibur roughly two minutes to fire whatever that was it had for a main cannon, the Atlas, Prometheus and the other ships that arrived with them were taking as much of a pounding as the Coalition was. Taking another look at the tactical board readout he saw that the shields on the Wildstar, Shinru, Kiros, Darkqueller, Kilrage, Warhawk, and Starcrusher were about gone. The Chakra, and Charron had suffered heavy damage the Roscha was practically dead scrap, and another twenty other cruisers had been destroyed. Pressing a few buttons on the arm of the command chair, Canthas connected with the Roscha. Getting a small holo of the Boss lady herself, Canthas was relieved. "You should really consider jumping ship. another hit and that cruiser's a goner. We can keep these Bastiches off you, but not for long. Our shields are going down and fast."
Roscha shook her head, "I can't leave yet. We've got one chance to make a hole for Myax and his squad to get through and plant those disruptors. We don't do it now then Mako's plan will be for nothing."
"If you use the main cannon you'll be completely defenseless. If you get hit by space dust you'll be dead." Canthas protested
"That's the chance that must be taken."
Canthas watched as the remaining Turbo lasers and lights on the ship that was once Mako's pride and joy went out and the collected energy traveled down the center of the hull till it culminated at the ship's bow then lanced forth in a stream of green energy taking out everything in it's path. Hitting the comm again he gave Myax the green light to place those packages so they could all leave. No sooner did he get off the horn that another warning of a large energy spike headed towards the Roscha come in. Ordering all energy put to the shields Canthas had the Trebuchet move in to block the strike which it did, but at a great cost. The blast burned through the port side wing almost slicing it off completely. The bridge crew were thrown about like rag dolls from the impact. Picking himself up off the floor Canthas called for a damage report.
"Numerous hull breaches, shields totally off line, fire control down to fifteen percent, all engines are off line, and life support is failing" The damage control officer reported as she tried to stiffel the bleeding from a head wound. In truth Canthas wasn't all that surprised it was only in fairy tales and fiction stories that the good guys never got the crap beat out of them.
"We've got another high energy spike!" called out Ty who had taken up the sensors, "This time from the starboard!"
Canthas let out a sigh "Well I suppose it's a good thing I had no other plans."

Myax led what was left of both the Raven and Groove squadrons through the hole that the Roscha had made. But that hole was closing fast and already it was starting to fill up with laser fire. Switching to the closed frequency used by the fighter squadrons alone He got a hold of the others that were with him." Alright folks we don't have time for a aspect lock on the gate. We're going to have to dumb fire these things then hit our jump drives our of here."
"Roger Groove leader." was the answer he got back. Bucking, dodging and weaving his Panther through the hail of laser fire Myax tried his best to keep the Keeper's Gate in full view. Normally that wouldn't be hard at all, but while dodging Cannon fire that was another story. The controls were rather sluggish due to the added mass of the power disruptor missiles that he was carrying. The Panther wasn't designed to carry warheads but for this mission alone special pylons had been added to the Panther and Shadow Raven fighters of the Groove and Raven squadrons. Myax gritted his teeth as he barely dodged another laser blast. One of his wingmen wasn't as lucky and was vaporized n an instant. Myax tried to mentally block out the pilot's scream and glanced at his hud to see who it was then logged the information away for later. As the two squadrons pushed on the hole closed tighter and filled even more with laser fire. realizing that they weren't going to get much closer Myax gave the signal for the remaining pilots to take their best aim and fire the disruptors. Myax watched as the others put orders to action and fired the missiles, fourteen in all then jumped out of system. Myax followed suit, lined up the best shot e could get, added his four missiles to the swarm, then jumped out back to Dantooine.
Mako had thrown all caution to the wind. Powering himself along he ran like the wind after Vince. Feeling the ship shudder again he realized that they had arrived at the intended destination. Making his way to the nearest view port Mako looked outside. The sight that greeted him Caused his heart to sink so much that it took all the strength he had to keep his knees from buckling.
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Post by General_Trageton » Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:51 am

After a good while of hovering through the ship he finally reached the source of the energy. By now he had sensed several Keepers aboard this ship, each one the power of an entire city. Amazing.

As he approached the door, it simply melted under the immense heat. Bright light bursted against him and it took a moment for his eyes to adapt. The control center was a large hemispherical chamber. Its walls seemed made of polished steel, no terminals, no screens, nothing. Blank wals, covered by a layer of electric lightning.

In the middle waited a Keeper.

It was an amazing view to behold. At first it would appear like one brilliant light, but after a while Vince could make out a sort-of humanoid form. A being of pure, perfect light. As Vince took a step forward the Keeper turned its attention away from the walls and towards him. Emitting a strange noise - like a mixture of crackling energy and howling wind - it seemed to speak to him. Unable to understand its words Vince simply waited motionlessly and unimpressed. After a moment the sounds changed and turned into echoing words.

"You are the devourer." The Keeper announced. "You have tresspassed into our sanctum. What do you want?"
"You know what I am here for." Vince replied defiantly. There was a pause, as the keeper seemed to deliberate what Vince had said.
"Many have come before us, begging, pleading. To those worthy we offered our appreciation. Offered them a chance to become our allies. You are strong, devourer. Your power would be welcome to us.
"Ah yes," Vince replied. "as the keystone to your gate." Focussing the energy he let a lightning storm rage around him. "and by doing so, ending the existence of my people. I think not."

Spreading his hands he continued draining the ship's energy. As the Keeper realized the dwindling power he lashed forward with a burst of energy that would have vaporized everyone else within the blink of an eye. Yet the blast only dissolved and fueled Vince's threshold.

"You choose death before allegiance then?" The Keeper questioned.
"There is no choice." Vince corrected. "If destroying you is the only way to save my kind, this is what I will do."
"Bold are you." The Keeper flouted. "And a fool. You are one. We are infinite."
"No" Vince hissed and his voice rose to a thunderous roar. "I am legion. Your death will herald the end of your kind."

Stepping forward he reached out and grabbed the Keeper. The energetic being roared up in suprise and struggled to resist Vince's relentless grip. Yet soon his will overwhelmed that of his victim and the Keeper dissolved to the pure energy it was made of. Taking in a deep breath Vince reached out once more and drained a large portion of the mothership's energy until he felt the sphere around him was barely controllable. Letting out a scream he fought to control the instable energy and focussed it even more around hiim. He now was the energetic being he had just sucked in.
"Such ... power..." He gasped regarding his clenched fist, Glowing energy pulsed around it.

After a moment he lashed forwad with a strike of blinding energy. A thick white beam shot throgh the room and bored through the opposite wall - and a few hundred walls behind it, leaving a tunnel of a few kilometers length. It was amazing. This had to be the feeling when Mako unleashed his power. It was intoxicating.

"Are we done playing here?" He heard an unpleasantly familiar voice behind him.
"Mako?" Vince gasped and turned around. The suprise slighly weakened his hold of the energy and he felt his power pulsing stronger again. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"Watching your back I guess. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here."
"I don't need back-up on this one." Vince snarled. "All I need is a safe body to return to, when this thing blows up - and it will pretty soon, so you better get your crazy butt off this ship.
"That's the problem." Mako replied grimly. "There is no clone of yours available."
"What?" Vince gasped.
"The mothership folded when we were aboard. We're above Malachor again, right there in Keeper City."
Anger boiled up in Vince as realization dawned to him. "DAMNIT!" He roared. Turning around he released his anger in a massive energy wipe cutting through the ships guts like a knife.
"But there's more to this." Mako continued and his expression darkened even more. "Our girls are here."


Shiromy felt her heart freeze when she beheld the view of the gargantuan mothership that had just folded in.
"What is ... that?"
"That is a pair of the most crazy bastards this galaxy has ever seen." Roscha next to her growled staring towards the massive vessel. It took a moment for Shiromy to process this statement, then her eyes widened in awe. "What are they doing on that thing?"
"Something pretty close to suicide." Roscha replied angrily. "That is not the Vince Trageton I have encountered." Roscha said. "He radiates as much energy as a goddamn Keeper dreadnaught." At that statement Shiromy's blood ran cold. She knew what Vince was probably up to. But by the level of power he held right now the blast would be enough to erraze half the system - including them.


"You stay right where you are." Mryna snarled at Pitto following his movement with her second blaster. "I suppose you'd love to see us both simply shooting each other, right? Then all your troubles will be solved and you have your ship, fully staffed and nobody else to share it with."
"... Is that true?" Darron said grimly from across the room. Slowly his blaster swung towards the admiral.
"Of course not, this is nonsense!" Pitto defended - drawing his own weapon and pointing it at Mryna. "Your friend suffers from the after-effects of the sedation - she's being paranoid."
"Oh right." Mryna dismissed.
"Think about it! Do you really think I would turn upon a valuable partner such as you?"
"Well, I do." Mryna threw in - rather to taunt the admiral than to persuade Darron. She knew him long enough to know that Darron wouldn't be convinced that easily. It required certain impulses for him to figure out friend and foe.
"Silence!" Pitto barked and she threw him an innocent look. Her time would come.
"We're allies." Pitto insisted. "Don't you see she's the real enemy here? She's trying to manipulate you." Slowly Darron's gun swung back towards Mryna. Pitto was playing a game here - one she didn't like.
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Post by Mako » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:57 pm

