Happy New Year Posted by Ypoknons
Happy New Year from the XWAU Team! Well, at least from me, for now. True, it's the (semi) real start of the new millennium, the end of 2000, and everything, but, well, I guess, just enjoy the New Year!

Oh, that means the XWAU is nearing its second year online! It's quite an achievement for a fan project, especially a Space Sim Project.


Link Page Posted by Forceflow
I totally forgot, I also finally added a link page. Hope to get some more sorted content into it soon...


Preybird Screens Posted by Forceflow
Today some preview shots of the preybird arrived over here! I must say they are awesome! Check the full shots out in the screenshot section as always! Here are the thumbs:


Linkexchange with Battlestast... Posted by Forceflow
Okay everybody, I hope you had a great holida season! Mine was good, so at least I am happy :)
BTW, I made a small deal with Battlestats.com so we are both now linking to each other!
You can find the link in the top right corner, so check 'em out! (In case you don't know them, they are responsible for the WoW for example) Nice place if I may say so!


Merry Christmas to everybody! Posted by Forceflow
Well, it's that time of the year again! (And in fact, in some regiosn of this world it should really already be the 24th, so technically this post is not too early ;) I wish you all a great X-Mas iwth TONS of presents :)
Hope you're all alright!

And as a little present I can present you the interview with Decoy! I just uploaded it! So go and check it out!


Thanks Nob! Posted by Ypoknons
Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Nob- What is your opinion on projects like the XWA Upgrade at www.xwaupgrade.com?

BillTG- I think the safest thing for *me* to say, is that there are a lot of talented people out there, and they're not confined to the games industry

LarryTG- I agree with Bill, a lot of the folks we have hired have made some of the coolest fan mods and that is how they got into the industry. We are very happy people are still playing with and trying to improve the games we've designed but publicly we cannot comment on most of the fan stuff. Keep on enjoying our games however you can.

So they do know we're out there, eh?


Chat transcript from TG chat over at XWLegacy Posted by Forceflow
Nob just send me the link to the chat transcript form the chat with some of the TG people that XWLegacy initiated, be sure to check it out over here:


A big hand to all from TG and XWLegacy who made this event happen! I am sorry I didn't post the news from the chat itslef here, but I found out myself too late, too...
I try to keep myslef better informed... (But hey, XWLegacy should be a must for everybody who comes here anyway ;)


The Tutorial is Highly Recommended Posted by Ypoknons
If you're interested in texturing at all, I highly recommend the tutorials. It's amazingly easy to understand, and well, if it can teach a non artistic guy like me to texture, it can also teach you.


New Texturing Tutorial by Decoy Posted by Forceflow
Dec made another great texturing tutorial. This one is for making machinery textures! It's as always great quality, so be sure to check it out!


Darksaber's Not Here... Posted by Ypoknons
By the way, most of you have probably noticed that Darksaber is away right now. He should be back shortly. Sorry, news updates have been slow also because neither Forceflow or I have have much time nowadays.


New LEC site about the X-Wing Trillogy... Posted by Forceflow
LEC launched a new site featuring all the info about the upcoming X-Wing series trillogy. now, just in case you haven't heard and get your hopes up, this will only be a remake from the original trilogy, so X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance. (Interestingly they left out most of XvT, but included 14 single player missions from the game. Whether those are from BoP or from the original release is unknown so far)
On my first glance it looks like both X-Wing and Tie Fighter will use a spiced up flight engine, though it seems not to be the whole XWA engine, but rather the XvT engine. (Since in one of the TF shots there was the 2D cockpit left in), but since the XvT engine is capable of handling the XWAU models (with some slight modifications) it could be that XWAU actually works for the whole package making this project even more important!)
However, the page didn't give out that much technical detail. On a more technical note, the page is horribly programmed, I don't know who LEC hired for that, but he sure didn't know what the hell he was doing!
Anyways, in case you do wanna check out the page, here's the link:
X-Wing Trillogy


A whole bunch of great news! Posted by Forceflow
Okay, some really good news today.
First, we are closing in on the 1000 on our poll. Come on people, we just need a couple more to be ready to send them to LEC!
Second, today our page counter hit the 50 000 mark! Yes, that's right! We are really starting to kick off, so keep coming people!
And last, but for sure not least we can show you some awesome new pics from the Missile Boat! Here are some thumbs, but make sure you check out the big pics in the screenshots section!


Some new rules and regulations Posted by Forceflow
I upped some general rules for this page and especially the UBB. I would like everybody to stop by in the Rules section to check them out.
With the increased amoutn of people now starting to post on the forum I just thought to put 'em up. This doesn't mean I am not happy with the forum, quite the contrary in fact. I am very pleased with the way things are going, I just want that it stays that way!

So, happy posting everybody!


A Gentle Reminder Posted by Ypoknons
Please be reminded we only use home-grown models, thus modified SWMA models are not acceptable. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I wish to prevent a certain incident from happening again. Thanks.


