Here you can find some additional information about the rules&regulations that apply to the XWAU-Project.

First, here you can find the Guidelines for making new XWAU crafts.

Some general info first

  1. Everything that you find on this server is property of the XWA Upgrade project. This means you may not take anything from the server and use it for your own purpose in any way without the approval of the XWA Upgrade Team! There are some exceptions:
    a) you may use and modify anything you find here for your own purpose, but never make it public in case you do
    b) you may use the screenshots provided on the page for your own purposes, but you need to keep the copyright intact!
    c) you may do screenshots of all models yourself and then do whatever pleases you with those shots!
  2. Snooping on the server is HIGHLY inappropriate! Do not try your luck on it! In case I find out that anybody was trying to find things that he should not get, I will ban the person of the server without warning! Do not think you can get away with that, I get the full server logs. If I want I can pinpoint what you did, when you did it, and how long you did it! So be nice and leave the server alone!

Next some info about Posting on the UBB Forum:

  1. The most important rule in the forum is to keep it a friendly and happy environment. So, in case you don't have anything nice to say, think twice before saying anything! (And better think again before pressing the submit button!)
  2. You should stay on topic! All rooms have pretty clear descriptions to them, so please stick to them! The only room allowed for chit chat is the Pilot lounge. Here everything goes. (Unless it violates any other rule mentioned here)
  3. Spamming is not wanted here! So unless you have something intelligent to post, don't post!
  4. If an Admin and/or Moderator asks you to not do something, stop doing it immediately!
  5. Continous posting of useless posts may lead to a post count reduction. A warning will be given out prior to this.

Now the rules that apply in case you want to join the team:

  1. Everybody is welcome to the XWAU-Team, however, you must have abilities in following fields:
    1.1 DXFing (though to be honest, we do have quite some modelers right now)
    1.2 Texturing (Highly needed right now)
    1.3 OPTing
    Preferably we need people who can do more than just one task. Right now if you can only dxf you have to show of some pretty awesome work to get accepted, since we actually do not neccessarily need more modellers.
    We do not need beta-testers right now, so don't even ask
  2. Before you will be accepted into the team, you will have to show some work of yours. You may present whatever you want, it doesn't have to be something you'll use for the project. So, as long as you want to do DXFs, simply show some already done DXF from you, and we'll judge your work
  3. The Team will vote whether you'll be accepted or not, don't even start to bug any single member, this is a TEAM project!
  4. Non-Members cannot register crafts on the progress page. You can say that you want to do any craft on the page and then present it to us. In case it's XWAU standard you'll be allowed into the team and the craft will then be registered to you. However, in case any XWAU-Member decides to register the craft before you are officially granted member status the project automatically goes to this member. (You may of course still use your work to show your qualities)