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Well, where should I begin? As you can see I've got a ton of projects all going on at once, stir in college, work, just add water, and you have a lovely potential heart-attack. ;-)

I don't remember the first time I saw the Star Wars Trilogy, but I've been a fan as far back as I can remember. The first time I ever played the original X-wing was at my cousin's house, and as soon as I got a computer with a hard drive I HAD to have it. I bought a totally new Pentium computer just so I could play X-wing vs TIE Fighter and Balance of Power. Of course when X-wing: Alliance came out, I was once again determined to add it to the collection.

I first came on the OPTing scene about two years ago, and I jumped right in going for the biggest project I could sink my teeth into. At the time, it was a little thing called the E-wing, which I determined to make the first scratch-build of the fighter (this was shortly before the first Ace release). Well, the model was done but I never could get the hang of texturing in Ace, and by the time we had stitching capabilities XWA was out, so I switched focus, producing both the first scratch-built OPT for XWA, AND the first ship to have a COCKPIT and EXTERIOR. Most of you probably don't remember the original, poorly-textured Beta, but Darksaber REALLY turned her around, adjusting model details and totally redoing the textures. Thanks to him, she's STILL the highest-rated OPT on Ypoknons' site, tied with Drakken's Sovereign.


Fanfic: Star Wars: Dark Alliance

OPTs/DXFs in-progress: Senator-class Flag Cruiser, Stinger-class Gunboat, Starhawk-class Assault Boat, R-wing and R-wing/A, Dark Empire E-wing and V-wing, T-47 Airspeeder, (Rebel Snowspeeder) and the Linoleum Bacon and VW-ing starfighter from Surf Wars (

Other: Starfighter Commentary, Star Wars: Revolution (potential MOD for Half-Life)