Thanksgiving, Happy, and TIE Defenders Posted by Ypoknons
Well, have a happy Thanksgiving! Now, if only Turkey was on the menu around here... (Let alone Cranberry sauce...)

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving isn't going to be that happy for us, because of the death of the Happy II Thread. That is truly unfortunate.

Finally, Darksaber's having a vote between the old T/D and the new T/D in the forum. Please drop by, we'd love to have your opinion on the matter. Please remember that voting rules apply to the thread. Thanks.


Sad news about Obi-Wan Posted by Forceflow
This news post from LEC came to my attention today:

"Following an extensive review of the project and a great deal of deliberation, LucasArts Entertainment Company has ceased development of Star Wars: Obi-Wan for the PC. The expected breadth and scope of the Obi-Wan project could not be met given limitations of technology and the company's recently heightened quality standards. LucasArts is now planning to bring the game and its assets to a next generation console platform. Further announcements will be made in this regard next year.
LucasArts remains fully committed to developing games for the PC platform, as evidenced by its current development alliances with Verant Interactive, BioWare Corporation, and other soon to be announced projects.

We wish to thank our fans for their continued support through this process and assure them that our number one goal is to provide them with high quality, fun games."

This is a dramatic change of events, since Obi-Wan was the only Star Wars PC game left being developed right now. Since LEC now decided to convert this project into a console only game it gets more and more evident that LEC will turn it's back on the PC community.
This makes our petition even more important, so I urge everybody to sign up in it! Please, in case you haven't signed the petition so far, consider to do so now!
The petition can be found in the download section!


Some more screenies and fixes Posted by Forceflow
Hello, again some more news for you! Besides some updates in the contributer and faq section can I also show you some more screenshots! This time it's the Tie Experimental 3 or 'Biggun'
As always, those pics can be found in the screenshot section!

And some thumbs to warm you up:


New Layout, new pics! Posted by Forceflow
Hello again! I know it's been pretty quiet lately. (And hits on the page show me that this isn't something we should have), but I finally
got to upgrading the page again! Besides the obvious changes like the new layout. (Again Dec's fantastic work) Do we also have some new pics
to present to you in the screenshot area. Besides the already known Tie/F and Tie/I pics do we also have some awesome pics from the brand
new Tie Defender and of some of the experimental Ties.
Here are some thumbnails to get you started:

To see the full pics go to the screenshot section!


TIE Defender Pics Posted by Ypoknons
Hello people. Here I'm going to try posting some TIE Defender pics, so here I go... I'm kinda inexperianced with this, so bear with me...

He he, sorry, Freeservers doesn't like external liinking, so for Forecflow...


Happy Halloween! Posted by Ypoknons
This is late, but Happy Halloween! I've been busy lately, so I complete forgot to post about it. Oh well.


University and time... Posted by Forceflow
Okay, everybody, as I have been telling you already, university has started. My time will be cut short quite a lot, so I have to start managing it. I hope to be able to keep up with updating the XWAU page as often as it used to be, but don't count on it!
One very important thing fopr everybody:

e-mails, regarding question/comments/feedback about the XWAU Project (NOT the page itself), that are sent to me will no longer be answered!

I am sorry about this, but I just don't have the time for this. We have a very nice and working Forum with lots of people, most of which are a lot more capable at answering your questions that I am! So, in case you have anything you want to say, just post it in the Forum!
Comments/questions/feedback/bug reports, about the PAGE will still be answered! But please allow some time!

for the team
All progress reports need to be sent via e-mail and to be posted on the forum!

That's it for now! Happy posting!


New Screenshots Posted by Forceflow
And again an awesome sneak preview of the Ties! This time it's the Tie Interceptor! Again, it's beatuifully done! Keep going guys!

[To speed up loading time I removed these shots. They can now be found in the screenshot section!]


**Static** Posted by Ypoknons
Buzz...Static...Static...Squeal...Garbled Text...Cutoff.


University is starting Posted by Forceflow
Okay everybody!
Since university will start tomorrow, my time will be cut short by quite a bit! I'll still do my best to keep the page up to date, and I will also check the Forum as often as possible, but please acknowledge the fact, that I will need to oncentrate on university a lot.
So you could all do me a favor and try to behave for a change ;)

I hope you all wish me luck with university! (I'll need all the luck I can get, that's for sure!)


Contributer Update Posted by Forceflow
I updated the Contributer and progress section today.
Sadly Rebel not only left the XWAU, but totally left the XWA community. This means that both the Nebulon B Frigatte and the Rebel Medium Transport are open again. So in case anybody is interested, post it in the Forum. (Though I believe we already have some memebers who are interested in at least the Nebbie)


Some updates on the Petition Posted by Forceflow
Hello everybody! I thought I should maybe update you guys on the petition. As you may recall did I decide t drop the original idea to actually send an e-mail to LA each time somebody takes part in the petition. (And seeing how I made some little scirpting errors in the beginning this surely was a GOOD idea) I however decided to wait until a numbe of people sign the petition and then send it off. The set number of people I would like to get is 1000. (I think that's a fair amount) As for today we have 763 counting, though with a loss of about 10% (due to wrong submissions, or double submissions from the first month) this number is more like 690. But this is still more than halfway there!
So, in case you have not yet taken part in the petition please think about doing so! Once we hit the 1000 I'll get it ready to send, and I hope this will at least ne noticed by LucasArts!