Mako looked out with slight amazement at Vince's handy work. "You know that's not half bad."
"And it's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you if you don't figure a way out of this!" Vince seethed
Mako fully understood Vince's anger. He used to get just as pissed when things went to crap way back when. Now he was used to getting screwed. "Don't worry Vince I'm working on it. Ugh!" Mako slapped his head with the palm of his hand. "Doh, Idiot I forgot about that. Vince, how many of the Keepers do you think you can suck dry before you lose it?"
Vince gave Mako a worried look. "What are you thinking?"
"Don't ask me questions just answer mine."
"I don't know, three mabe."
"Then that will have to do. After you've drained the third Keeper, jump into your spare clone."
"I thought you said there wasn't one around."
"Oops I forgot that I had Raynes put one in the Gopher which is now sitting in the hanger bay. So this is what's going to happen you're going to drain three Keepers then get your butt in that clone and take my ship over to where the Roscha and Trebuchet are."
Vince looked at Mako a slight sense of dread creeping over him. "What about you?"
"Didn't I just say don't ask me questions?" Mako shook his head in exasperation. "Now get ready, cause I'm bringing the prey to us."
Taking a few deep breaths Mako started to let down all the shields he had put up to hide his existance from the Keepers and let his power flow through him. He could feel every Keeper out there shining like little beacons. He could sense the new found strength in Shiromy, Roscha had really did wonders with that one, and his wife who's anger at him could blot out a thousand suns. Hey babe, you staying safe?
Some of Roscha's anger gave way to concern. What are you doing?
Uhh. Plan C? or is it D at this point? I really lost count.
Mako all your defenses are down every Keeper out here is being drawn to you.
Yeah I know. It's part of the plan. Anyway I need all of our ships who can to jump out of system now. All of ours that can need to get as close to what ever crippled ships there are and fold out of here. What ever crippled there are that can't jump or fold but can still move need to get as close as they can to you and the Trebuchet and you guys fold them out of here. All others need to scuttle their ships now. Send the word.
Mako we have a problem neither my ship nor the Trebuchet can get out of here.
Well that's just going to make it a little bit harder, But no big, just send out the word.
Mako stopped communicating with Roscah and continued to concentrate on the Keepers to where he and Vince were. Smiling to himself as the first of them entered the chamber Mako watched as Vince started to suck it dry. Hook, line and sinker.
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Post by squarehead93 » Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:56 pm

President Gyvis watched the holos of the tanks and troops patrolling the city outside. They were probably right outside the palace by now. Malzic had taken control of most of the city. He just hoped that most of the senate had gotten away.

"Sir, they've infiltrated the palace!" one of his guards, at a holo monitor, exclaimed.
Whoosh! The massive armored door opened. In walked Malzic and a dozen soldiers. The guards were good shots, but were mowed down by the soldiers' superior weapons.
All Gyvis could say was "B-but, how?"
Malzic said, "Fool. You forget that the supreme commander is one of the few others with access to the presidential bunker. You're presidency is over. It's time to turn over control to those who deserve it."
"Not with the senate surviving."
"I control our fleets. Any shuttles leaving the planet were intercepted and captured. Anyone still on the ground is dead or also captured."
The president was now cuffed and being led away. "You'll never get away with this!"
"I already have" was Malzic's reply.

The next day, Malzic declared the Republic of Mandalore the Mandalorian Empire to overwhelming cheers. Many citizens had felt the old government was corrupt and dysfunctional and were ready for change.

"So this is how democracy dies," said Xiana with dismay to Two, watching from a holoscreen in the pilot's lounge.
"with a thunderous applause."
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Post by Will T » Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:51 pm

"Ms Qhalic," Pitto began, "or however it is you prefer to be addressed, I have to wonder at your position. I have seen for myself how able a fighter you are, but a role of your power requires considerably more diplomatic skill than you've demonstrated up to this point." Mryna paused for a moment, her mouth opened briefly only to be swiftly closed, her grip on the blaster becoming tighter. "Just take a few moments to consider your position here," Pitto continued, holding his voice steady, "You are standing in the middle of the command centre of a ship whose crew are not certain where their allegiance lies, threatening their trusted commanding officer. All you are doing here is confirming they are right to distrust your government. If you kill Admiral Larcoon, you will make an enemy of this entire crew, and not even you can withstand those odds.
"As for my interests, I will make them plain. This ship is my ticket into the Empire of the Seven Suns, and I am not going to jeopardize that. I will be honest, if you kill your former friend I will feel nothing, I can still complete my objective with him dead, and prompting the crew to kill you would clear another load off my mind. So from that point of view, go ahead and shoot. I don't care. All I ask is that first you take some time to listen to Admiral Larcoon, I know that you've fought together, that you used to trust him. Listen to what he has to say, I beg you, and maybe you will come to your senses. You can only be betrayed by those you trust, Mryna," Pitto said softly, "and maybe your trust in your Empress is misplaced."


"..And maybe your trust in your Empress is misplaced." The Admiral's voice was muffled as a result of his distance, but still audible.
"When did the Admiral become such a diplomat?" Gyttel grunted as he ran down yet another nondescript corridor.
"Ha, Marcus has always been a smooth talker I think," Akkare laughed, ignoring the mild disapproval from Gyttel he sensed at his use of the Admiral's name, "he's a quick learner at any rate, I suppose all that time with the politicians hasn't been all bad." A brief but frustratingly slow-seeming turbolift ride saw the two men on Deck One, and Akkare took a deep breath as he began a last sprint to where a sign on the wall indicated the bridge was. At Gyttel's silent suggestion, they crouched either side of the open door and listened.


Commander Syphax grimaced as once again he was forced to dip his fighter on the way out of the hangar, but at least this was for the last time. He had never seen Spectre Flight move so fast, especially given their unknown destination. Following his subordinates, Syphax keyed in his navcomputer the co-ordinates generated by an extremely complex extrapolation algorithm in Kelsin Base's tracking suite. He watched as five other Defenders made the jump, then pulled back the hyperspace leavers.

Though they were less than an hour out, the hyperspace journey was still painfully slow, and Syphax breathed a sigh of relief in his helmet when the proximity alert told him to revert to realspace. After having his squadmates report in, he began frantically searching the sensor boards for any sign of another vessel in this empty region of space, hoping, undeniably foolish though it was, that the program had been right, that the timing had been right, and lastly that the Admiral had been right. But there was nothing, just empty space and his wingmen in a standard patrol pattern. Uncertain of what to do, and lost in thought, Syphax jumped when a light on his sensors flashed, and the alarm in his helmet warbled.
A ship had just jumped in. It was an Executor-II, and it was running dark.
"Spectre Flight," he called into his mic, "form up and accelerate to attack speed, we don't have long before this thing recalculates. Ready ion pulse salvos and target the engines, we're going in."
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Post by General_Trageton » Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:56 pm

"You're right." Mryna agreed after a moment. With a shrug she holstered her blasters. "Maybe we should work together indeed." The sudden change of mind produced an irritated frown on Darron's face.
"Vince will fail." She suggested plainly. "Let's just forget how you abandoned him in his moment of need."
"Mryna..." Darron began, but she ignored him.
"Let's face the future. We must bury our differences, when the Keepers come to us."
"Keepers?" Pitto interrupted. That last remark had caught his attention. He had seen them, in the Bermuda passage.
"You haven't told him, have you, Darron?" Mryna shook her head in disbelief. "Admiral, you have no idea what is at stake here." Mryna approached him. "While you plot your petty little coups against the ESS, matters of galactic concerns go on around you and you don't even notice them."
"This galaxy - the world we know - is facing extinction. And while we three are talking pointless conspiracy theories, my Master is trying to save this galaxy from certain destruction."
"Ms Qhalic." Pitto mused. "I didn't think you were that desperate to come up with something like this. I mean ..." He turned towards Darron. "If such things were true, Admiral Larcoon would have informed me, wouldn't he?" As both gazes lasted on Darron something in him seemed to change.
"Isn't that right, Admiral Larcoon?" Pitto repeated.
Darron said nothing. He knew Mryna was right. He himself had fought the Keeper threat and knew what they were capable of. And now therewere also Pitto's piercing eyes fixed on him.
"Well, Admiral" Mryna took over. "It seems the question of trust remains open. If even your closest allies have secrets - who can you trust?"
The unspoken answer to that question produced a thin smile on her face. It didn't take much training to sense the Jedi at the Bridge entrance. His aura was radiating like a beacon. And most likely Gyttel was with him.
"Tell your dogs to come out of hiding!" She commanded the admiral pointing towars the entrance. "After all we're on the same side now, right?"


Another Keeper dissolved under Vince's relentless grip. It was the fourth one and more were coming. He had no idea what that crazy pirate was up to. The moment he left his body the whole mothership would go supernova - he wasn't even sure if he'd make it out with the Gopher in time. He should have felt sorry about what was upon Mako. But right now he was feeling nothing except the sheer infinite amount of power that was pulsing around and through him, threatening to tear his body apart.
Trembling and barely able to speak Vince turned towards Mako and groaned through gritted teeth.
"Better ... brace yourself, you'll be dead in three ... two ... one."
With the last bit of concentration Vince left the doomed body.
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Post by Mako » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:49 am

