Name Jens Schulze Osthoff
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Age 37
Projects The Blue Phantom Project, numerous XWA Addon craft, various HD model revisions
Comment I came in touch with Star Wars at about 13 and have been a dedicated fan ever since. Today I work as system admin and webdesigner and try to find time and muse for some OPTing every now and then.

I played X-Wing when it came out in 93, visiting a friend until I got my own computer, with X-Wing Collector's CD being the first game I got for it. Finally came into contact with the X-Wing Community in 2000, when I got my own internet access.

I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid, proceeding into 3D modelling in my late teens and progressing and improving for over a decade. Well ... here I am, writing about my life.
General Starfighters
Toscan Fighter
Imperial Starships
Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer
Victory-Class Star Destroyer
Victory-Class Star Destroyer Mark II
General Starships
Carrack Cruiser
Stations and Facilities
Pirate Ship Yard
Space Colony 1
Space Colony 2
Space Colony 3
Shuttles and Light Transports
Miscellaneous Objects
Probe Capsule
Work in Progress:
XQ-2 Platform XQ-3 Platform