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Here you can find additional information like who is on the team. our FAQs with lot's of information regarding not only the project but also specific ships, the legal disclaimer which you need to acknowledge in order to download our stuff and the general rules of the page and some links and community pages you might enjoy.

The XWA Upgrade is a massive mod made from fans for fans. We started something like 20 years ago planning to only upgrade the ship models to add some much needed details into them. Over the many years we have discovered many things that we can do to upgrade not only the ship models however but the actual game engine as well. These days there is barely any part of the game untouched. There are higher texture resoutions, more ships with more options to choose from. More flightgroup colors, VR support, fully dynamic and interactive cockpits and so much more.
There is so much we are still learning about the engine and we are trying to push it as far as we can. Sure, we might never be done, we might never get to that last model to be changed, but boy are we having a lot of fun on the way.

We sure hope you will join us on this ride and rediscover this old but sill really great game.

Name Sebastian Köller
Contact Please use the PM feature of the Forum:
Age 37
Projects several XWA OPTs, including the Ssi-Ruuvi Carrier & Battledroid, 2 Asteroidfields, Coruki Fighter

I first watched Star Wars at the age of 4 or 5. I loved those movies (and I still do). I was most impressed by all those cool designed spaceships. I began building them with LEGO (yes it was the time, where there wasn't any Star Wars Lego out there, as today :( ). In 1993 came X-Wing and I got it as a christmas present. The game was fantastic. Now I was able to fly around in a X-Wing! With X-Wing and the Fahrlander Papers the love for the Star Wars EU began and I'm proud on my Star Wars book & comic collection.

Of course I played Tie Fighter and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (which I didn't like that much). With X-Wing Alliance I was totaly blown away and even today it is the best space combat simulator out there (at least in my opinion). When I got a internet connection in 2000 I was suprised to find so many editing homepages for X-Wing Alliance and I wondered, if I was also able to create my own spaceship. I was a bit too euphoric at the beginning ( I realy thought I could do a whole campaign with everything new all on my own! *stupid boy I was :)*). So I started modelling with sPatch an easy to use modelling program, but bad for using the models in ACE. In summer 2000 I found this page and I was deeply impressed! Since then it was a dream to once be able to do a OPT for that project. And here I am! I've learnt modelling, texturing & opting the hard way and it was a sucess! I hope I'm able to complete some more ships for the project.

Besides that I'm playing the bass guitar in a punk rock band called Wo is' der Fisch?. I like inline skating, especialy inline hockey. Of course I love beer, mostly Hansa, Paulaner & Schlapper Seppl. I mostly listen to punk, ska & hardocre  music, like Rancid, Venerea, Eisenpimmel, Rise Against, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere and so on and also like to go to concerts. I have a 18 year old girlfriend, who I love more than anything else on the world. This year I will start to study in Duisburg.

General Starships
Mod. Corellian Corvette
Stations and Facilities
Pirate Ship Yard
Asteroid Hangar
Freighters and Cargo Stuff
Heavy Lifter
Modular Conveyor
Work in Progress:
Container Hangar