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general questions

Q.: What is the goal of the XWA Upgrade project?
A.: Our goal is to redo most of the original opts from Lucas Arts' X-Wing Alliance. We find that many of those opts are done in an inadequate way. A lot of the possibilities like illuminated textures, transparent faces are not used in the extent possible. When the XWA Upgrade project is done, the game will have some of the best 3D-Models seen in games so far.
We want to upgrade X-Wing Alliance, so please understand that this will lead to higher minimum requirements than the original XWA had. This is also only a graphical update. Statistics of ships will be mostly left alone. Only few changes will be made, but those will be tested in game to see whether or not they change the game balance too much.
Q.: When will the whole patch be released?
A.: For now we don't have an exact date when the final project will be released. We will also give no more release dates out. We did do this for the RFP but ran into huge problems. Due to the reaction from most of your visitors we decided to refrain from making anymore release dates, sorry.
Q.: When will model xyz be done?
A.: When it's done. Progress reports will be posted by the team at the discretion of the individual(s) working on a particular model. There is no need to ask for progress reports on the forum.
Q.: I have an awesome Star Wars model which was not originally featured in XWA, can you include it into the project?
A.: No, while we do add two models that are not featured in the original game will we not add any other models. However, if you do want to use this model to proof your skill as a modeler go right ahead, we'll be more than pleased to welcome new talented people into out team!
Q.: Will you change the ships stats, like speed, shield or hull rating?
A.: This project is only a graphical one. We try to keep the possibilities of each craft the same as it was in XWA. We will only change the SSD to it's true length (17.6 instead of just 6 km), but those changes will be tested thoroughly and all missions in XWA were the SSD will appear will be changed accordingly.

This is also an issue since we try to stay compatible with custom made missions from fans! While we know that the bigger version of the SSD will make problems we think that this is an easy to solve matter. But besides that we really try to keep the gaming balance as it is!


Q.: What are the two additional craft that are going to be added to XWA? Any hope of them being the E-Wing and K-Wing?
A.: Nope. This project is only to upgrade craft already in the game, and therefore which appear during the scope of the campaign (which ends at the Battle of Endor). Because the E-wing and K-wing weren't introduced until after XWA takes place they won't be included.

The only new craft to be added are ones which enhance the atmosphere of the campaign, and therefore exist during the XWA timeframe: Namely, the Battle of Endor. While the exact ships to be added aren't wholly decided, those in strongest contention are the Rebellion's medical-variant Nebulon-B Frigate, Home One, (which has the strongest support of addition) Vader's TIE Advanced x1 and the StarViper (which was listed in Totally Game's FAQ).


Q.: Why are my ions purple instead of blue?
A.: This is because we released two ions: blue, (as in the games), and purple, (as seen in the films). If you want the blue one instead of the purple one, make sure you deselect the purple ions in the installer!


Q.: You ruined the whole game! I hate what you did! You are all morons! Can't you make it better?
A.: Well, too bad. Or as Darksaber would say:

If you don't like it, make it yourself


Q.: What are all those abbreviations like RFP, IFP, etc...?
A.: Okay, here's a list of all abbreviations that are used on the Forum concerning the patches:
RFP Rebel Fighter Patch
RCP Rebel Capital Ship Patch (May also be RSP, so Rebel Ship Patch)
IFP Imperial Fighter Patch
ICP Imperial Capital Ship Patch (May also be ISP, so Imperial Ship Patch)
GFP General Fighter Patch
GCP General Capital Ship Patch (May also be GSP, General Ship Patch)
CFP Corellian Freighter Patch
SFP Station and Facilities Patch


