Name Pascal Bos
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Projects A lot of texturing jobs for others, it's a dirty job but some one has to do it =O)

Ok, ok I confess ... I'm a newbie. Actually I am, I just found out about this whole X-Wing editing stuff about a year ago and thanks to some great help from HADES and DARKSABER (I really love these guy's) people actually listen to me when ever I have something to say about this whole editing stuff.

Thing is I have always been in to creating stuff. Ever since I was able to hold a pencil I have been drawing and painting. So it was only logical I installed al kinds of graphical suites on my Comp as soon as I got it and started experimenting. I started out with doing sites, allot of them just lay out's because when ever I started filling them with content I always ended up with a whole lot of bullshit, like I said I'm more into the graphical stuff (it could also be the fact that I'm just full off bullshit).

As for the Star Wars stuff, I have been hooked on it ever since I saw A New Hope on video. I even think George has considered sending me Christmas cards since I was pumping major money in buying my self all available toys and merchandise stuff. After a while I got side tracked I lost interest and traded Luke and his friends for a hand full of grass, some chicks and a Sunday morning hangover (Not a bad trade if I do say so myself). Anyway in my mid 20's I found my self with a job, a girlfriend, my own home, all my Star Wars toy's gone and hooked on beer, call it the scars of life =O). I settled down and got back to Star Wars again just before the release of XWA and met up with Forceflow at the old after that was closed I moved to where I met Hades who directed my to Datamaster's website. Well to make along story short I joined up with XWAUP there and have learned a lot ever since and that's about it.

Oh wait, wait I also like to say hi to my mom.
Hi mom look at me I'm on the internet and people actually want to know stuff about me hehehehe
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