Mako grabbed Vince's power filled corpse the second He had stopped his count down in a telekinetic old and formed a tight shield around it to keep it from exploding. The strain was too much for much for his body and blood started to spill from his nose. It had been a very long time since he'd put this much effort into containing something, but he had to hold it. He had to give Vince the time needed to get the Gopher to where the Trebuchet was. This was no place for a friend to die, and he'd lost too many of those as it was. Mako looked up to see more Keepers coming toward him. Great as if containing three supernovas wasn't enough he had these clowns to deal with. The first of them closed in on him and Mako prepared to keep them at bay as best he could when a wall blew in followed by a droid and chain gun fire that mowed a Keeper down.
"Oh goody we're in time for the party!" Raynes had a big smile on his face as he stepped through the hole he'd left in the wall followed b the rest of his team.
"Shame on you Boss for keeping all the goodies to yerself." Hicks' chain gun was already moving from one Keeper to the next mowing them down as he dodged their energy blasts. "Oh yeah specially made energy disruption slugs never leave home without them."
"Well I didn't mean to," Mako strained to hold his concentration on the shield, which by now the toll on his body had caused his vision to cloud over and his eyes to bleed. "It just sorta,.. happened.. that way. You can have'em... if you want."
"You Damn fraken skippy! No epic battle for you man. We takin these punks down." Hudson launched a rocket at another Keeper "That's right come get some!"
"Just.. keep them.. off me. Vince.. time..." The strain was becoming too much Mako fell to his knees.
Hudson dodged out of the way of another energy blast. "Oh you want some too? Here I got plenty!" He launched several missiles in the Keepers direction.
Mako had all but lost his hearing when Ripley, who had taken a blast to her shoulder which tore her arm off in order to protect him, had knelt by his side. "It's been one helluva party living with you Boss." To which Mako could only smile as he heard her flip some type of switch and throw what sounded like a belt full of detonators into a group of Keepers which went off sending Keepers and shrapnel everywhere. "Oh I'm Sorry did that hurt? Let me give you some EDS to clear that right on up you fracken glow rod."
Mako could no longer feel anything other than pain at this point, but his head seemed to really be pounding, so much so that he could swear that he heard Roscha going off on one her tirades. Oh wait she actually was.
You idiotic, half-brained, over confident, NERD!!! What do you think you're doing?!!
Mako chuckled inside. What I always do, make the impossible, possible, if you'd quit making me laugh. And who're you callin a nerd? Mako strained to hold his concentration on the shield that kept Vince's clone from exploding, as he made his reply.
Having heard those words before, and knowing then like now she was going to lose one of the only things that meant more to her than her own life, Roscha started to cry. I'll not lose you, not again not before I tell you, I lo...
OH no you don't.
The strain to hold up the shield was close to taking all he had left. At this rate he wouldn't have enough in him to perform his last miracle. You've gone this entire time without saying those words, no sense changing that now, besides I've always known. There's no way you'd put up with my crap otherwise. Just make sure the message got out that all those who could go are gone and those who couldn't are close to you. And dammit do something to make Vince move faster I can't hold this thing much longer.
What about Ferris?
Don't Worry I'll tell her something, just make sure Vince hurries up.
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Post by Drake26 » Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:33 am

David shot mental message off to Shawn, with enough force behind it to send him reeling, "Get out of here, now!" before swooping in behind the Gopher and grabbing it, flying at top speed toward the Trebuchet and the Roscha. When he judged himself close enough, he began sucking in all the elemental power available. The engines of all three ships went cold. He kept pulling. The fires on the Trebuchet guttered and went out and the icecubes melted in the break room. Just a little more. The reactors started to sputter and the air went completely still. For just a bit more, he shed all his extra biomass and drained that, then reached out with his magic to the Trebuchet, Roscha, and Gopher, and yanked. He suddenly felt exhausted, but teleported himself into the cockpit of the Gopher and managed to notice that he had gotten them to Dantooine, before passing out.
Shawn almost fell over when he got the message, but he obeyed immediately. "Get the fleet into hyper!" They had been prepared for such an order, and they were gone within seconds.
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Vince opened his eyes and looked around him. After he had left the Mothership, things hat gone very quickly. Somehow Mako had been able to hold the destabilized energy for a few more moments - enough as it seemed to allow them to get out of the blast radius. A miracle by itself. Outside the viewport he saw the massive shapes of The Trebuchet and Roscha, along with a few smaller ships surrounding them. They all were hanging over a lush green world of which Vince recognized as Dantooine.

Turning in his seat Vince found Rain lying on the floor. Transmorphed back into his human form the man looked exhausted, strained, deep lines marking his face. He wasn't moving. Checking the man's pulse Vince was relieved to find him still alive, although unconscious.

And Mako ... Vince couldn't sense the man's presence anymore. Must be the distance he mused - rather to comfort himself. Returning to his seat he opened a comm channel. "Gopher to Roscha, come in!"
"Gopher to Roscha, come in!"
"Roscha, do you read?" C'mon people, talk to me!
Our comms are fried! Shiromy's voice then replied. Vince let out a sigh of relief.
Must you scare me like that?
Sorry, but we're having quite a situation here. Are you alright?
Yes, physically. He paused for a moment, then continued. I have Rain aboard. He might need medical.
Bring him here. The meds will take care of him. There was a pause on her side as well. What about Mako?
Vince breathed heavily. I don't know. He wasn't able - willing - to confirm Mako's death. In fact a part of him was convinced Mako was still alive. Somehow the crazed pirate would have managed to escape certain death. After all certain death was overrated. I'm coming aboard.

While setting course for the Roscha Vince called up his wrist console and sent a short message to Mryna.
Meet me at my coordinates! Dispatch any opposition if necessary.
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Two's squad reached the computer room.
He spoke softly in his comm. "Ten, you take the guard on the right, I'll get the left."
"Right, boss."
The stun beams caught the guards by complete surprise and they dropped. Two walked up to the computer. He could see any camera view he pleased. After a crafty bit of hacking, he set the computer to show old surveilance videos that he uploaded.
He contacted Xiana. "Boss, you are now invisible. You have the go."
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////The Boba The Boba was located in Mobile Shipyard One. The Mandalorians had always been a nomadic people. Some of that tradition still carried over. Many of their space stations were equipped with primitive thrusters and, in some cases, hyperdrives. Since the Boba was an important vessel, it was built in an extremely mobile shipyard. It was the only reason it survived being needed to be scuttled so it wouldn't have fallen into CA hands.

Warhammer Squadron was divided into two squads of four. One was lead by Two, the other by Xiana Fett. Two's squad was already onboard the shipyard. They were going to hack the security computer to display old surveilance videos so the guards wouldn't see Xiana's squad, onboard the Boba They could also provide the locations of security guards and technical maps to her squad. The other two squadrons in Xiana's wing, Battleaxe and Longsword, were going to cover the Boba to hyperspace once Xiana's team had gained control of the bridge.

The shuttle's pilot turned to Xiana. "Squad One is onboard and well. We have the all-clear."
"Good. Contact the shipyard."
"Shipyard One, this is maintenance shuttle AA-23, requesting permission to dock with Dreadnaught Boba."
A pause. Then the station's officer replied, "AA-23, please transmit your identification codes."
"Affirmative, Station. Transmitting now."
Another pause.
"Ah, you're the mechanics sent to instal power regulators on section seventeen. Late again. Permission granted."
Xiana's team breathed a sigh of releif.
Two was thinking of how remarkably easy the operation had been so far. Just then, an officer and his squad came through the doors.
"Identify yourselves."
He saw the stunned bodies on the ground. "Security's been compromized!"

BZEW! Before he could say any more, he was hit dead on with a stun bolt. The other guards also quickly dropped.

Except for one.

A single guard made a break for the door. "Sound the alarm!"
"Get him!" barked Two
The bolts merely missed.
He contacted Xiana again. "Boss, we're gonna have company!"
Xiana's team was hurrying through the Boba. So far they hadn't encountered a single problem.
Almost there.

Two's voice on the comm. "Boss, we're gonna have company!"
"How soon?"
"Dunno. Someone spotted us, but you're probably still okay until they realize we were playing with the holos. Still, hurry up!"
"There's nothing more you can do, get out of there, now!"
"Yes ma'am."

She adressed her squad, "Two's squad has been spotted. It's only a matter of time until they find us here. Let's move!"
Two's team was on the move. They had to get back to the shuttle. They were being pursued by what felt like the entire station.

A blaster bolt hit Six. He quickly fell over. Nine turned to return fire and was also hit.
"Move!" Two yelled. They were so hurried they didn't realize they'd ran into a dead end.
Two said, "Sir, get in the vent. I'll cover you."
"I'd never leave a man behind." There's not much time, we won't both be able to make it. GO!"

Two reluctantly got in. Seconds later, he heard feet and the sound of blaster fire.
Xiana's squad reached the bridge. It wasn't very large considering the vessel's size. Jango-Classes were the newest addition to the fleet and required little crew to run. Most of the ship could be automatically run by the ship's computer system. This was a blessing for Xiana's squad.

Within minutes, the Boba's engines were roaring. She violently broke free from the shipyard. Xiana contacted the fleet. "Attention, all personnel, this is Commander Fett onboard the Dreadnaught Boba. Supreme Commander Malzic has unfairly taken control of our government. Do not, repeat, do not ally yourselves with him. Slave-rig your navcomputers to ours to follow us into hyperspace.

Eleven activted the hyperdrive controls at Xiana's command. After a minute, he said, "Ten minutes to hyperspace!"

Within minutes it was complete chaos. Ships were being overtaken, there were fights going on throughout all of the fleet. There wasn't much exchange of torpedoes or turbolaser fire, though. Nobody could tell which ships were captured by mutinneers yet and which weren't right away.

"Where's Two's squad? They should be safe by now! I'm going to contact them. Two. Come in, repeat come in!"
No answer.
"Two. Are you there?"
Still no answer.