Q.: What's with all the ranks and insignias?
A.: 0 - 10 Posts Recruit Recruit
10 - 25 Posts Cadet 4th Class Cadet 4th Class
25 - 50 Posts Cadet 3rd Class Cadet 3rd Class
50 - 100 Posts Cadet 2nd Class Cadet 2nd Class
100 - 250 Posts Cadet 1st Class Cadet 1st Class
250 - 500 Posts Ensign Ensign
500 - 750 Posts Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
750 - 1000 Posts Lieutenant Lieutenant 
1000 - 2000 Posts Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
2000 - 3500 Posts Commander Commander
3500 - 5000 Posts Captain Captain
5000 - 7500 Posts Commodore Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
7500 - 10 000 Posts Rear Admiral Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
> 10 000 Vice Admiral Vice Admiral
Moderator Fleet Admiral Admiral
Administrator Admiral Fleet Admiral
XWAU Member XWAU Member XWAU Member
Rebel Alliance Rebel Alliance Rebel Alliance
Galactic Empire Galactic Empire Galactic Empire
Bounty Hunters Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Q.: Why does clicking a link to download a ship sometimes give me a an error?
A.: The XWAU stores the files for download on several servers. Occasionally one or more servers will exceed their limit, or be down for maintenence. The link rotates between the servers, so simply refresh the download page, and try again.


team questions

Q.: How can I join the XWA Upgrade Team?

Everybody can join the team, but you need to be able to contribute in the following fields:
Modeling in the dxf format
Creating Textures
In case you want to join the team simply post on the forum. Before you will be accepted to the team you will have to show some of your work though. The team will then make a vote whether or not to make you an official team member.
Please check the Rules section for more info!


Q.: Can I be a beta-tester for the new opts?

As it is now we have enough testers, and we don't want to spread the models too much for now. Most modelers test their stuff on their own or use their own people, so we really don't need anybody right now!


performance and compatibility questions

Q.: I saw that your models will have a lot more faces than the original ones, but this will slow down the performance a lot. Can't you cut the face count and just concentrate on the textures?
A.: No, the goal of this project is to create awesome 3D-Models and not to improve performance of the game. While it is possible to do quite a lot with textures you need to have a decent model to work with.

Do not expect to run the complete XWAU on a slow system, it will not work! A high end computer with lots of RAM will most likely be needed. As for now we cannot make any estimates since the biggest ships are yet to come, although we are pleased with the rather good performance the RFP has so far delivered on most systems!


Q.: Will the enhanced graphics cause lag in multiplayer?

No. In Internet and LAN games, only data on the position of objects and the like are sent over the cable, not the actual graphics themselves.
However, make sure everybody you're playing with has the patch installed. (Read next question for more info on that!)


Q.: Can I play with other players whom do not have the patch?
A.: It is now proven that it is not truly possible to play against players without the same patches because of the *.exe data difference, which tends to result in a major packet loss, almost to the point of making the game unplayable. Of course, you can always do us a favor by promoting the XWAU for on-line, so that more XWA players will know about the upgrade.


Q.: Does the Patch work with other patches like NCA?
A.: Yes, the patch is compatible with the NCA, and should also be compatible with other patches! However, those patches might not be compatible with our ships (like the NCA patch) This means you have to install ALL other patches BEFORE installing our patches!
But, once we will actually add crafts the patches might not be compatible any longer. Problems with that will be discussed on the board an in a readme file that will come with the patches that could cause problems! For now the Tie Ex1 (Vaders Tie) is installed in the booster pack slot, which might interfere with other patches.


Q.: Why are the NEW craft all grey/white?
A.: o to the XWA options screen, then Graphics Options, and make sure rendering is set to Hardware


Q.: When I try to install any ship that came in an .EXE file, I get the message that I don't have the latest version of XWA installed. But I have the latest version.

This may happens to some foreign language versions of XWA. Find your XWA executable file (XWA.EXE), right click it, and look at the version. If it's 2.02, you'll need to go into the registry editor (Start > Run > Regedit). Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC\X-Wing Alliance\v1.0\. Find the String Value called Version and change it to 2.0 by double clicking it. You will still get shown that the XWA EXE has, but you'll now be able to install the ships in the .EXE files.