Thanks for all the support guys!


First of many changes Posted by Forceflow
Okay everybody! Now, before you come running at me, yelling:
All XWAU rooms are gone!!!
Let me tell you, NO the are not! The public XWAU Room can be found at the very top now, and the private room is under Administration. This is one of the small changes that this site will undergo in the near future.
Another (maybe not as obvious) change was that the Forum now is solely XWAU. While it still has all the same rooms and threads it has while it was the SWSSG Forum, did I finally converted it completely. (Since 99% of all members and posts are XWAU anyway) The whole XWAU page will hopefully evolve and get bigger over time from now on. While we will still focus on the XWAU, are we hoping to give you guys a little more, to help us all over the waiting times between the patches.

What exactly those changes will be is yet unknown, but we'll keep you up to date as always! So cheers and happy posting!


Tie Fighter Detail shots Posted by Forceflow
And some more to keep you interested! Here are two detail shots, showing the cockpit of the ext model a lille more closely. Great work again guys!!!


New Feature: Interview with Darksaber Posted by Forceflow
In an effort to tell you more about our members, Decoy made an interview with Darksaber! This is the first of many interviews to be done with all team members! You can find the interview in the contributer section or right here!
So go check it out people!


More Tie Shots! Posted by Forceflow
Okay, we've got some more shots! This time it's the EXTERRIOR shots! And they look amazing! (Though those screens are nothing compared to the first time you actually see them within the game!) But I don't wanna hold you any longer:


First Tie Fighter shot Posted by Forceflow
Okay, to cheer everybody up, Dec was willing to give me a screeny from the BASE Tie! It's again looking gorgeous and I just can't wait to see (or better blow up) this puppy in the game! (Not to meantion to see the work for the exterrior model!!!) and hell, do they look good! They look so good I... *see's a lot of angry people staring at him* okay, okay! I'll post them already!

Watch and die! Now if those don't look like they are straight out of the movie I don't know! Oh, and btw, this is the BASE-Model, so expect more to come soon!


We are Alive.... Posted by Ypoknons
I just wanted to inform you that the XWAU is very much alive, more so than you might think. I'm not allowed to tell you more than that, but nor is this a publicity stunt.


Multiplayer Issues Posted by Ypoknons
I have just sent Forceflow an update on about the multiplayer issue.
Q.: Can I play with other players whom do not have the patch?

A: It is now proven that it is not truly possible to play against players without the RFP because of the *.exe data differance, which tends result in a major packet loss, almost to the point of making the game unplayable. Of course, you can always do use a favour by promoting the XWAU for on-line, so that more XWA players will know about the upgrade.

That's all for now.


It's a sad day today... Posted by Forceflow
It's a sad duty I have to do today.

Wedge, a member of the Forum took his life yesterday. Most of you may not remember him, but I do. He was on my board, he belonged to the family! I will miss him, and I know a lot more will do so, too.

I am sorry we couldn't do more for you. I hope you reached your goal, I hope that wherever you are you are happy now.


Y-Wing problem fixed! Posted by Forceflow
Some of you may remember that the ion cannon from the Y-Wing seemed to not centered correctly. We never found a solution for it, until now.

Darksaber actually found the solution. For now the fix can only be downloaded on his page, but we'll try to make a new fixed version of the RFP ourselves, soon!


And another awesome OPT! Posted by Forceflow
Manik finished his awesome Muurian Transport! You can see the pictures of the craft in the Screenshot section and in the Forum!

You better go and check it out!


FAQ: The FAQs were updated today... Posted by Forceflow
I updated the FAQs with following question:

What is wrong with the cockpits? They totally block the view! Can't you maybe even make the cockpits like they were in the original X-Wing game?

Our goal with the cockpits were to make them appear closer to the look and feel of the movies. Movie evidence clearly shows though, that the view in the X-Wing (and the Y-Wing) was very limited. We decided to use that in our models and will not change it back.
We cannot make the cockpits like they were in the original X-Wing game (an interactive 2D display) since that would actually require to change the game engine, so I am afraid you'll have to use what you have for now.


Stormtrooper Transport Posted by Ypoknons
Wraith1 has made the Stormtrooper transport DxF, based the really cool one in the Balance of Power cutscence. The DxF is pretty cool as well.


JC's Ties Posted by Ypoknons
JC has posted screenshots of his TIE Fighter on the public forum, but it's not really textured. Still, even in this state, you can probably tell that's it's much better than the TG one. See, we're actually doing work. :)


Finally a new OPT!!! Posted by Forceflow
Great news! We can finally present a new complete model! And it's a great one, too!
Darksaber (yes, our good old Darksaber is back!) completed the Azzameen Family Base! It's an awesome model (as if we would've though otherwise ;) Go check it out in the Screenshot section and enjoy the view!


