Battle of the Adminis System (part 1)

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Re: Battle of the Adminis System (part 1)

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Post by Draco429 » Sun May 29, 2005 9:01 pm

Garren stood dumbfounded. A full third of the <I>Warrior</I> was gone. <I>If the Warrior hadn't already been at full reverse like it was...</I> That was not a thought Garren wanted to finish.<P>"Communications! The <I>Hera</I> is gone; the comm blockade is diminished. Send fighters out with all speed to link a message from our ships to Admiral Janson's. Tell them to keep within communications distance from each other so our combined systems form a comm chain. Helm, plot me a course for the <I>Warrior</I>. We have to save Trageton and all the people we can!" <I>Kira...</I><P>Kira; the thought of losing her was foremost in his mind. Second were the lives of Trageton and Shiromy, a good friend and a savior. All other lives seemed to be insignificant at the moment.<P>"Yes, sir."<P>Garren turned back to the flaming wreckage of the <I>Warrior</I>. <I>Kira... Vince... Milady... Hold on!</I>

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Post by Major Wes Janson » Mon May 30, 2005 8:01 am

Captain Duran made his decision. "Cut all jamming. <I>Gambier Bay</I> follow us. We will be commencing recovery operations for <I>Warrior</I>. <I>Ketais</I>, as soon as that enemy fleet is clear, head for <I>Intrepid</I> and try to get them moving again. Send a message to Admiral Janson. Tell him that we have taken losses and need reinforcements. Tell him..." he glanced at the tactical display at the disintegrating <I>Warrior</I>. "...that we will need a large number of search and recover units. And..." He looked again, at the <I>Cantwell</I> in a vicious firefight with the UW ships still. "...that we will need something that can stop a soverign." <P>The fighters and Decimators that had been screening the small group broke off and advanced at full speed to the now debris field, following distress signals and looking for escape pods. Shuttles followed at a slower pace to recover survivors with their pilot tractor beams.
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Post by General_Trageton » Tue May 31, 2005 7:56 pm

Vince waited unmoving at the large panoramic bridge window overlooking his dying ship. Hundreds of escape pods and evacuation shuttles were blazing away from the slowly disintegrating hull.<BR>"Sir, the ship is evacuated. Only we are left! The Empress and Lady Kira have been transferred to their respective quarters."<BR>Vince sighedand wped away the tear that had formed in his left eye.<BR>"Very well then. Detatch!"<BR>"As you wish, Sir!"<P>Vince turned away from the dying ship and strode up to his command chair.<BR>A tremor went through th deck when the large bridge module - by itself bigger than a Patriot Frigate - cut off its connections to the command tower and started to drift away from the wreckage.<P>"This is Cruiser Dominance. We're ready for you!"<BR>"Acknowledged Dominance. We're on our way!"<BR> A controlled explosion on the module's backside revealed a pair of ion engines that slowly lit up and propelled the module away from the Warrior - towards the waiting Dominance.<P>Despite its size the bridge module easily found place in the Battleship's immense hangar bay and softly touched down on the wide main hangar deck.<P>"Send a message to all friendly ships and tell them my gratitude for helping the survivors. Then contact the Inferno and inform Admiral Draco that Lady Kira is in safety now. Then reportto the Dominance's peronell officers for quarters! I need to talk to Admiral Phaley."<P>"So this is it? The Warrior is gone?" Platon said - his voice was trembling. <P>"No hard feelings, Harry!" Vince laid a hand on the gunnery officer's shoulder. "There'll be a new Warrior soon. And I'll get you a new Fusion Cannon! Now go and find some rest. I think we will need you soon!" That lured out a slight smile on the senior gunnery officer.<BR>"Thank you General!"<P>Then he left the Warrior's bridge for the last time, while far below the once so glorious flagship of the New United Planets' Alliance slowly broke apart.<P>Alyn Yadrec had gone too far this time. She would pay for what she had taken and almost taken from him. It was time to turn the tide.
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Post by General Edor Crespin » Fri Jun 03, 2005 7:10 pm

The <I>Shadowkeeper</I> re-entered subspace, within seconds the rest of the fleet had come out of lightspeed into formation around her. General Edor Crespin shook his head at the scene of debris that filled half the viewport, the other half taken up by a holo of the system. "Admiral, all ships are to launch fighters, have them take up covering formation, fire only if fired upon. Comm, open a channel to the <I>Celestia</I>, have them report their status. Send a message to Admiral Janson and Supreme Commander Trageton requesting status updates."<P>"Sir, the <I>Celestia</I> is not answering our hails!"<P>Edor took a closer look at the system display and indeed, the <I>Celestia</I> was nowhere to be found. "Keep trying! It's possible they were heavily damaged and either jumped to safety or activated their cloak... or they were destroyed. We'll hopefully find out soon. In the meantime, notify me as soon as either the Janson or Trageton responds."

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