Name Matt Hodges
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Let's start from the beginning. I'm not exactly sure when I first got interested in Star Wars, but it certainly was a long time ago...on a planet very, very near. (Yes, got that in there! ;-)) I didn't really get that interested in it until Lucasarts released X-wing back in the early 90's, because then you could actually play in Mr. Lucas's universe, not just watch it on TV. I kept buying the X-wing Series games as they came out (TIE, XvT). Once XWA came out, with all its improvements over its predecessors, I started to really get into editing. I finally entered the XWA community early in 2000, and I've been here ever since. :-)

The XWAUP was just starting up then, and I had been working on a couple of ships for my own use at the time (specifically the Gunboat and my original SSD), when I joined up. And the rest is pretty much forum history. Started working on more DXFs, learned how to texture, researched a bit into the EXE (found some of the elusive S-foil bytes), and began loading up DXFs with thousands of faces, all with one hand tied behind my back.

If there was anything I learned from the XWAUP that I can be proud of, it's this:
I can now recognize Star Destroyer subclasses in the films by casual sight alone, and tell you from memory what the differences are between the A New Hope Star Destroyer and the Empire Strikes Back one. I'm sure that will prove useful at some point.