Quote from JC on the IFP Posted by Ypoknons
Since a lot of us are in the dark about the IFP, even the members, I'm posting this quote from JC. Sorry if I'm hanging another Big Mac in front of you.

"Let's just say that the TIE's dxfs are pretty much done. I've now got a cockpit thanks to Admiral Andy, and he's working on changing a few things so each cockpit looks a tad bit different for the specific fighter it plugs into. I'm fixing up a few things here and there and getting everything looking right from the pilot's perspetive. I've done a little opt testing but I'm planning on getting the opts set up right as far as mesh explosions, what the meshes actually are--wing, mainhull ect--and stuff soon. Then all I think I need is the textures which could take a very long time. Other than that, there's also Matt and his Missile Boat and mostly done Gunboat, and Decoy and his Skipray. Then of course everything needs to pass Ace Antilles' rigorous testing..."


The internet has me back! Posted by Forceflow
Good news! Today I got a new ISP! So expect me to be online regularly again!
However, there still is my "real" life to handle, so it might be that I have to cut back a little on my internet time, and of course once University starts I gonna have a LOT less time, but for the next one and a half month I should be more or less fine :)

To all members!!!
Please send me all page changes that need to be done! I have already updated the progress page, but in case things are still missing give me a call!


Apology Posted by Ypoknons
Sorry about tell you about new OPTs without naming them. I wasn't trying to tease you guys, I was just tryign to report the news without giving away what's on the private forum. Sorry.


Status Update Posted by Ypoknons
I've got a status update here:

-The Lambda Shuttle is in final stages. The Opt is having final corrections and fixes.
-Manik is working on textures for the Murrian Transport.
-Flashman has a station Opt complete and it is in the testing stage.
Corrections to minor errors in the Calamari's are being examined to make them perfect :-)
-JC is making some progress on the TIE Fighter.
-Missile Boat is being textured.
-ISD's are still being worked on to get them just right.

Many members are tied up in real life so things are slow.
We also have many dxf's produced. Many members are now looking into Opting them.

As soon as an Opt is 100% complete we will post some pictures. We don't want to show off to many incomplete pictures. We prefer to dazzle you with the finished item! :-)


Another OPT. A Big Opt. Posted by Ypoknons
Flashman has done another large OPT. As always, the OPT is unnammed unless we decide to let it out. Not in this case, so far. Sorry.


System Patrol Craft.... Posted by Ypoknons
The System Patrol Craft DxF is up... It's a design based on the WEG version, that's where the SPC first showed up anyways. The good thing is that I doesn't look like a big fat box with turrets and radar dish now. Thanks Wraith1.


Me too! Posted by Ypoknons
Real life has caught up with me too and most of the XWAU team. You might laugh with me working my brians out in Junior High/Middle School, but that's a fact. Don't worry, we'll keep at it. We still have new dxfs all the time and OPTs quite often.


Life cought up with me :( Posted by Forceflow

as some may have already noticed I was barely online for the last two days. This has several reasons, all connected to my "real" life. For once, I just signed up two new contractes for commercial homepage projects, which start to take up a lot of my time. Second, university is starting to warm up, which also starts to take it's toll on my time. Third, and most important, my ISP just kicked me yesterday and so I am forced to use my old providerm which unfortunately costs me a fortune. With my professional webspace and my other expenses I am not able to stay online for very long until the matter is solved.
So, until I finally get up to my feet again and get my ISP problem solved (together with making a shedule with all my projects and university) you'll most likely wont see much of me. I'll still work on the homepage, though updates will be a LOT less frequent for now. Everything that should be done or corrected on the page should be sent to me via e-mail and I'll look out for it then.

I hope to have it all sorted out soon. Be good



Small updates Posted by Forceflow
I finally got around to posting Maniks personal info (sorry it took so long) and Wraith send in some changes for the rpogress page which I made. It was alos corrected because some of the numbers were wrong...

(I was never good at math, so I DON'T wanna hear anything about it ;)


Talk about Texturing Posted by Ypoknons
I would just like to inform you both our latest team members, Manik and Flashman, are both good texturers. This'll surely help in getting our next packs ready soon.


Little Tidbits Posted by Ypoknons
It's been too quiet on the banner front if you ask me. I think the general concenus from the team right now is that it's not really hard to do, and at least some of you have some time to spare right now (not me). Plus, the prize maybe upped to something bigger...

Also, if you are having problems download the 11MB pack, try using Getright or GoZilla (www.getright.com and www.gozilla.com) which can resume and downloads and a host of other things that will make your life easier.


Lambdas and Home... Posted by Ypoknons
Good 'ol Decoy has more or less finished the Lambda -class shuttle, all it needs is a little touch up on the engine glows. Also, I'm happy to report that Flashman is a great texturer, and has done the... I can't let you know.


