XWAU 2020 Mega Patch Update 6 is out now! Posted by Forceflow

Brand new versions of the Preybird Fighter, Buoys, Hangar Sounds, Pilots, multiple fixes and updates and more!

This Update is NOT yet compatible for use with the TFTC. That will come later after testing is complete.

There's always a lot going on in the XWAU. This release sees several new items but also a lot of improvements to the game.
In particular a massive improvement to mission loading times and when entering/exiting the hangar!
That coupled with many existing ships getting updated versions, mission fixes and more to keep you entertained!

Big thank you to all the testers that have helped me with this release. As well as our regular geniuses for making it all work.
Plus of course the hard work that all the XWAU creators have put in to bring you all new toys to enjoy.

Read all the details here


XWAU Discord channel and a small sneak-peak... Posted by Forceflow
Hi guys,

after much debate we finally decided to give you guys the chance to talk to us on discord. We don't have our own server, but Angel from the TFTC graciously setup a channel on their discord server. In there you will find a little corner for the XWAU where we might drop by from time to time. Note that our primary communication channel still is the forum here. Bug reports, support requests and other topics are best asked here. We will drop by on the discord server from time to time, but the channel wont be closely monitored!

And to show you guys that we are still hard at work upgrading the game here a little sneak peak of one (of many, many) new backdrops that we are working on:

Let us know what you think here


XWAU Mega Patch Update v5.6.2 - Available NOW! Posted by Forceflow
We've been battling some bugs and issues with the latest patch so Ace Antilles pulled it apart again and made yet another upgrade. It's mostly bug fixes but there are a few new additions.

There's a new JunkBlock model by myself, the Container A has received a small update and there's even more new stuff to be found in the Crew quarters.

Another change to the 5.6 release is that the Tie Experimentals are flyable again except for the flying bomb. Note that the Tie Experimental M3 does not have any laser weapons, so be sure to add missiles to it's load-out if you want to fly it.

The full change log and info can be found here

Again many thanks for Ace to fix all the little things we missed.


Reinforcements are on the way... Posted by Forceflow

There will be no escape for them this time!


May the 4th be with you... and enjoy XWAU 5.6 Posted by Forceflow
5.6 Release Image

XWAU 2020 Mega Patch Update 5.6 is out now!

Brand new versions of the Imperial Star Destroyer, TIE Experimentals, TIE Cockpit improvements, Effects and more!

We know it's been a long time since our last release, the team are still hard at work on a new Mega Patch, there have been some great enhancements ongoing behind the scenes. We hope to release that asap still but meanwhile we compiled this small Update which grew for your enjoyment on Star Wars Day!

For this release you still need to have installed Update 5 after the Mega Patch but it includes 5.5 as well as 5.6.

So you can install it over Update 5.5 if you have already. Not a problem for our regular users but new visitors follow the instructions below.

You need to have at least XWAU 5 installed before installing this patch! Either 5.0 or 5.5 are fine

This Update is NOT for use with the TFTC. That will come later.

There is a lot in this small patch, the full release notes can be found here

Imperial Star Destroyer v2.0: Vince T has completely remade the ISD with a HD textured brand-new model!

TIE Experimentals: All these TIE's have new updates from DTM. Now these drone ships have similar styles to the other TIEs.
They have all been built from scratch and have unique looks, HD textures and even little control receiving antennas on top.

Pilot Backup: ability to easily create a backup of your pilot files
Crew Quarters: More options available to customize your crew quarter from Ace Antilles and MechDonald
TIE Fighters Cockpits: DTM has completely rebuilt the front displays.
Babu Frik's Configurator: Ace Antilles has spent time updating Babu Frik's Configurator with some improvements.
Alliance Launcher: JérémyaFr has given us more options to use with the Launcher program.
There are also many new changes in the Effects of the game, like the ability to now run the game using Ray Tracing a huge shout out to Blue Max for this incredible feat who also created a multitude of new animation effects in-game and there are also new Explosions from MechDonald that look simply amazing.

There is much more in the update, so be sure to head over here to read the full release notes and let the team know what you think.
Also a very big thank you from myself and the whole team to Ace Antilles who compiled this 'small' update that turned much bigger and into a bit of a nightmare for him behind the scenes and without whom we wouldn't have been able to present any of this to you!


I felt a disturbance in the force... Posted by Forceflow

something... is coming


It's teaser time... Posted by Forceflow
I know it's been a while since we last shown something, so we figured it's time to let you peak behind the curtain just a bit. Here is an actual in-game screenshot with multiple hidden little Easter eggs. Let's see who finds them all first!

(Be sure to view it in full size)

Let us know what you found here


Forum migrated to newest version Posted by Forceflow
Some of you might have noticed that you had to login to the forum this morning. This is due to me migrating the forum to the newest available version which was somewhat overdue. Hopefully everything works as it's supposed to. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the new forum.

Unfortunately the move did not quite go as planned so there is a small chance that we lost a post should you have posted within 30 minutes of this post going live. It shouldn't have happened but again, there is a small chance that t did happen. Sorry about that.

Let me know of any issues here


Some Forum Issues Posted by Forceflow
Hi Folks,

some of you may have noticed the forum acting up since last night. This is (or hopefully was) a side effect of some server maintenance that I needed to do. I think I have found a temporary fix for the issue but it would be really helpful if anybody who is noticing any errors or issues with the forum could let me know. I would also appreciate it if some of you could just try to post in here to let me know if they could do so without any errors!

Many thanks and sorry for any inconvenience

Please see the forum post here to report any bugs or to see if the forum works for you.