Unable to run XWAUCP V1.5 on Win7_64bits SP0, GOG XWA2.02

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Unable to run XWAUCP V1.5 on Win7_64bits SP0, GOG XWA2.02

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Post by Rob909 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:49 am

Hi, I've been trying to install and run both upgrades offered in the download page of the site (XWAUCP 1.5 and the Backdrops upgrade) none of them worked, I installed each once, tried to run the game, the game freezes after briefing, at the screen with the loading bar right before hangar...

With the backdrops upgrade the loading screen never appears (right at that point the screen just goes black and nothing happens).

With the XWAUCP 1.5 the loading screen starts to load, the bar reaches around 10% and I get a windows error that XWA crashed.

I have direct X 11, and I checked my Visual C++ versions and I've got a bunch of versions installed, both 64 bits and x86, I read somewhere that something needs x86 version of C++ ..can't remember what it was that supposedly needs x86 ..by the way I noticed I've got like 28 visual C++ versions installed.. versions of both 64bits and x86 from 2005.. 2008.. 2010.. 2012.. 2013 and 2015... some years have several versions by year.. Just mentioning this in case it's relevant, don't know if it might be...

So, XWA runs only in Vanilla.. whenever I try to install and run any of the 2 packs available at the download section of the site, it doesn't work and I need to reinstall the game... I've tried installing and running each pack separately, and none work..

Any ideas on how to get the upgrades to work?

My specs are:

XWA 2.02 (GOG version)
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits
Service Pack 0 (no service packs installed)
CPU: AMD A6 3400m APU with Radeon HD Graphics (4 CPUs) ~1.4Ghz
RAM: 7658 MB
DirectX 11
AMD Radeon HD 6520g

Thanks a lot,

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Post by Darksaber » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:20 am


Can you please give details of the crash from the Event Viewer.
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