The SWSSG is getting ready for Y2K Posted by Hades
In preparation for the great atomic bombarment aliens will launch upon earth in a couple of days, Decoy requested I join this site's staff. I will help in the building of underground shelters and stockpiling of medical supplies.
Or, maybe, he only wanted me to join because I know my way around both HTML and XWA editing... And of course, because everybody likes me :-)
Well, enough talk. Go and download our OPTs if you haven't done so yet. Drop by the forums for some nice discussions if you haven't done so yet. That's all for now, Hades out.


Corillian fighter Posted by decoy
Hehehe we did it again. People meet the Corillian fighter.
Once, we came up with the concept of a small fighter with little shielding but great firepower. So here it is. It's from the makers of the Corellian Freighters and Corvette, and it's intended as a post-Yavin/pre-New Republic design, used mostly near its factories at Corellia, where it is really cheap to buy and mantain such fighters.
Download it here


J-WING Posted by decoy
Ok here it is the J-Wing made by Hades and litle old me :). Since a few weeks
Hades and i teamed op to do some OPT's and this is our first release, it's a
small elegant fighter with 2 lasers, a powerfull ION canon and a reasonable
speed. This craft  was created by us, as far as we both know there isn't a J-Wing in any books or
anything. It is a New Republic fighter (a little older than K-Wings) used to disable targets prior to capture operations, while being able to dogfight better than B or Y-Wings, and also able to make it back home, all without escorts.
We are currently working on the cc7700 but we will keep you informed. Please
don't be shy we love feedback as well as screenshots:)
Download it now


Newspro is acting wierd... Posted by decoy
Sorry about the gab in the layout, i will try to solve this as sson as possible.


Poll results Posted by decoy

Here are the results of the poll.

Which game was the best in the serie???
X-Wing 0 0%
Tie Fighter 7 23.3%
X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter 2 6,67%
X-Wing Alliance 21 70%




Some more stuff.... Posted by forceflow
Mines are added and some mistakes I made are corrected in the fighter part! (Thanks Wraith!!!)


Posted by forceflow
I upped another part of the craft section! So the stations are available!
I have heard some complaint about the computer locking up when vieweing the bigger parts of the craft section! I'll look into that! More feedback HIGHLY appreciated!!!


More added... Posted by forceflow
And ANOTHER update for today! I added the starships section, so most of the stuff is up now. But I'd like to get some feedback concerning loading/running time. (My NE just crashed when I tried to view it...) So I might split the bigger sections into three seperate parts...


AN OTHER UPDATE... Posted by decoy
As you can see we have changed the navbar one more time and this should be it for now. We also added a poll just for some feedback the next thing up is organizing the newspage which still looks a bit crappy so i will be working on that while Force will finish the craft section. After that content is #1 on the list.


CRAFT SECTION... Posted by forceflow
I finally managed to start uploading some of the craft section stuff. Fighters, Freighters and shuttle plus containers should be available! Expect more soon!!!


UBB BACK ONLINE Posted by decoy
Hehehe i think i finaly did it, UBB is back online and although i lost all threads, i actualy safed all users so if you had already registerd you don't have to do it again. I'm also glad to report that the crafts section is operational the fighters and containers are in.


SURE DECOY!! Posted by canuck
I will do that from now on!


TOTAL SCREW UP Posted by decoy
Yes i screwed up, i will take the credit for it. So what it comes down to is this "NO UBB" i though to take the easy way but it didn't seem to work and it costed me a lot of time. well maybe tomorrow at this time i will have working. Please don't rube it in, i know i screwed up just leave it to that :o(. Btw. if you realy have sometihng to say you can do it in the geustbook for the time being.


YEP YOU ARE RIGHT... Posted by decoy
Canuck you are right i will change that this evening. Thanx man.


Forum Links Posted by canuck
I do not think you have fixed everthing at the forum. Go into the forums (duh!), general. As you can see the last post as been a while ago. Then move your cursor over the reply button (look at the ULR)


BIG UPDATE Posted by decoy
Well uh big, big it's an update alright hehehe. Ok i just added this newsscript, which isn't working like i planed jet but ok, the UBB forum and a guestbook, and.... well thats it for now. Forceflow is working on the crafts section and i already added the second navbar for it. We hold on to the ships list XWA is using in the skirmish mode exept for the weapon emplacement, that will go under weapons.

Well have fun and please leave any feedback you might have in our forum.


DECOY Posted by canuck
If you want to change anything else you would have to go into the script itself and modify it. Sorry I can't help anymore