She turned to her team. "I think we've lost Two."
Two heard Xiana. He couldn't contact her. He wanted everyone to think he was dead so he would remain unnoticed for now. He was almost at the hangar. He walked through the door. He was greated by the clicks of dozens of safties going off and what seemed like all the personnel on the station.
Xiana gave up hope that Two was alive.
"One minute to hyperspace!"
A decent part of the fleet had joined up with her. She looked back one more time at the station now far behind her. He's gone, okay?
SHOOM! the stars turned to white lines which turned into hyperspace.
Malzic was in the office of the presidential palace. an aide walked in.
"Sir, we've captured one of the mutineers. he was probably involved in starting the mutiny. He hasn't talked yet, though."
"He will eventually. They always do."
"Sir. May I ask, what is it that you plan to do next?"
"Mandalore needs retaking. I'm confident they'll welcome me as their liberator. As will many of thethe countless worlds in the Outer Rim that hire our troops for security."
Within days much of the Outer Rim had fallen. Most of the worlds being ruled by a tyrant or innefective government welcomed the Mandos. Many other worlds didn't all over, resistance was limited. Could Malzic's crazed dream be realized?
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////D'Arman Karvic woke up on a bed in a small and simple room. A dark-haired and moustached man in his fifties was kneeling next to him. "It's alright", he said. "I'm a friend."
D'Arman sprung up. "My armor?!?"
"All here, Mandalorian." The man indicated the armor lying on the chair and then said, "That armor would get me enough credits to feed my family for the rest of my life. It took some willpower not to take it, I admit. Unfortunately, I couldn't save what was left of your ship. You're gonna have to find a ride off of here."
"Who are you?"
"My name is Bren Waynar. I own the Triple Sun inn, which is where you are. You're lucky I was out hunting terq rats nearaby. If most others had found you, they would've just stripped parts off your ship and left you there to die."
"Thank you, Mr. Waynar."
"Please. Call me Bren."
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"Hmmmm" Mryna made as she read the incoming message. While it lacked even the slightest status information something was telling her that big things had just gone off. Ignoring Pitto and his two thugs she went towards a terminal and keyed in some commands.
"Step away from the console." She heard Gyttel's commanding voice, yet ignored him.
"Ms Qhalic, I think you misjudge your current situation." Pitto addressed her in his usual emotionless tone. A worker droid would appear more human than this guy. "As of now, you are yet a prisoner to the Empire."
"You wish" She dismissed, not even bothering to face any of the people around her. "You should know by now that holding me does far more harm to you than just letting me do my job." After mere seconds the coordinates were punched in. "And here we -"
"Stop her!"
Behind her she heard a few quick steps as Gyttel tried to jump her from behind. In one swift move she spun half-way around, pulled her blaster and pointed it at the commando's head. This time however, the jedi anticipated the action and instantly pulled the gun out of her hand with his mental grip.
"You need to do better than that, princess" Gyttel taunted pointing his rifle at her. Below his black helmet she knew he was smiling - and so was she. "You guys can only focus on one thing at a time." With these words her free left hand touched the console and confirmed the last command. Whatever they'd do, the next stop was a dead end for them.
As the stun blast hit her, the Red Star II folded once more.


The hangar was only dimly lit, as Vince approached the welcoming party outside the Gopher - Shiromy, Wolf and Roscha. Rain's enormous power consumption had caused the Reactor to overload and shut down leaving the Roscha running on mere emergency power.
Behind him a pair of medics emerged from the Gopher, carrying Rain on a floating barrow.
"Take good care of him." Vince ordered as they passed him by. "We owe him our lives."
As the meds hurried away Vince turned towards the assembled group of survivors. Their expressions were dark. Sure they had landed a devastating strike against the Keepers - but at what cost. And besides - the war wasn't over yet.
Shiromy was the first to move, hesitating she stepped forward, then her pace accelerated and she literally jumped him, burrying her face in his shoulder.
"You made it!" She whispered. There was little left of her self-composure. The recent events had taken a heavy toll on everyone. It was the first time after years that he found her crying.
"Shhh, tt's ok." He comforted her, holding her tightly and fondling her hair.
Raising his head he looked towards Roscha and Wolf. "Any word from Mako?"
Roscha didn't reply. Her absent gaze drifted away as if she were expect him to walk around the corner any moment.
"Nothing so far" Wolf answered and shook his head.
"I ..." Vince looked down. "I'm sorry, Roscha. It was my fault."
"The hell it was!" Roscha snarled suddenly snapping out of her mourning. "The crazy bastard knew what was coming for him when he followed you onto that ship."

Before he could answer there was a flash outside the hangar. Turning around Vince saw the familiar shape of the Red Star 2. "Alright" He snarled. "now things get interesting."
As he paced towards the Gopher, Shiromy held him by his arm. "What's wrong?"
"Unfinished business." Vince said grimly. "Get to the bridge and see if you can get this tub back online."


Minutes later Vince had the Gopher in space and headed for the Red Star II. Steering the sluggy ship like a fighter he let it drift sideways, as he navigated it into the main hangar and brought it to a rather violent halt.

There was an imperial shuttle parked on the far side of the spacious deck. "Imperials." he snarled, as he left for the boarding ramp. What the hell were they doing here? As he left the Gopher a large hangar door opened and a group of security guards swarmed into the hangar, alerted by the sudden arrival. And almost instantly they dropped to their knees, when they recognized their emperor.
"You may rise" he said with a generous nodd. "Who is in charge of this unit?"
"Security chief Marik Lyn, your highness." One of the guards announced and stepped forward.
"What's the situation, Chief Lyn?"
"There's only limited information, Sire. The whole ship seems to be locked down, all internal communication was cut off. We have no contact with the rest of the ship."
Vince rose a brow. "When was that?"
"About six hours ago, Sir."
Pointing at the shuttle Vince asked. "What are those imperials doing here?"
"I have no information on that. They arrived here about an hour before the ship was locked up. We received notice of their arrival and were ordered to detain them in this hangar, excapt-"
"Except whom?"
"Three of them were to be granted passage - one admiral-"
"Pitto" Vince completed with icy voice.
"Yes, sir, that was his name. Along with him there was an imperial commando and, I think, a jedi."
Vince's eyes narrowed. A jedi. That was interesting. Shiromy had mentioned sensing such a presence above Nar Shaddaa. So Pitto and his so-called bodyguards were aboard this ship - with permission. His expression darkened. "Who gave this order?"
"Admiral Larcoon, Sir." the man said - and worry swung in his tone.
"I see." He said slowly. "you did what you were ordered to do, that is commendable." The officer nodded and his tension loosened slightly. "However, the situation demands that from this point on you only take orders from either me or Grand Executor Qhalic. Admiral Larcoon can no longer be trusted. Do you understand?"
"Yes, your highness." The man said with new found confidence.
"Good." Vince said and took a moment to assess the situation. Darron was - one way or the other - in league with the Empire. That was bad.
Thhe whole ship being locked down suggested that Mryna had taken control of the ship. And the fact that she had heard the call and come to the rendezvous point suggested that she was still on his side. That was good.
Also with the sensors and communication offline, there was a good chance that nobody else had knowledge of his arrival so far. That was practical.
"Nobody enters or leaves this hangar." Vince then ordered. "Everyone aboard that shuttle is to be detained. If the shuttle tries to launch, shoot it down!"
"It will be done, your highness."
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Roscha stood at the edge of the hanger opening staring into the vastness of space. It took all that she had to not give in to he dread and fear that Mako had been taken away from her again. Once before she had to live through that it was the fact that Ferris needed her that kept her alive and going and then the knowledge that Mako wasn't dead that had given her hope. But this time she stopped feeling his presence the instant every one was carried back to Dantooine. That only meant one of two things, and no matter how much she hoped and there was just very little chance that he was only knocked out.
Wolf and Shiromy came to stand next her. "Don't give up yet, Roscha," Wolf said in a comforting voice. "You know he's not dead."
"And how can you be so sure?" Roscha scolded with tears brimming in her eyes,"How do you know? The damn moron's always putting himself in danger. He's always gotta be the hero. Always the one to make the sacrifice. He's a half- witted, foul- smelling, over-confident, selfish-minded, moronic, pea-brained, nerd! And if he were here I'd leave him now!!"
Hey .....who you callin.... a nerd?
The voice was so faint that at first Roscha thought she had imagined it. I... ain't nerd, I'
The second response confirmed it, along with the emergence of the smoldering hulk of the Miran underneath the Roscha from hyperspace. It was him. Mako? Roscha couldn't keep the sheer joy out of her thoughts or voice. Mako!? Mako talk to me.
Mom? Ferris responded instead. Mom I need help! I managed to barely save dad but he's fading fast. I've used all the healing techniques that you taught me, but he's hurt really bad we need medics now.
Calm down Ferris I'm getting the medics now just get the Miran as close to my ship as you can.

"Wolf get every available medic on a shuttle and over to the Miran now! Mako's alive and I'll not lose my husband on this day." Roscha told the Docri as she shoved him towards the hanger door.
"I thought you were going to leave him?" Wolf replied over his shoulder as he went to fulfill the Boss Lady's request
Roscha tried to give him a cold glare but was too over come with joy to hold it very long. "Just go!"
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The view that offered to them was breathtaking and frightening. Darron gazed at the awe inspiring assembly of dreadnaughts, gathered around the distand Diamond Station. Darron knew most of them.
"You wanted the Coalition?" He adressed Pitto with dry voice. "There it is."
"Indeed." The man snarled. "You might want to start trying to get back control of this ship."
"The techs are working on it." Darron replied "But without those override codes we're not going anywhere."
"This is ridiculous!" Pitto growled. "How can you give one individual so much power without installing any kind of backdoor?"
Darron sighed. he had no explaination for that. By now pretty much anything regarding Mryna eluded him. There was nothing left of the young redheaded hotshot pilot he had met so long ago. She had turned into a cold-blooded assassin, uninhibited and void of any form of scruple or remorse.
"I must alert our fleet." Pitto mumbled. "We can't face such odds alone."
"I don't think they're any threat to us right now" Darron said. "They seem to have troubles of their own." Apart from multiple hull breaches most of the ships showed very little to no activities at all. Most of the lights had ceased and even some engines were dark. Those ships had gone through hell and back already.
"No, but they might be once they get their systems up and running again. I want those ships under imperial control or destroyed asap." And here the military Pitto took over from the silver-tounged diplomat.
"Sirs," Darron heard an officer call them and turned to face him, as he saluted.
"I have a message. You are being expected in the Captain's mess."
"What?" The two frowned. "By whom? Who sent this message?"
"Unknown." the officer said. "The message was relayed via several nodes throughout the ship."
"Mryna!?" Darron hissed incredulously. How could that be? That stun blast should have knocked her out cold for a few hours. "How is that possible?" He gazed at Pitto.
"Well we better find out!" Pitto snarled, then turned to his Jedi. "I want those override codes. I don't care how you do it, and if you have to pry Ms Qhalic's head open. I want those codes!"

