Name James Lupiani
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Projects Lots of little projects at my site. =)

I can't begin to sum up my experiences with the X-Wing community in any single page of info. Suffice it to say I've been around since Talon's XvT site was *the* place to be and XvT Scorched was just getting started. Yeah, I'm old. =p

I've been doing X-Wing-related programming since around the time X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter came out, starting with Visual Basic (all I could get =p) and eventually moving on to C++. I've mostly worked on mission managers, 3d viewers/editors, and installers. Most of you, however, probably remember me from when I was working at Datamaster's WebSite ( as head of the OPT Project...when Lt. Hag posted his research and I started working on the OPT format with the project, I had no idea we'd turn it into something as spectacular as the XWAU. I've just got to be a part of it. =)

James "Defiant" Lupiani