Banner contest Posted by Forceflow
Well, I decided to postbone the end of the Banner contest a little while. Not because we got so many, but becasue we almost got NONE! Come on people! This is a banner contest! Give your favourite project on the net your special touch by providing a banner!!!


Happenings on the Private Forum Posted by Ypoknons
While I can't tell you the specifics, a cool DxF just came out on the private forums, and an another OPT is almost complete. Just wanted to tell you we ahve more than just DxF in store for you.


New Members Posted by Forceflow
Flashman and Manik were both accepted to the XWAU team!
Both now have private Forum access and will hopefully send their personal info soon :)


LucasArts Poll Posted by Forceflow
LucasArts new poll is about what type of games people would like to see more. Right now Space Simulations is on the third place, but I am sure we can change this :)
So don't hesitate and vote there now!



New Cargo Ferry DxF Posted by Ypoknons
That's right, Wraith1 has made a revision of his Cargo Ferry DxF. It sure looks better!


Member Info Posted by Forceflow
Marcos_Edson provided his personal info, which is now available in the contributer section!

BTW, people, I hope there'll be some banners coming in, soon! So far resonance has been VERY slim!


DxFz Posted by Ypoknons
Manik, a person who ha just revealed himself on the forums, has done an impressive Muurian transport dxf. Also, Wraith1 has the cargo ferry Dxf. Both of these are very good, but can use a little touch up, which will make them even better.


FAQ update Posted by Forceflow
Besides three new FQAs, the FAQ-page also got a major overwhaul, it should now be a little easier to navigate!
Please always check the FAQ before asking something on the forum please! Questions that have been answered in the FAQs will not be answered again.


Download Script Problem Posted by Forceflow
Hello, I just realized there was a problem in the download script! So, it could be that your submission to the petition was not logged!
It would be nice if you could re-submit, in case it was logged it will not double log it.
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience


Public Relations Posted by Ypoknons
Good night, everybody! (Well, in Hong Kong it's night.)

Please do not send e-mail to other sites without our permission. I that all you have are good intentions and it's nice to know that people wish to help the project this much, but it actually is troublesome for the XWAU staff, esspecial and Forceflow and me, in a lot of ways. You are, however, very welcome to tell us of website which we can send Public Relations letters to. Thanks.


Banner Contest Posted by Forceflow
Good Morning everybody! (Well, in Germany it's morning)
We thought how to involve our fans a bit more into the project and came up with the idea of a little contest. There might be more than one,but for now it's time for a:
Banner Contest
We realized we really don't have a banner to give to people for linking to our site, so I must admit the decision to do a Banner contest was a bit selfish ;)
Anyways, here's the rules for the contest:

1. The Size of your banner needs to be 468 x 60
2. It must include the URL of the XWA Upgrade Project (https://www.xwaupgrade.com)
3. Obviously it must be connected to the XWA Upgarde Project
4. Multiple entries are allowed, but please don't overdo it, three entries per person should be enough
5. The Contest will run for one week. In case we still get a lot of entries at the end of that week we might make it a bit longer, but don't count on it!

And this is what you can win:

All proper entries (so the ones staying true to the rules) will be presented on the page somehow. How this will be done is not sure, yet, but most likely it'll be on a new page on the site.

The 5 best entries will be put in the news together with the names of the creator and a link of his or her choice

The winner will, besides of course being put on the news-script, also get a special titles in the XWAU Forum.

Keep in mind, when submitting your Banner to us you automatically grant us to reproduce and use this Banner for the XWAU!

All Banners should be sent to
Please no e-mails above 1MB!


New Progress Screenshots! Posted by Forceflow
Finally some new screenshots ;) Well, they might not be textured, yet, but Adm. Andy's Mines sure do look nice!
He also send me pictures of the never before seen Mine Type C, so you better go and check them out!


New Design! Posted by Forceflow
Hello! I present you the new layout of the XWA Upgrade Project!
If you don't like it, well keep it to yourself ;)
If you do like it, well I must admit most of the stuff is from Decoy, so you better congratulate him for it ;)
With the new Design the page should be a lot more 800x600 friendly. The old page was a bit of a drag to view with this resolution and hoepfully this is solved now!
I also made some color-changes in the Forum. Those changes are only in the XWAU Part of the Forum though. (And the start page)

Anyways, comments and feedback, and even more important reports about bugs and errors are as always highly appreciated!

Hope you like the new look



Just Great.... Posted by Forceflow
now that the Forum is working it seems the NewsScript is trying to make me a hard time! Let's see if it still works!


Guestbook Issues Posted by Ypoknons
Please don't ask any questions in the guidebooks. It's not going to be answered anyways. Check the FAQ if you have questions, and if you don't find your answer, feel free to post on the forum.

(Oh, thanks Ace, for reminding me to make this post. He's the one that inispired me to update this newscript anyways :).)


Texturing Tutorial Posted by Forceflow
Well, Decoy finally completed his Texturing Tutorial, which inspired me into making a new section of the page dedicated for Tutorials on how to edit XWA.
I also changed the navigation bar on the left a bit. I was never really satisfied with the way it turned out and simplyfied it a bit today.
This way it's a lot easier for me to modify it. If anybody has an idea on how to make it better let me know!