Darron frowned as he watched Pitto's minions hurry off. "It's not her style."
"Pardon?" Pitto rose a brow.
"It's an ambush, obviously."
"Obviously." Pitto agreed.
"Mryna doesn't do that. She won't even sneak up behind you. She's too proud to do that. She'd appear right in front of you and shoot you in the face." He paused for a moment and stared back at the impressive gathering outside. "Someone else has got his fingers in this."
Darron shivered. There was only one other person in this galaxy, who qualified for this - the last person he wanted within a few lightyears' range right now. "The Emperor." he said grimly and his expression darkened. Vince had never been one to delegate things, he always wanted to do them himself. Through all the years as they had been friends Darron had found Vince's brashness amusing and always had taunted his friend about it. Now he feared him.
"Call your men back! We need to get off this ship."
"No!" Pitto refused violently. "I won't let this ship fall back into ESS hands! My men will handle -"
"Your men are already dead." Darron interrupted and his voice suggested that there was no arguing. "All they might achieve is a diversion. We have to leave, now!"
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The first volley of Ion Pulse warheads neared the target engines, Syphax braced himself, finger on his flightstick's trigger, ignoring the heat of the drive emission. There was a bright flash and the warheads, along with their target simply vanished from sight. Bewildered, Syphax checked his sensors, they too were empty.
"Lead, Two. What the hell?"
"Lead, Three. Acknowledging Two's remark."
"Squad, Lead. They're gone, but that can't have been a hyperjump. Any ideas?"
"Lead, Two. This matches some of the scant reports we've received on this pirate coalition, some form of exotic FTL drive. Radiation readings have gone crazy."
"Acknowledged Two, any chance of tracking it?"
Any reply that may have been given was drowned out by a squawking of static. Out of the corner of his eye, Syphax saw a flicker of motion out in space. As quickly as he had focused on the spot, a large triangular warship had come into view.
"Subjugator to Spectre Flight, we're here to provide assistance as requested, but, uh, we do not have confirmation of target. Repeat: we do not have eyes on target."
"Acknowledged Subjugator," Syphax said tiredly, "They just left. Jumped right out, we don;t know how."
There was a sigh on the other end, and the voice of Spectre Two cut in
"Sir, transmission from Emissary One. It's an encoded burst transmission, they obviosuly didn't want it picked up. It'll take a few moments to decode it, but I should be able to get a position fix. Assuming they're still in the hangar that is."
"Do it. You copy this, Subjugator?"
"We copy. We're readying hyperdrive now. Recommend you come aboard to rearm, then we'll head just outside the co-ordinates, no sense rushing in."
"Acknowledged, Subjugator," Syphax said as he swung his Defender round to the Star Destroyer, "We're on our way."


Pitto was worried, to say the least, the situation had got too far out of hand. With Trageton aboard, danger was a little closer to home than was his preference. His only comfort was that Admiral Larcoon seemed not to have bought Qhalic's argument. With luck she had only proved him right. Nonetheless, the odds were still stacked against him, and even with his enemies licking their wounds, he was not in a position to do anything. Escape seemed to be the order of the day, and if nothing else it seemed he could still rely on Larcoon for assistance in that, though he felt no remorse at the thought that his opposite number would be the one left holding the bag when Trageton found him.
"Akkare," he said brusquely into his comlink, "change of plans, we're in the mid-deck anteroom, meet us there. On the double."
"Aye sir," came the muffled but undoubtedly relieved voice of the failed Padawan.
"It's unfortunate that our only egress point is the same as your emperor's ingress point," Pitto turned to Larcoon, "but I need to get there nonetheless. Is there any diversion you could come up with?"
The man was perhaps even more worried than Pitto, his forehead was lined in a deep frown. "Don't worry, I have ships coming," Pitto lied in an attempt to be reassuring, "if you need we can take you with us, perhaps buy some time for the Red Star II to escape."
Darron remained silent for a moment, his eyes showing the pain of desperate thought.


"I think the Admiral's going to need some serious relaxation time after this," Akkare said casually as he and Gyttel jogged down the corridors, "Did you hear how stressed he sounded. I mean asking me to interrogate Ms Qhalic? I had no idea what he wanted me to do. I wish people would stop thinking that I can read minds just because I'm a J... Force-user." He trailed off.
"Akkare." Gyttel said abruptly, "You talk far too much. Just shut up and run. We've got to be nearly there."
Akkare said nothing for a while.
"Do you think he's got an escape plan?" he asked brightly, as if he had not heard Gyttel.
"I don't know, and right now I don't care. I just want to get off this crazy ship before everyone turns on us."
A few silent minutes finally saw them reunited with a strained looking Pitto.
"I guess it's just our luck that the one place we need to be is the one place full of our enemies." He said sourly, to no one in particular.
"I think," Larcoon finally spoke up, "that getting your ship back will be impossible. We should head to the forward bay. Maybe there's a transport I can get you out on."
"Not an option," Pitto said firmly, "I'm not leaving my men on that shuttle!"
"I don't think you have a choice." Larcoon said in an empty voice. Pitto felt slightly sick as the icy shiver of realisation crept up on him. Larcoon was right. If he wanted to get out alive, he would have to abandon his old friend.


On the bridge of the Subjugator[/i[, Commander Delsen read the report one final time, then stood and approached the helm.
"Set your course for just outside the Dantooine system. We've found them."
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The heavily guarded ESS convoy dropped out of hyperspace suddenly. The captian of the lead freighter could only say "What?"
Greeting them was a large fleet. Must have used gravity well generators to pull us out.. Then he noticed the familiar tusked skull insignia on one of the destroyers.
"Oh, no." He said slowly and painfully. He'd heard from intel that sources reported them recently being seen on Imperial and Correllian borders as well.
A large blast shot out of one of the destroyers' main cannons. It scored a direct hit on one of the escort frigates' engine blocks. There was a large explosion. The fighters were scrambling. Most of them were getting picked off by the Mandos.
"What was that?!?" asked the first mate.
"I think something just attached to our hull." Replied another officer.
A red circle formed on the bridge's ceiling. They were cutting through.
Another THUNK!
Six men in armor came through the hole, weapons pointed.
One said, "Drop your weapons! Repeat, drop your weapons! This ship and its cargo are now the property of the Mandalorian Empire!"
The captain coughed and got up. "Mandalorian Empire? What's going on here?"
The man replied, "We want your cargo."
"You mean, the ammunition?"
"No. Don't play games. I mean the kind of cargo that would require such a force as this to escort it."
The captian gulped. He must be talking about the particle anihlator warheads. Particle anihlator technology was a recent breakthrough. When a particle anihlator warhead exploded, it sent out a shockwave. Anything it touched would be vaporized and send out a secondary shockwave. The shockwaves got weaker the farther they went, but could be devastating if used on a close and large group of targets. The captain wondered how the Mandalorians could have known to intercept them here? He also wondered how they knew about the cargo. The particle anhiliator project had been a tightly kept secret. Someone on the inside must have ratted. Someone deep on the inside.
"I want you to tell the crew that this ship belongs to us now. We don't want any trouble, do we?" He pointed his rifle at the captain.
"No. I'll tell them."
The captain reluctantly told his crew to surrender over the intercomm.
"Come with us." The bridge crew was lead at gunpoint to the cargo hold. Another two squads were already there with the rest of the crew kneeling on the deck. A few men were opening a large crate. Inside was a fairly large missile. It was obviously meant to be fired from a starship. "Excellent." The Mandalorian from the bridge who the captain assumed to be the leader said.
He turned to his men. "The task force reports all resistance has been neutralized. Teams Two and Three report they've secured their ships and cargo." He then turned to the captain, holding his blaster to his forehead. The others were pointing their weapons at the crew's heads. "Our orders are to leave no witnesses."
A bright flash lasted only a moment. Then nothingness.
Xiana looked at the small but growing fleet in orbit arount Azeron. She had met up with High Commander Arnat Rozik's fleet. Rozik was always a Karvic supporter and as strong as his nationalistic spirit was, he wouldn't see democracy die. She was standing next to him on the bridge of his command ship, Swordbreaker.
"Fett, there's something you should know." Rozik said, turning to her.
"And what is that?"
"We've recieved reports that a Mandalorian Fleet has attacked an ESS convoy. We don't know what was on it, just that it was of some great importance."
Xiana put her hands to her face. "No! Not the ESS! What were those Di'kuts thinking? Now we'll have no Mandalorian Republic to restore!'
"Let's just hope Trageton is too tied up with the Keepers."
"I have a better idea. Let's try to contact him. He'll no doubt be unpleased that Mandos did this, but I think he'll understand when we explain ourcause and how it's different from Malzic's."
"This could actually be extremely helpful to our cause. He can aid us in restoring democracy to Mandalore and get all the revenge he wants."
"But we should add something a little more just to sweeten up the deal." She paused for a second then said, "I know! I have no doubt Malzic and his staff were directly behind the attack. Once we capture them, we'll allow Trageton to try them in the ESS courts instead of ours, for starts."
"I just hope he hears us out. He's probably not feeling very pro-Mandalorian right now, and I doubt too many others in the ESS government are, too. He may help us out, but I have a feeling his hand will play a big part in the restoration of our government. We'll probably be on a lot shorter of a leash. Most of what'll left of our military will probably be disbanded. And I'll bet that's just the start of it."
"Even if that's true, it's the best option we have. This could actually be a blessing. Let's try to ease the tension as much as possible. We don't have many other choices and I doubt you need to be told that to know it's true."
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Post by General_Trageton » Sat Jul 26, 2008 1:22 pm

This war will not be won by big ships! The sentence echoed in Sara Phaley's head over and over again. The irony was striking. Two days ago, the Traquia had left for deepspace with the Emperor aboard. Yesterday it had returned without him. Admiral Blexton's explaination to her query about the Emperor's whereabouts had thrown up more questions than it had answered. Of course, for beings with enormous mental powers such as the emperor or Lady Shiromy many things were possible and courses of action were logical, which were beyond her own imagination and there would be no way to change that. Nonetheless it was frustrating.
"Excuse me, Ma'am?" a voice called her out of her ponderings. An officer had approached her. "A ESS Intel officer has requested to speak with you. He says it's important."
Sara frowned. She hated when one of those sneaky guys showed up. It always menat bad news.
"Send him to my office." she directed. "I'll see what he wants."


