Name Sebastian Köller
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Age 39
Projects several XWA OPTs, including the Ssi-Ruuvi Carrier & Battledroid, 2 Asteroidfields, Coruki Fighter

I first watched Star Wars at the age of 4 or 5. I loved those movies (and I still do). I was most impressed by all those cool designed spaceships. I began building them with LEGO (yes it was the time, where there wasn't any Star Wars Lego out there, as today :( ). In 1993 came X-Wing and I got it as a christmas present. The game was fantastic. Now I was able to fly around in a X-Wing! With X-Wing and the Fahrlander Papers the love for the Star Wars EU began and I'm proud on my Star Wars book & comic collection.

Of course I played Tie Fighter and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (which I didn't like that much). With X-Wing Alliance I was totaly blown away and even today it is the best space combat simulator out there (at least in my opinion). When I got a internet connection in 2000 I was suprised to find so many editing homepages for X-Wing Alliance and I wondered, if I was also able to create my own spaceship. I was a bit too euphoric at the beginning ( I realy thought I could do a whole campaign with everything new all on my own! *stupid boy I was :)*). So I started modelling with sPatch an easy to use modelling program, but bad for using the models in ACE. In summer 2000 I found this page and I was deeply impressed! Since then it was a dream to once be able to do a OPT for that project. And here I am! I've learnt modelling, texturing & opting the hard way and it was a sucess! I hope I'm able to complete some more ships for the project.

Besides that I'm playing the bass guitar in a punk rock band called Wo is' der Fisch?. I like inline skating, especialy inline hockey. Of course I love beer, mostly Hansa, Paulaner & Schlapper Seppl. I mostly listen to punk, ska & hardocre  music, like Rancid, Venerea, Eisenpimmel, Rise Against, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere and so on and also like to go to concerts. I have a 18 year old girlfriend, who I love more than anything else on the world. This year I will start to study in Duisburg.