The Progress page was also updated with lots of requests from Nerd, he wants to do quite some of the stations.


Little Things Posted by Ypoknons
Currently, the XWAU is proceeding well. The MC-40's Dxf is coming along quite well, as is the Mine Type A. BOth of these are by Admiral Andy. That's about it, actually.

Note to self: I must remember to post on the XWAU newsscript, not the the SWSSG one...


1000 Visitors!!! Posted by Forceflow
Well, no, not in total (now that would be bad) but just today! That's right, just today we got 1000 visitors!

Very special thanks go to https://www.bluesnews.com who posted some news about us today. As far as I could tell we got about 500 visitors just from them!
Thanks a lot!


download script shortly down Posted by Forceflow
I had to work on the download script, so it yould be that you encountered some problems after 5 pm GMT, this should be solved now. Sorry for any inconvenience!


Forum Update Posted by Forceflow
Okay, I played around with the Forum a bit more and now it is easy to identify the XWAU Members. They all have a little besides there name!
Hope you like it


Page Update Posted by Forceflow
I updated the Progress Page with most of wraiths stuff.
In case you haven't seen the shots from Wraith 1 on the Forum, yet, you can now check his in progress pics of the following crafts:

Cargo Ferry
Escort Transport
Ferryboat Liner
Pinook Fighter
Razor Fighter
All are now featured in the Progress Picture section


New Member: Marcos Posted by Forceflow
The XWAU got a new Member! Marcos is now officially in the XWAU Team!


Another fix coming your way... Posted by Ypoknons
Yes, Forceflow has a new version coming with fixed Z-95 exterior. What, I didn't notice a bug with that while I was testing it...

Oh, a note on the UBB image code: Some servers don't like you linking outside of your page, so...


RFP Version 1.1 Posted by Forceflow
I uploaded the, hopefully fixed, version of the RFP!
If you have the old version you may still download the fix, If you however have not downloaded the RFP, yet, you only need to download the Version 1.1 and do not need to download or apply the fix!


Ypoknons personal info! Posted by Forceflow
Well, YP was so kind and completed his personal info for the page! Now most members are featured. I will maybe add some more in the next few days, but I have to think about it first...


My keyboard is working again! Posted by Ypoknons
So now I can post news again! Not to mention play XWA! Heave fun with the RFP!


RFP was bugged! Posted by Forceflow
There was a bug in the RFP! Please download the fix also available on the page now!
Run the fix before you run the patch!

Also make sure you have XWA Version 2.02!


After a a LONG time waiting, it's finally done! Posted by Forceflow
Hello everybody, the XWA Upgrade community is proud to present:


rebel fighter patch

It is now available in the download area of this homepage! Please take part in the petition, and now:

Happy Fighting!!!


Decoy is back! Posted by Forceflow
Hey people! I just got a message from Dec telling me he is back! Finally! Man, you've been missed!

On a different note, JC also submited his personal info, so did wraith1, Decoy and nerd2!
I also updated the Progress section.


More Screenshots Posted by Forceflow
I took the new shots from the Forum from the Assault Frigatte and Corellian Gunship and put them on the page!

also new, Saxman added his info! Wow, people really start to move :)


New sound project... Posted by Forceflow
This is some info I got from Wes Janson about a project he is currently working on:

What I'm trying to do is to replace the majority of the sounds within XWA with modified and mixed versions of the originals. A lot of the sounds in XWA are already fine, but that's just it - they're all just FINE. I'm trying to get some really COOL mixes into XWA and to make others fit better, with the utmost quality of course. For example, the default S-Foil sound doesn't really fit either the X-Wing or the B-Wing. Well, I've created a brand new sound that fits both. So whenever you engage the S-Foils in either craft, the sounds don't seem so out of place. (I've asked Ace Antilles to see if the X and B-Wing from the RFP have different foiling times so I can modify as nessecary).

I have also found excelent replacements for all of the explosions so that they sound much more meaty and are more bass-intensive. I've already developed a cooler version of the hyperspace sequences (with some additions from Cornhelium).

Another thing that I'm working hard on is the over-all hangar ambience. I'm going to add the sounds of people and engineers working on other craft and such. I've also found a way to implement a repulsor engine type noise of sorts to all of the craft (both coming and going). If your craft is damaged and you come in for repairs, you actually hear the engineers and robot arms frantically repair your hull and systems (if some were disabled). And there's the misc installations (countermeasures, beams, missiles, etc.) and warhead reloads. You'll even hear the cockpit cannopy close as you enter new caft (or the egress air-lock hatch for the transports, which conveniently sound the same. Heheheh...).

Well, that's not all. There are much more things that I'll leave a surprise. Currently, I'm about 18-20% done with the whole thing. It will consist of nothing but .wav files. I was thinking about including the default .lst files in case people have modified their sound directory, but I don't think it's nessecary. It will also include it's own auto-installer, much like the one used for my TFCS patch. As of now, I'm looking at about 160-170 .wav to modify. And I project a download size of 10 megs or possibly more. It's going to be big (sizeably). And yes, there will be a low-quality and high-quality download available. However, all of the hangar sound will remain high-quality since there's no real playing going on in there.