"Thank you for seeing me, Supreme Commander." The man greeted her. "Excuse my directness but situation demands we skip the pleasantries and get right down to business."
"Fine with me." Sara assured. She never was one for diplomacy. "So what's the point?"
"We recently lost contact with a convoy carrying highly classified and valuable cargo."
"Go on!" Sara said.
"As ESS supreme commander you are familiar with the Myrkul-project?"
Sara swallowed hard. She very well was. "The Particle annihilator. A prototype warhead capable of causing severe damage to smaller ships. Secondary shockwaves make it especially effective against groups of ships."
"Exactly." The agent confirmed. "The convoy was enroute from Ydasol to Kelus carrying a shipment of these prototypes for field testing. It was intercepted halfway and we've lost communications since then."
Sara's expression darkened. "that convoy was heavily guarded" She pondered. "that excludes your average pirate attack. Then again" she continued. "This project was highly classified. There were only few involved and knowing of it."
"Agent Berin agrees with you." The man said and pointed towards his younger colleague sitting next to him.
"I have been investigating numerous attempts to infiltrate the ESS military and fleet."
"Just recently Agent Berin uncovered and neutralized an infiltrator that had gained access into the Spearhead project."
"This ambush was well orchestrated." the female agent continued. "Whoever attacked the convoy was well prepared and capable to take out its heavy escort. This suggests they not only knew that, when and where the convoy passed but also how heavily it was guarded."
"An insider." Sara concluded and her voice was dry.
"I need a list of everyone under your command who has knowledge of the project." the blond woman directed. "And please remain contactable should we have any further questions."
"Am I a suspect?" Sara asked, trying to suppress the rising feeling of distress.
"Everyone is." said the agent with a genuine yet icy smile."


Wake up!
Mryna opened her eyes and rose instantly. the room she was in, was pretty much dark except for a dim red light indicating a locked door. It took a moment for her eyes to adapt to the darkness but the she found herself in some kind of cargo hold. Checking herself she found all her weapons and equipment still present. They had simply stunned her and locked her up in some closet - now they were really desperate.
That voice... "Master?"
You know I hate it when yuo call me that! He was close.
Just a habit. Where are you?
"On the bridge." his voice now came through her comm. "Getting things back to drill."
She sighed. "Where's Darron?"
"He and his friends are making a run for the hangar section. I've had the section locked down, but with that jedi and the commando present those blastdoors and security guards will only slow them down. I need you down there on the double." As he spoke the dim light at the door turned green and the door opened. "Now get moving, soldier!"
She smiled. "Right on track, boss. Moving out."


"Red Star II to Roscha, come in!"
"Roscha here. We read you, Red Star II."
Vince breathed a sigh of relief, as he heard Wolf's voice. At least the comm was back online again.
"Good to hear you. What's your status?"
"Still getting this tub back together. Making progress but there's still some work to do. Trebuchet looks pretty bad, too."
"I see." Vince said. "I just talked with the Excalibur. They've had their share of action but are in good shape all in all. If you require assistance they have repair crews on standby."
"Vince...." Shiromy's voice interrupted. There was something odd about her tone."
"What is it?" He asked with concern.
"Mako ..." Shiromy's voice was thin and hoarse. "He's here."
Vince could all but gaze at the comm speaker open-mouthed. How was that possible? That blast would have vaporized any cell in his body the moment he had let down his containment field. Deep inside a part of him taunted 'See, I told you the crazy bastard would make it!' He grinned. "So we're back in action again?"
"Not quite" Shiromy said. "He's in pretty bad shape."
"Damn." Vince cursed. Cheat death one too many times and he'll kick you in the groin.
"How bad is it?"
"He'll live," she said slowly. "but that's about it."
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Post by squarehead93 » Sat Jul 26, 2008 7:48 pm

Malzic finished reading the report. The entire operation had gone without a hitch. The task force would arrive with the warheads in an hour after stopping for a resupply. Resistance was shortlived and completely neutralized. All warheads were secured. There were no survivors. His source couldn't have been more reliable.

"Sir," and aide walked in. "We have recieved a recording of the latest Core Alliance summit discussions. They are well aware of our government change and are very concerned. They plan to send weapons and supplies to Arnat Rozik's rebel force. They are even considering an alliance with them. "
"It is of little concern now. By the time they make it past all the bueracracy bogging them down, we'll have crushed this rebellion."
"Not if the ESS is allied with them."
"What? I doubt they'd do that."
"The enemy of your enemy is your friend. They could ally with the rebels if the rebels were handed control of Mandalore and they got what they wanted, which is no doubt your head."
"The ESS is also busy on other fronts. I doubt they're even aware of this civil war that's shaping up. I don't even think they know we took their warheads!"
"With respect, Sir, I would consider it foolish not to consider that they very well could find out, and probably will."
"When that happens, we let them come to us, and then we crush them. Their weakening would send a clear message to the galaxy."
The Core Alliance Peacekeeper Corps ambassador, Major Dan Fynar's shuttle dropped out of hyperspace. The Empress of the Stars came into view. The Empress had been an Executor-class SSD in the Imperial navy until it was sold to a private owner. Now it was a luxury liner stripped of weapons, complete with dozens of casinos, bars, tapcafes, and restaraunts of all kinds and levels of formality. Fynar realized that these ships would have terrified the Rebellion during the Civil War. They could end a fight simply by showing up. Now, the few surviving SSDs were decomissioned, serving on some remote corner of the Imperial Remnant, or in the hands of pirate lords.
It's importance diminished as larger empires grew.

Xiana Fett had requested they meet here, outside of effective Mandalorian control, to couduct buisness. His shuttle landed in the massive hangar. A few minutes and countless levels and hallways later, he and his guards reached the room Fett had rented. It was a small, simple conference room. Xiana had taken extreme care to make sure she had a room that had no surveilance equipment. She still had it checked for bugs.

Fynar looked at her. She was young and attractive. She had short, dark hair and dark blue eyes. Her armor looked too generic to be her regular suit. She was smart in trying to not attract attention that way. She was a commander, but she looked a little young for that. He shook her hand.
"Please, have a seat." She got right to buisness.
"I understand the Core Alliance has labeled Mandalore a threat to security. I also understand the Mandalorian Empire has recently broken the blockade at Mandalore and retaken it. I don't think I need to tell you that the Core Alliance Peacekeeper Corps and the Mandalorians aren't the best of friends, Major."
"I won't argue there."
"I'm sure you are well aware of the recent coup and the Mandalorian Federation's change to the Mandalorian Empire."
"Yes. I read the intelligence reports."
"Major, the Mandalorian Empire will be a lot larger of a threat to the Core than the Federation ever was. Niko Malzic is as greedy as they come. He won't stop until every corner of the galaxy is his."
"With all respect, Commander Fett, the Mandalorians just suffered a major defeat over Kuat. We were able to retake your capital with little resistance..."
"And you lost it just as easily. We let you have it. The Mandalorians are regruouping and rebuilding quickly. Their military is as among the most well-trained in the galaxy, and is as advanced as any of its caliber. And they're growing fast."
"Get to the point." Snapped Fynar.
"We need your assistance. We have little hope of retaking Mandalore on our own."
Fynar sighed. "I'll make my case to the senate, but I highly doubt you'll ever get full military assistance. We could help supply your fleets and troops, but even that would have to pass through a sea of bueracracy. If I was you, I woundn't give up hope on it, but you're going to have to rely on yourselves only for the time being."
"Thank you for your time, Major Fynar."
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Post by Mako » Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:36 am