Q.: When I try to install XWA, an error message pops up and says "C:\Windows\Systen32\Autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

This is a common problem with all of the older LucasArts games, not just XWA. The installer thinks the autoexec.nt file is missing, but it really isn't, it's just misplaced. The file in question can be found in your Windows\Repair folder. Just copy it to your Windows\system32 folder and try installing again. You should find that it works this time.


Q.: Every time I play skirmish, the other team seems to start 99.99Km away from me which is out of the map range. Why is this happening?

It happens with any add-on craft you install, no matter wich one. Darksaber has the solution on his site, tutorials section. (https://www.darksaber.pnma.co.uk/, Tutorials, Abolisher's 99 KM solution)


Q.: After installing XWA upgrades, or even before this, the font is completely unreadable in some or all parts of the game!

This is a very very common problem as of late. This isn't due to the MODs or anything you've installed. This is a common problem with nVidia cards on high resolutions (1024x768 and above), and some older ATI cards. While we can't guarantee 100% that this will work, it worked for 70% or more guys with the same problem.

Nvidia cards:
Make sure you've got the latest drivers! In the advanced graphics configuration control panel, under "Performance and Quality" dialog, Application Control should be "Off" on all settings. The other settings are as follows: Antialiasing=2x (Or higher if your card is more powerful, for resolutions above 1280x1024 2x is best for most cards less powerful than a 5800 Ultra, but if you've got a 5800 Ultra or better, go ahead and see what you like. For anything 1280x1024 or lower, 2x is best for slower cards by anything better than a 5600 Ultra should be able to do 4x), Anisotropic=8x. Force mipmaps=Trilinear. Conformant texture clamp=On. Extension limit=Off. Game resolution should match your Windows desktop resolution in all cases, and you may set all detail settings to maximum. If this fails, you should try the "fonts fix". Turn everything back again to Application Controlled. Go to LucasFiles website (https://www.lucasfiles.com) and download the nVidia font fixes. Try one at each time and all resolutions (just copy then over your original font file in /XWINGALLIANCE/RESDATA folder, but BACKUP the original file). If this fails to completely fix it, try and get it to a readable point and hope a later update fixes it completely.

ATI cards:
In the Advanced Options of you driver, uncheck Alternate Pixel Center.


Q.: I have a 64-bit computer with the new WIndows XP x64 edition. I can't make the game run on it. What should I do?

Probably the best solution to this problem is to download a procedure outlined on this site https://www.markusegger.at/Software/Games/Default.aspx and follow the instructions.


Q.: My Cursor dissappears after I have added all the patches
A.: There is a simple solution to this, open the file resdata.txt, find these lines and only these line!!


Select the lines and cut (Ctrl+X) and paste (Crtl+V) them at the top of the resdata.txt file, simple and easy solution.

Q.: How to avoid the 99.99km issue in skirmish
A.: When you add custom crafts to the game and play a skirmish mission, a few crafts may appear far away. This happens because the SPEC.RCI file contains invalid/missing data. It is good to regenerate SPEC.RCI each time you make changes to the craft slots.

What is SPEC.RCI

SPEC.RCI is a file that contains the main characteristics of the crafts. It is used by the game engine to avoid to have to read the crafts files each time it needs those informations.

How to generate SPEC.RCI

  1. run XWA from the command line with the "generate" option:
    XWingAlliance.exe generate
  2. open the Tech Library

Modeling Questions

Q.: I often hear the term "dxf" but don't know what that means?

A "dxf" is a often used 3d-file format. Before models can be made into opts they have to be modeled in the "dxf" format.


Q.: What is an opt?

Opt is the actual file format used to store the flight models for XWA in.


craft specific questions

Q.: Why is the Missile Boat so much different?

It's based on it's original design in TIE Fighter, not the new design that debuted in XWCS.
We decided that we like this new design better than the old one.


Q.: I wanted to do missions with the Gunboat, but found out the cannot be used in single-player missions due to a weird message telling me that the s-foils are closed. I encountered the same with the Missiles Boat. will that be fixed in the new model?

Yes, this problem has been found and will not occur in the patch anymore!


