Things you hope to collect

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Things you hope to collect

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Daruchias Jaxun
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Post by Daruchias Jaxun » Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:56 am

Hello! I have a certain ship I'm looking to collect some day... The Moldy Crow!

There's not a ship I love more. I know it top bottom, left right, interior and exterior. My knowledge of it is vast, mostly because I've been examining it for 12 years, and wishing for one for 12 years.

It's sad. It's such an original concept, really. The ship itself is a wonderful design, never before seen. The only relatively original design is Mara Jade's Shrike.

What I want... I want something from hasbro to make up for the years of ignoring this remarkable design.

A: A highly detailed model. Die Cast. Like the falcon, arc-170, and the snowspeeder they put out some time ago when these die cast models made their comeback.

B: A TO SCALE version of the Crow for the 3 1/2 figures. Just for s***'n'giggles. This one actually makes sense to produce, cause there are plans for a Kyle Katarn figure once more.

C: A Die cast model. The small ones. That'd be pretty awesome.

This ship is something I've wanted since a very young age. Because of my fascination with it since a young age, and the denial I have had of actually having it, I've done everything possible to make the absolute perfect image of the ship itself. So far, -this- is the best model ever made for The Moldy Crow.

Right up there in the top right corner. There are screenies of it all over the site. It's fabulous. None better out there. The fuselage is sloped down to make it a viable option to see out of, as it always has been... the cockpit design, the landing gears, the engine tilt... Perfect.

The only thing is, it could use a little bit of an update visually. Otherwise, it's absolutely perfect. If I were sitting down with Hasbro, I'd refer them to that site to make a model of The Moldy Crow in a perfect form, FINALLY making an accepted version of it.

I've been trying to find A way to get a model of the moldy crow for an empire at war project I've been working on, because Petroglyph's version is... Well, it's just plain awful, and does not do the awesome craft justice.

But yes. for twelve years, The Moldy Crow has been my holy grail of star wars collecting. Not much will satisfy me until I've got this ship.

I can't even properly install Darksaber's model for XWA... Geez... At every oppritunity, this ship is denied to me when SO close! I cant even download the Dark Forces mod to get -virtually- close to it. How damned pathetic is THAT?

And in the entire time Star Wars Galaxies was still great, the possible two-four man vehicle was completely ignored, yet it was PERFECT for that damned game.

It just irritates me endlessly how much this ship has been beaten up on, and forgotten about.

"It looked as if it had been bounced around in an asteroid field for a month"

Theoretically, it has been. It's the most Original design in star wars since The X-wing. Was the falcon original? Sort of... It was a half eaten cheeseburger, and a german bomber cockpit.

Was the star destroyer original? Dude, it's a flying triangle.

Every rebel fighter has been in the shape of a letter. If the rebels had TIE's, they'd be freakin' H-wings...

But there's absolutely nothing like the Moldy Crow. Not even the Raven's Claw is all too similar. It looks like some bastard child with giant engines on it, and no visible defenses. It's totally toothless, in a matter of speaking... Though over the years? Yeah, the ship's design has grown on me to a degree. It just sucks because it's nowhere near as cool, or original.

The HWK-290/Vangaard e-3 Scout ship/whatever the hell you want to call it, Was probably the most ambitious design the Star Wars universe had ever seen, but it got utterly crapped on.

Ever since the movie, everything has been based on those ships in some way shape or form. That's just truth. Mutliple star destroyer variants, ships similar to, or inspired by others...

Those are all the reasons It's what I want the most. It also kicks total rump, and is fast as hell.

Though... The pilot is -really- on the wrong side of the ship. If Jan relies on goggles to see, then... Why was the design actually -passed-? If Jan was on the other side, that viewport could be used. It's one of the reasons I dis-regard anything involving the Interior design of The Moldy crow in Dark Forces II. It just didn't make a crap of sense at all. Who would invest in that idea???

This oversight was why Kyle sucked so hard at flying it...

I have even made a republic era predacessor to the ship, called the HWK-220. Though, I'm this close to making an all new designation for the ship.

So. What do -you- want to collect? I doubt you WANT to hear more about this ship. Half the fandom loves it, half of it hates it.

Really. What do YOU want that you can NOT get?

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Post by noVel » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:55 pm

I quite like the Hasbro Titanium Series Die Cast models. They have released a new Black Series with The Force Awakens but I tend to prefer the older - no longer in production - models.

That said, I’d love them to release an Assault Gunboat, Tie Avenger and Nebulon B2 Frigate.

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