Name Ryan Franklin
Contact Please use the PM feature of the Forum:
Projects Mostly missions. Have created several stand-alone combat missions and have the lengthy Ashgard Campaign in progress. Have textured sky and planet surface OPTs, a few cockpits OPTs, and some TG OPTs. Made custom backdrops too.
Comment Like some of the older members of the community, I saw Star Wars for the first time in 1977. Shortly afterwards, I had my tonsils removed at the hospital and I remember my parents bringing me several Star Wars action figures after my surgery. I wish I still had them!

I am a geologist and an amateur astronomer. I’ve always wanted to explore the universe (even just our own galaxy), but since technology isn’t likely to allow that to happen in my lifetime, well, at least I can create a virtual tour of that “galaxy far, far, away…” in XWA, limited only by my imagination. My desire to see other worlds in other solar systems is as much of a drive to build XWA missions as my interest in Star Wars. That desire is reflected in the detailed placement of backdrops in my missions – the backdrop scenery to me is just as important as the mission content and theme. My work with planetary surfaces and skies is also a reflection of this interest.

So, how did I end up here? Through my years of editing (since sometime in 2000), I got to a point where I realized that I could create some realistic-looking asteroids. That’s where Marcos Edson stepped in, and provided me with some nice models to work with. Apparently, the XWAUP team liked the finished products because, well, I’m here! I look forward to doing more asteroid work for the XWAUP project in the near future.