Q.: You said you will change the length of the SSD to it's true length of 17.6 km, but this is wrong, the EGVV says its 8 km!

Due to poor research, West End Games was incorrect in its size statement. Film evidence clearly shows out that the SSD is about eleven times the length of the Imperial Star Destroyer, or roughly 17.6 kilometers. This matter is non debatable!


Q.: What's the deal with the Reef Home and Liberty, what happened to the MC-80a?

Another thing that was messed up in the game. The MC-80a Calamari Cruiser actually didn't appear until after Endor. The two that appear in the game are actually MC-80s, but various archives dubbed the two different designs seen at Endor Liberty and Reef Home.


Q.: Home One? Why is the wingless Calamari cruiser so BIG?
A.: This was another error in the game. The Rebel command ship at Endor, Home One, was left out of the game and replaced by a scaled down version that became the wingless cruiser.


Q.: Why is the ISD called an Imperator-class Star Destroyer? I thought it was Imperial-class.

Original Lucas Film archives say that it is actually an Imperator-class. Furthermore sources say that the first ISD was named the Imperator, and since in Naval tradition a new class will be called by the name of the first ship with this class it should be Imperator-Class. This matter is non debatable!


Q.: Will the ISDII and VSDII have separate models from the ISD and VSD?
A.: Yes, both ships will have new models done from scratch.


Q.: Are you also considering ion cannon turrets for the Y-wing? A number of sources have noted that the Y-wings could accommodate a gunner.
A.: There are two Y-wing variants, the older S3 and the newer A4. Although both craft are rather old by the time of the Battle of Endor, the A4 (which is the version seen in the films) is by far more numerous, and was used by the Rebellion because it was cheaper to build. Therefore there are no plans at adding the Y-wing S3 with this upgrade. Besides which, adding a turret to the Y-wing would have some SERIOUS balance issues. This matter is non debatable!


Q.: What is wrong with the cockpits? They totally block the view! Can't you maybe even make the cockpits like they were in the original X-Wing game?
A.: Our goal with the cockpits were to make them appear closer to the look and feel of the movies. Movie evidence clearly shows though, that the view in the X-Wing (and the Y-Wing) was very limited. We decided to use that in our models and will not change it back.
We cannot make the cockpits like they were in the original X-Wing game (an interactive 2D display) since that would actually require to change the game engine, so I am afraid you'll have to use what you have for now.
If you don't like them, make your own!
For the X-Wing we do have an alternate version available thanks to Darksaber, who has the following to say about this:
The installer still includes the default cockpit, but for all you whiny little bitches :D out there I've included an alternative cockpit, basically I've rotated the cockpit so you now have a better point of view.
Just please NOTE this is the first and last cockpit I'll be altering,

If anyone asks to alter or change other cockpits I'll ban you! :D lol, well I might not ban you but I'll have a few choice colourful phrases to say about it :D


Q.: Do the TIE Experimental's have Exterior Opts as well as Base ones?
A.: No. The Experimental's  only have Base Opts. They feature only in a few missions and were not designed to be flyable. So we don't see the need for an
Exterior Opt.


Q.: Are the TIE Experimental's be Flyable and have their own cockpits?

No, but it is a simple editing job to make them flyable. Also you can assign the new IFP cockpits to the Experimentals if you want to use them.


Q.: Do the Ties have flight group colors?
A.: No. For two reasons, first, there has been no movie evidence of Ties actually having flight group colors. Flight group colors for the Ties would also make the file size for the actual Ties a lot bigger, which is the other reason why we decided against flight group colors.


Q.: Do all Tie's have unique cockpits?
A.: No, not all of them. For once the Experimentals have no cockpits at all. (since they are not flyable) Also, some of the Ties share the similar cockpits, with only minor texture corrections.


Q.: Why are the textures for the x1 a lot less blue than the rest of the ties?
A.: That's because the x1 is from ANH, which had gray-hulled TIEs, while the others are from the ESB-forward period, which had blue hulls.