How to install & configure the VR mod and beta patches

Here you can find help for how to best run and setup your XWA VR experience.
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How to install & configure the VR mod and beta patches

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Post by blue_max » Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:21 pm

I'm constantly improving the effects and the VR mod, but since the effects also work without VR, the configuration files in the Beta pre-releases are not configured for VR by default. This is the full process needed to install the latest beta patch for SteamVR -- if you've already got a functioning install of 1.1.4, then you can skip to step 5. These steps will be automated in future releases.

1. Install XWAUCP 1.6. Check that it's working properly.
2. Install Effects 1.1.4. Select "SteamVR" when installing this.
3. Optional, but *highly recommended* for VR: Install the Rebel and Imperial Dynamic Cockpits.
4. Check that SteamVR is working with release 1.1.4.
5. Optional: Make a backup copy of your XWA directory in case you need to go back to it.
6. Unpack the latest beta patch on your XWA directory.
7. Open VRParams.cfg and set "VR_Mode = SteamVR".
8. Open CockpitLook.cfg and set "tracker_type = SteamVR".

Then you'll need to open SteamVR, and X-Wing Alliance, in that order. If SteamVR is not running, then XWA will try to open it, but this usually causes some performance drop at the beginning of the game.

If you're using the DIrectSBS mode, then you need to set "VR_Mode = DirectSBS" and "tracker_type = FreePIE" in the files mentioned above. For the DirectSBS mode, you'll need to install FreePIE first or the game will crash. Currently, only Trinus is supported for the DirectSBS mode.

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