And that's the basic synopsis of XWAAU. I'm working on an info page for the patch and it should be accessable shortly. My site is called the "S.M.R. Technological Industries Home Page". And the URL is:


It's not a completely-XWA site, as I plan to host other projects for other games, but the one I'm working on right now deserves some attention to the XWA community. The other Star Wars works that I've done is the XvT Environmental Upgrade, made by me and hosted by my good firend Reload. And I was one of the first to do a Battle of Endor modification (complete with the cinimatic A-Wing crash), which is available at Ace Antilles' site.

My next project after XWAAU (for lack of a better name) will be the XWA Revamped Missions Pack. It's going to be the same thing as the original XWA game, except that the missions will be changed around to offer some variety.
Plus, there will be new sounds included in each mission (like docking
sequences, etc.) Your Artoo unit will whistle and scream at you more often. And I'm introducing a new pilot to the Rebel Alliance's roster . . . Me.
Well, the actual pilot is yet-to-be-tetermined. However, he/she will be a flexible point so I can modify the missions even further. Hopefully, the Revamped Mission Pack will offer enough change to warrent another run through the game. It'll be much more exciting (if it wasn't at first), and you'll never know who you'll run into . . . More on the XWA-RMP at a later date.


More Contrubiter Posted by Forceflow
Admiral Andy sent me his personal info, so go check it out!


Small Picture Update Posted by Forceflow
Thanks to Ace who submitted some more screenshots. He provided some new shots of the beautiful Z-95, the awesome X-Wing and the great Rebel Pilot, so go check 'em out!

Darksaber also provided some personal information which is now available in the contributer section of this page


Contributer Section is expanding Posted by Forceflow
Finally somebody reacted to my earlier calls and send me some personal info about him. So, Ace Antilles now has his own little info page about him. It's not much right now, but it's a start! I also made the page for myself.
Hopefully the others will do likewise!
As for the patch, hang in, we are getting closer!


Farewell Sir Alec Guinness! Posted by Forceflow
As you all probably know Sir Alec Guinees died. Besides being maybe one of the most talented british actors, he gave millions of people hope for something better!

Obi-Wan, you will always be in our hearts!

May the Force be with you, wherever you are!


New Forum Icons Posted by Forceflow
Well, since I now know a LOT more about the way the Forum works (after taking it apart and putting it together again you do get a knack of it ;) I thought I might as well just put in some new icons. The new icons are a bit more Star-Warsish...

Okay, so I got them from XWA, go sue me! They look good!


Forum is a partial loss :( Posted by Forceflow
Okay everybody, after realising that the forum was breaking up on me again yesterday night I had to take quite extreme steps to save what was left. I was able to do a new clean install.

First the good news: All Member settings have been retrieved and been put on the new Forum, so no info has been lost there! I was also able to retrieve the messages from the smaller Forums.

Now the bad news: Pilot Lounge, XWA Upgrade, XWA Upgrade Private Forum have been lost. I was not able to save any posts in those forums. I am sorry about it. I am still hoping to be able to retrieve the posts from the old Forum and get them into the archive over here, but don't count on it.

I am right now working on getting the ranks back. I also changed the settings for the XWA Upgrade Private Forum. This is now completely secured, so only Members have access to it! This has beend done for several reasons which will be explained at a later time.

Please be patient and report all errors to me immediately!

Sorry for not being able to do more...


The Patch is Coming Your Way! :) Posted by Ypoknons
Apparantly, Defiant has managed to fix the PoV problem, and that means the RFP should be released soon.

Also, we've got a new, XWAUP only newsscript now, so that XWAUP news messages will not show up on the SWSSG page.


Reasons why patch is delayed! Posted by Forceflow
Okay, I talked to Nob and he told me the major problems he is having with the patch.
This is what he had to say:

The patch is progressing, however Nob has some serious problems about getting the X- and Y-Wing PoV files which he doesn't seem to ba able to incorporate with either MXvTED or TPWIN
This is why the delay.

Okay, that's it for now. If I hear anything else I'll tell you guys!


No, threads are NOT vanishing! Posted by Forceflow
Okay, some of you might have noticed that the XWA Upgrade Forum all of a sudden has only about 360 threads left. Before you panick now, that is okay. I have started to archive the topics. I know this isn't so cool, but I am still having probs with the Forum which make it a real pain to maintain so I am forced to archive the threads. This is a slow and annoying progress, but should be completed in a week or so. after that I'll see if I can maintain the Forum again.
And trust me, I wouldn't do that unless I had to! (Having to move 400+ threads manually is REALLY annyoing!!!)


