These are the guidelines for designing the actual flight models. In case you consider joining the group please consider those!

starfighters/corellian transports

BASIC (also applies to utility craft, shuttles, small transports or other fighter or transport-sized craft not flyable by the player)
Up to 800 faces
Illuminated textures on tips of engine nacelles for "glow"
Engine glow requirements to be decided

No maximum face limit
Use "ejected" pilot rescaled to 1.7 meters in height for Rebel and Neutral fighters. Imperial craft use Matt's new Imperial pilot
Transparent canopy
Use same cockpit interior used for the COCKPIT OPT
Engine intakes are hollow (double layered with the back wall slightly smaller in diameter to give "width") with 3D turbines (if known or visible) and support beams
Engine exhaust nacelles are also hollow with illuminated textures on back wall for engine "glow"
See A-wing and X-wing screenshots for examples

No maximum face limit

COCKPIT OPT is centered on cockpit location on the EXTERIOR OPT, with in-game POV to be set accordingly. Craft with off-center cockpits or pilot's seats (such as the side-by-side seats on the CORTs and Planetary Fighter) to be properly offset
Use illuminated textures for computer displays
Canopy frame not to be distorted to promote visibility
Rebel and most Neutral starfighters have 3D flight sticks and throttle controls
Imperial starfighters use Matt's flight yoke
Larger Neutral starfighters (such as the Planetary Fighter and Pursuer) use flight yoke
All parts of the hull visible from the cockpit to be show

Engine glow
Starfighter Engine Glows use TWO glows for the effect: a smaller, brightly colored glow for the actual glow, and a second outer corona. The outer glow is larger in diameter, but the inner glow is longer. Coloration and exact diameter of the two is to be determined by the size of the engines. See screens of already completed glows for examples.


No maximum face limit (within reason)
No laser turrets unless visible in the actual film models. If no turrets are visible, use hull mesh hardpoints
Engine nacelles are hollow inside
Illuminated textures for windows, back wall of engines

platform, satellite, mine, probe

requirements to be determined