Mako awoke to darkness. He knew his eyes were open, he could feel his eyelids blinking, but there was utter darkness. Eh he must've awoken in the dead of night again it wouldn't be the first time, it surely wouldn't be the last. He knew he was lying on a bed but he didn't know where, not that it mattered at this moment. Groping around he searched for a chrono to see if he could tell what time it was. It was painful to move around, but that was good, it meant he still lived. It seemed that once again he had played with Death and told him to kiss his butt and like before Mako was sure it had come with a price. Exactly what that price was he'd find out later. Attempting to move about even more caused even more pain, enough to cause a groan to escape his lips. It was then that he felt a hand encompass his own and squeeze it. It was a hand he knew all too well. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you in the dead of night." He apologized.
"You fool, you moronic fool. I thought I had lost you again." Mako heard Roscha croak around stifled sobs.
"Come on babe you should know by now, I'm magic. An overcharged Vince clone going supernova three times over can't kill me. By the way where are we?"
"We're on my ship and your overconfidence will be the death of you one day, you idiot."
"That's why your here to keep that in check. Now back to sleep with you, it's the middle of the night."
"Mako, it's not night time and all the lights are on," Roscha took a deep breath as she prepared to tell her husband all of the bad news. "You've lost your eyesight. Your eyes have completely clouded over. The medics have no way of fixing it."
Mako took a moment for the news to set in. Yes the price for taunting Death. Mako was sure that this wasn't all of it. He had used all his power to contain Vince's clone so it wouldn't explode until everyone was safe. Well almost everyone. Though they had given one heluva fight Raynes, Ripley, Hudson, and Hicks were gone.
Damn he missed them already. Holding back the tears so he could listen to the rest of what Roscha had to say. "What' else is wrong? You're holding something back."
"You overexerted yourself, with that last stunt, your powers.."
"Yes I know, they are severely weakened with little to no chance of ever returning." Mako commented annoyed "I already knew that from the fact I'm having trouble reading our mind, so that's not what your hiding. What are you not telling me?"
Roscha took a deep slow breath before she continued. "You didn't get all of he Keepers in that blast."
"What!?" Rage and frustration welled up in Mako as he heard the words leave Roscha's lips. "Dammit how many escaped?"
"Ferris says that two dreads each with four Keepers aboard managed to leave Malachor before she could get a large enough fold field around the Miran to also encompass the part of the Mother ship's bridge that held you."
Despite his frustration and sorrow hearing what his daughter had done brought a smile to his face. "Where is Ferris?"
Roscha chuckled a bit. "She's on the Wildstar seeing to repairs. Always has to see things done personally. I wonder where she gets it from.?"
"The same place she gets her hair-brained ideas, I'm guessing Vince and David are both ok?"
"Yes they are, though Mr. Rain is still incapacitated. I can get you Vince if you like?"
"Yes Please." It wasn't much later that Mako felt a portable Comm unit being pressed into his hand. after being assured it was a secure connection Mako started to talk. "Well well you made it."
"I see you made it as well." Mako could hear the joy in Vince's voice. "What did I tell you? Certain death is overrated."
"Yes it is, but still telling Death to kiss your buttocks comes at a price. I'd like to tell you how glad I am to see you, but the loss of my sight was half of what I paid."
"Half?" Though Vince made the statement into a question Mako could tell that Vince was expecting, almost preparing himself for the rest of the bad news.
"Yes which brings me to the other half of the bad news. Of the hundred thousand or so Keepers that were left in the galaxy and at Malachor, We killed them all except for eight in two dreads.We have no way of knowing where they went. And to top it off I am no longer able to deal with them."
"So it's as I had guessed you've lost your abilities. And with the Keepers still around that's not good."
"True and this time around I'm sure they will do whatever they can to completely eliminate us. I'm more than sure that they will not underestimate you again. And they will make damn sure as to completely annihilate David Rain."
"Wait what about you and making another gate?" Vince asked slightly confused.
"With only eight of them left, they can no longer make another gate, they lack the resources. And as for me I share the same fate as you and Rain, utter destruction by their hands if possible. Ah can't you just feel the love? " The slight joke caused Vinve to laugh a bit. "Anyway right now is not the time to worry about the Keepers. Yes they are a big threat, but chasing two ships throughout the galaxy is pointless as you already know. Give them time and they'll come to us. For now I've got ships to fix, and a doctor to see about getting out of this bed. If there's anything you need, you have my number. Oh and before I forget could you come get your wife, I already have two other women who think like Roscha I don't think I can handle a third. So please Save Me!!!"
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Post by General_Trageton » Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:08 pm

Rain's room was tinted in a warm pale green light, as Shiromy approached him. Rain was lying on a bed, his eyes closed as though he were sleeping. Well, basically he was.
One of the medics was examining the recent checkup results then turned towards her, as she approached him.
"How's he doing?"
"By all medical definitions he's fine." The doc said with a helpless frown. "No injuries, or deseases. Normal brain activity. He should be fresh as a child."
"I see." Shiromy said and approached the patient. His aura was weak. Like Mako he had strained himself pretty bad - not least resulting in the Roscha's blackout. "I think this goes beyond medical capacities."
She closed her eyes and laid a hand on his chest. "You brought my husband back to me and saved our lives." She whispered into his soul. "May this be my gift to you." Her hand began to glow as she focussed her power and let a part of her energy flow into Rain. She felt the body stiffen as the energy flowed through the relaxed muscles.
The man gasped for air as if frightened up from a nap. He opened his eyes and his gaze wandered around the room for a moment.
"Where ... am I?" His voice was still a little shaky but the energy transfer had obviously done its job.
"You're aboard the Roscha, safe."
It took a moment for his mind to process the information. But soon his vision cleared and he seemed to regain consciousness.
"So ... it all worked out well?"
"Yes, mostly" She said. "Ferris says the Keepers were reduced to a number of eight. That should give us some time to breath."
"Well, better than nothing." He said with a thin grin. "How are our two heroes?"
"Vince's pretty fine actually." She said. "Mako is alive, too, but ...."
"Yes, I know." Rain cut her off. "I felt his power fade while collecting the ships."
Shiromy nodded silently. She felt sorry for the three of them. From all of them, Mako had surely made the greatest sacrifice.

Then her comm beeped. "Vince?"
"Time to leave." Vince said. "We're needed back home." His voice was mainly neutral but Shiromy noticed a slight trace of amusement.
"There's something you're not telling me." She snarled.
"Hm? No, nothing." Vince answered innocently, making Shiromy roll her eyes.
"Fine, let me take a guess then: That old crook wants me off-ship, since he's already got Ferris and Roscha scolding him for the rest of his life, ain't that right?"
"You beat me to it."
"Alright, that's it, I'm going to kill him." She said and grimaced. "Give me a few more minutes and I'll be on my way then. Better keep the engines running." She closed the channel and turned towards Rain. "You'll be alright?"
"Yup, I'll be fine." Rain said surprisingly easily, stretched himself and hopped out of the bed, as if nothing had happened. "Guess it's my time to leave as well. I hate it when things go on without me."
So they walked out the room leaving behind a virtually paralyzed medic.


Farewells were bid briefly, as the awkward gathering dissolved and the various ships set course outsystem. With the Keepers gone for now, a lot of matters had been left uncared for. To his order Mryna had ceased her pursuit of Darron and Pitto allowing them to flee. Vince was well aware of the risk he was taking by doing so, but most certainly the Empire had understood the warning shot. As for loosing Darron - that was unfortunate but a loss that could be compensated. As a mere fleet admiral he didn't posess the detailed strategical information, which Vince's supreme commanders did. Vince had let him go - due to their long friendship - he should get the chance to reclaim his honor - and die fighting.

Reading through the various recent reports Vince's eyes narrowed when he came to the news from Mandalore. "Now look at that." He mumbled to himself. "Malzic is reaching for the stars."
"Hm?" Shiromy made and stepped behind him.
"That Mandalorian Warlord has retaken Mandalore from the Core Alliance and declared himself Emperor."
"What is it with all those coups these days?" Shiromy commented with a smirk and rested her arms on the his chairback.
"Speaking of which...." Vince said and keyed in a secured comm channel. "Paladin, come in!" He hailed.
"Vince! Thank goodness you're alive." He heard Ray's relieved voice. "We heard about Malachor."
"You did?" Vince asked in surprise. "You've got some good spies there."
"Spies? Bah!" Ray mocked. "Spies cannot compete with a well lubed press apparatus."
Vince grimaced. "Right. Well, it was a close call, but we should be out of trouble for now." Vince explained. "What news from the fleet?"
"They're all here." Ray announced and pride swung in his voice. "Pretty much anyone who can hold a gun has followed the call."
"Excellent." Vince complimented. That truly were good news. After a pause he added. "Recent events demand that we accelerate things."
"You mean Mandalore?" Ray queried. Obviously news like this spread like bush fires.
"Yes," Vince confirmed. "We should be prepared to present them a solid counterpart to their empire. I don't think they'll be satisfied with what they have."
"How did that Malzic guy get that much support anyway?" Ray questioned, but Vince only grinned.
"Tomorrow he will wonder the same thing about me. Be ready!"
"We will, my Emperor" Ray acknowledged and closed the channel.


"The ambush was well planned by someone with detailed information about the convoy." Mryna said, as she and Vince watched a holo surveillance of the various interrogations. "I made sure Taya Berin got on the case. She's the best."
"I remember" Vince said. "The Spearhead incident." After a moent he continued. "I find it rather intriguing that the ambush happened just a few hours after Malzic's takeover of Mandalore. That's rather convenient."
Mryna nodded. "Isn't it?"
"I think I'll pay them a visit." Vince eventually said.
"What?" Mryna frowned.
"Once Bricera is secured, I'll travel to Mandalore - just a friendly talk with Malzic - from emperor to emperor."
"Pretty risky, if you ask me." Mryna objected.
"Risky?" Vince grunted. "I just went supernova and blew up a whole system!"
Mryna sighed and rolled her eyes. "Point taken. There's one more thing though."
"Hm?" Vince made.
"Word has it that a group of Mandalorians is gathering forces to rebel against their new Emperor. They're led by a certain Xiana Fett."
"Fett." Vince repeated. "Interesting. The Fett clan used to be one of the most powerful Mandalorian warrior clans ever - their history goes back several millennia. A Fett rebelling against his own people is exceptional."
"An outrage of sorts." Mryna added.
Vince nodded and something in his expression changed. "I want you to contact her." he then said. "I am sure they are already looking for supporters for their course. Meet her and find out what they're up to."
"Should I offer our assistance?" Mryna asked with a wicked grin. She knew quite well, what her Emperor had in mind.
"Baby steps, Mryna." Vince explained with an astucious smile. "First we need the evidence that Malzic is behind the ambush. Otherwise this would be an unprovoked aggressive act - and we don't want to take over Mandalore without a reason."
"Of course." Mryna acknowledged firmly.
"So far, everything is going as planned."
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Post by squarehead93 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:02 pm

"So let me get this straight," said D'Arman. "There's two major crimelords here."
"Yes," replied Bren.
"Jax Carnil is a former Movement for Radical Change leftist rebel leader. His men are more trained and he controls most of the space in the Kora system. Rabba the Hutt has more henchmen and more connections. Who would you say is more powerful?"
"Rabba the Hutt."
"Thank you."
D'Arman finished his drink and got up to walk outside.
"Where are you going?"
D'Arman turned and smiled. "To get a job."
The Mantooine system was one of the most industrial in the Outer Rim. It had one of the largest defense forces in the region, which was unaffected because it never had the need to hire the Mandalorians for security. It would be hard to conquer by traditional force. Malzic had lured a good part of their fleet out to the edge of the system. He could have just assembled a massive fleet and crushed them, but what was the fun in that when you had particle annihilators?
Just a little closer...
"Okay!" Malzic shouted, "They're in range, target the command ship! Fire! Fire!"
The warhead shot off at blistering speed. Too fast to avoid. There was a kind of tense silence, then a large flash where the flagship had been. Then a shockwave came out and there were more explosions, sending off more shockwaves, then even more explosions and shockwaves. The effect would look like raindrops hitting water from above.
The fleet was almost completely destroyed. What was left was fleeing.
"Patch me over to Mantooine City. I want to have a talk."
Honorable Chairman Holis's head appeared on the screen.
"Greetings, Honorable Chairman. Your fleet has been all but destroyed by our particle annihilator that we were testing. We'd like to see how well it would work on, oh, say, a planet. That is, unless you surrender unconditionally to us."
"I-It will be done. We'll cease our fire."
"Good, I'll come down to discuss the terms."
Malzic smiled. This wouldn't take long.
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Post by Drake26 » Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:39 am

David turned as one of his intel chiefs walked up to him. "Sir, we just received word from our man on Mantooine, you'll want to see this."
"Mantooine? Why do we have a guy there?"
"We put him in place when they began their fleet buildup, when we were still unsure what they planned to do with it, and never bothered to remove him."

