Admiral Andy

Name Andrew Majewski
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Projects Missions 5, 7, and part 1 of Bakura for XW-Republic Babylon 5 to XWA TC
Comment Ever since I first played the original X-wing game back when I was 10, I always was amazed by how cool the ships looked. Years later, after X-wing vs. TIE Fighter came out, I saw people making their own ships on the web. At the time I didn't understand how to create knew ships and so wasn't sure if I wanted to get into editing, but after the XWAU and XW-Republic projects were formed, I knew I could contribute something to both projects. My first attempt at modelling led me to create the awesome new designs that will be used for the Type A and B Mines. Pictures can be found in the Progress section of the Pictures link. Currently I'm working on the Lulsla and several missions for XW-Republic. Hopefully I'll be able to render assistance to those who are working on the Babylon 5 to XWA Total Conversion