David stared at the footage, then turned away as it started to loop. It had been stolen from the bridge cam of a ship in the Mantooine fleet. The ship was an older model, and had lagged behind the fleet, which is why it had survived. "What is that, and where did the Mandoes get it from?"
"Our people planted in the Mando R&D department have told us that its called a particle annihilator, and that the Mandos are trying to reverse engineer it, but thats all they know at this point. As for where it came from, we don't have a god damned clue."
"Find out, and fast!"
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Post by Mako » Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:23 am

Mako was up and about though still shaky on his feet. He could remember a time when he'd rebound from just about anything with little to no ill effects. Ah to be twenty years younger again, wouldn't that be nice? Finally having made his way to the bridge Mako went to sit in the command chair but found it to be occupied. He could pretty much guess by whom. "Don't I get to sit in my old place of honor?"r
"My ship, my chair. I see you've adjusted to the loss of your sight very well." Mako could hear the amusement in Roscha's voice
"At first it was troublesome, then I remembered the year you had me wear a bind fold the entire time. I believe it was to teach me not to always rely on my eyes." Mako let a smile spread across his face. "Who'd have thought that it would come into play like this?"
"Idiot." Though it was meant as an insult Mako heard amusement in Roscha's voice.
"Yeah well this idiot as got things that need to be done, Wolf! quit trying to hide ya mangy mutt I can hear you breathing."
"I'm right here."
Mako gave a slight start from hearing Wolf's voice so close to him. "You know for someone who doesn't clip his toe claws you're pretty damn quiet."
"It's something your father taught me. What do you need?"
"The same thing I always need from you, Info. First damage report."
Wolf sighed, "It's not good."
"It never is." Mako interrupted."We're pirates it's never good unless we've made a profit. So how bad we talking?"
"Well We've lost half of the fleet that we'd assembled. Most of the remaining ships that we took from our operations in Hutt space can return to active duty. The rest will have to be scrapped or completely rebuilt."
"What about the core fleet?"
"The only operational ships that we have are the Kiros, Wildtar, Warhawk, and Starcrusher."
"Damn that's a high price to a for a near victory. OK so what's been happening since I was out of it?"
"You'll be interested to know that the Mandalorians are making a power grab for systems."
Mako chuckled at that. "Mandalorians? Hmph let them attempt to grab what ever they want. So long as they stay away from here,and Hutt space we have no interest in their actions."
"And if they attack our friends?" Roscha asked
"If the Mandos are suicidal enough to attack the Corellian Empire, ESS, or David Rain's people. I will pay top credit to see that massacre."
"Oh Speaking of Hutt space," Wolf interjected. "it seems as if the Hutts aren't very pleased with you taking their ships to a doomed battle."
"That so? Get a hold of Ferris."
Within a matter of moments Mako heard Ferris' cheerful voice over the comm.
"Dad You're up! Are you feeling better? You're not pushing yourself already are you? You know..."
"Yes Ferris I'm fine." Mako started to rub his temples in preparation for the second berating he was going to get from Roscha later. "Listen I have an important task for you."
"Sure Dad what do you need?"
"I need you to take the Gopher and .."
"Uh Mako..." Wolf interrupted "She can't take the Gopher."
"What do you mean she can't take the Gopher? I was told Vince was on this ship, so that means He brought the Gopher with him right?"
"Yes but he used it to board the Red Star II." Mako could hear Wolf cringing as he steadied himself for Mako's out burst.
"Are you telling me that my good friend Vince Trageton took my beloved Gopher and you didn't ask for it back?"
"More like forgot to ask."
"Forgot." Mako shook his head for a moment before pointing a finger at Wolf. "You're Fired! You're all fracken fired. You chumps do you have any idea how much time, blood sweat and effort me and Youngkrull put into that freighter? Ah Man!!" Mako threw his hands up in exasperation. Then all of a sudden he just started to laugh. "That's it Vince owes me. I give him a limited edition Executor II class dreadnaught with bells and wistles beyond what anyone besides the Correlian Empire has. We give his wife training from the Zhawn temple, Ferris is Vince's original body on the Miran?"
"No it should be over there on Roscha's Star with you in the med lab."
Mako slightly turned his head towards where Roscha was sitting, "Roscha's Star?"
"Had the name changed earlier today. I've told you My ship now." To which Mako just shrugged.
"Alright so we are holding on to his original body, I saved his life damn near at the cost of my own, and I've just given him my personal YT-2000 Freighter, the only ship in existence that small to have a Fold drive on it. What did I get? Two Warhammers and a Spacestation. Dammit I got gyped, I knew I shoulda charged him a Dominator. Oh Well I'll just put it on his tab. I should charge him for body storage, but unfortunately he's a friend so I won't do that." Mako continued to chuckle at the situation as he shook his head, "So now that the subtle plan has been scrapped looks like you have to do a show of force. So Ferris, take the Wildstar, Kiros and Warhawk, along with half the remaining fleet and remind those Hutts who it is that runs that system and who they work for. Be sure to take Kagato with you and place him in command of the Warhawk."
"Will do dad." Ferris cut the connection to carry out his orders.
"Wolf I want you to take the Starcrusher and head back to Coalition Foundries and move the facilities here along with our remaining ships. Take whoever it is you think you may need."
"Why move the facility here?" Wolf's confusion was understandable.
Mako let a sly smile cross his face. "Because this is where we will start our kids' future."
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Rabba was on his small luxury skiff making his pass around the town. Walking around him were armed guards.
Karvic spoke up. "Rabba the Hutt. I come seeking employment."
Rabba looked at him. He laughed and said in Huttese, "I have sufficient security staff, but I see you are Mandalorian. Or, at least, you wear their armor. You are a poor pretender, though. You are wearing a bogus rank insignia."
"Then I assume you are unaware of recent events regarding my people."
"No. I just know that you would be foolish to be so easily identifying yourself with the bounty on your head as large as it is."
Osik! This chakaar does watch the news holos.
D'Arman removed his helmet. "You'd be surprised."
Rabba recognized his face from the wanted holos.
D"Arman said, "Rabba, I would be of more value to you in your employ then sold for the bounty to my people."
Rabba laughed hard. "And how is that?"
"I could take out Jax Carnil's raiders for you."
Rabba laughed the hardest of all this time. "Now I know you truly are foolish." He then addressed his guards. "Take him."
The second they closed in, a blaster bolt hit the guard nearest D"Arman. Assassins. The guards were good types for collecting late payments and intimidation, but weren't well trained. They ducked and ran in all directions, shooting wildly. D'Arman calmly raised his blaster and picked off the sniper on the rooftop. He fired a wrist rocket at two gunmen in the street, killing both. An even larger group was dispatched by his flamethrower. He effortlessly whittled down the number of attackers, who originally outnumbered Rabba's guards.
One of the remaining assassins had a clear shot. Rabba gasped. D'Arman was the only other person to see this. He fired, hitting the would-be killer in the back of the head. A single assassin dropped his blaster and ran. D'Arman was quicker. He started at a sprint, then activated his jetpack. In no time he had tackled the man. He fruitlessly fought the Mando for a moment until Karvic put a blaster to his head.
The assassin was a young man. He had an anger about him that betrayed him as being an amateur. "Lemme go! That slimy slug has it coming!"
D'Arman turned to Rabba.
Rabba knew what D'Arman was going to ask. "He's of no use to me alive, Mandalorian. You may dispose of him."
D'Arman squeezed the trigger and the man fell limp.
Rabba smiled. "Maybe you are worth more to me under my employment. Come, we'll discuss this in my palace."
Malzic walked into the dark room. The guards at the door saluted. He returned a salute. Inside was an interrogation officer, several droids equipped with wicked looking instruments, and a shirtless man displaying various cuts and burns on his bare chest suspended on a rack tilted slightly downwards.
The officer informed Malzic. "We've had a difficult time cracking him, Your Excellence. We finally got him to talk after repeated ST-8 truth agent injections.
Malzic spoke to the prisoner. "I must say, you resisted the interrogation admirably."
"You know we Mando'ade are trained to tolerate torture," came his cracked and soft but still strong-willed reply. Then he said, "I must tell you that by the time you get this information, it'll most likely be too late."
"I don't care," snapped Malzic. "Just tell me!"
"Okay. Commander Fett planned on Making several jumps before reaching her final destination so you couldn't track her. We agreed not to decide on a final destination until after the fleet had made it's first few jumps. We discussed a few possibilities, but my money says she's at Azeron. Trust me, I just know her."
"Thank you. The rest of your life will be determined by how useful your information is. If we find the traitors, you will be cleared and allowed to do as you please. We don't find Fett and her mutineers, and you die." Malzic had turned to leave, but stopped and looked back one more time, and said, "And don't even dream of a quick, painless death if that happens."
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