Forum Update... Posted by Forceflow
Okay, after a good 10 - 12 hours full of near heat attacks and nervous breakdowns it seems the Forum is back up and ready for you. There are some things still not working properly, but most of this should not affect you. Some obvious things:
Admiral Andy is gone Please register again, I will put your post cout to where it was before
Saxmans post count is correct againI found a cached version of your last post with your post count, so that was fixed! In case your password doesn't work, e-mail me.
JCs post count is not correct Tell me where it was and I'll try to fix it
Some threads are missing! Some threads were lost, there shouldn't be many, but please report lost posts and threads to me. Thanks a lot

On a more technical note, I am still having probs updating the threads, so until that is fixed the special ranks are gone. Sorry, but I can't change that. Some old ones might still be in the Pilots Lounge, but the rest should be gone...


News-Script back online... Posted by Forceflow
Okay, the Server is still having problems and the Forum is down. The News-Script is however working again! So, at least there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnell

All users that have access to the News-Script should mail me to get instructions on how to access the script again...


FORUMS OFFLINE!!! Posted by Forceflow
Due to an unknown error the Forum is down!
The problem is being worked on and I am backing up all files as I write this! Unfortunately I do not know what could've cause this error. I sincerely hope to have the Forum up again tomorrow, but right now I do not know what is going on. Hopefully all threads and personell info can be retrieved again :(


Server Problems seems to be solved! Posted by Forceflow
Okay! Wow, it seems like all of a sudden I can connect to the Jedicore server again! So, I can FINALLY upload the page to it's supposed location again!
This will undoubtly cause some slowdowns in the first loads (since again, you lost your cached data) but I cannot keep the page on my commercial account.
Hopefully this will now work and I don't have to move the page again! (Since transferring all data tends to take a LONG time!)
The change will not effect you immediately since the page needs to be transferred and I will have to change the forwarder again. (Which will take at least an hours until it's incorporated properly!)

BTW, I have full control over UBB again, so be nice, or I have to give you a special title ;)


XWAU: Tie Avenger added... Posted by Forceflow
Added the Tie Avenger into the Progress Pic section


XWAU: Little things... Posted by Forceflow
Well, the new Domain is now finally up and running properly!
(What a surprise!) So, I'd like everybody to use the https://www.xwaupgrade.com as his or her bookmark! (And in IE 5+ there is even a little surprise built in ;)
So, please use it! (After all I am paying for it ;)


XWAU: New Domain for XWA Upgrade! Posted by Forceflow
Hi everybody, I was in a good mood yesterday, so I thought I might register a new domain for the XWAU. The old address (xwaupgrade.cjb.net) will still work, but we now have a .com domain!
So, please use
https://www.xwaupgrade.com as the official link!
Comments are, as always, appreciated!


XWAU: Minor Page update Posted by Forceflow
I included the wirefram shots were I had them in the Progress Pictures pages. Looks a bit better now, but nothing else.
Just thought to post that, so people know I am still working on the page ;)


Epsiode II trailer... Posted by Forceflow
Well, it's not exactly the official EPII trailer, but it's amazingly well made. I just heard of it and you should check it out!



XWAU: Progress Pic update Posted by forceflow
Thanks for everybody who send me the dxf shots! I updated the progress picture site with the following crafts:

Corellian Corvette
Escort Carrier
Gun Platform
Imperial Landing Craft
Millenium Falcon
Mines (Tpye A and B)
Missile Boat
Modified Corvette
Super Star Destroyer
Tie Bomber
Tie Fighter
Tie Interceptor


Server trouble... Posted by forceflow
DS complaint to me that there was something wrong with the start page!
I cannot find an error, but in case anybody encounters ANY erros on the page please report them to me immediately!!!


XWAU: Screenshot Page updated... Posted by forceflow
Okay, I have finally updated the screenshot page!
It now features a new category with models that are in progress!
Crafts included so far:
Imperial Star Destroyer Mark I
Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II
Tie Fighter
Tie Interceptor
Tie Advanced X1
Tie Defender
Tie Experimentals
Lambda Shuttle
Skipray Blastboat
So go check 'em out!


XWAU: I am having troubles with the server... Posted by forceflow
The server is giving me a hard time right now, so I was forced to move the site to a different location! Please be sure to always use the https://xwaupgrade.cjb.net address!
The problem is being worked on and should not affect the release of the RFP. (If it comes out before the server problem is fixed!)
The news were not working either for a couple of hours, but hopefully everybody should be able to access them again!


XWAU: Delay with Patch... Posted by forceflow
Sorry about it, but the patch isn't ready, yet. I know we promised something else, but right now it's not ready.
We are sorry about that, but there were problems popping up that could not have been anticipated before.
We wont put out a new release date, but we hope to make it available asap!


XWAUP: Minor Changes Posted by forceflow
Some more changes on the page and I added three X-Wing screenshots. (The cockpit ones)
We are getting closer to the RFP release, but I wont make any more promises right now! Sit tight and come back often!

I also modified the XWAU Forums so now they should fit into the genrel XWAU look... Tell me what ya think of it!


A new person to bring you the news Posted by K_Kinnison
Greenthings... i would like to thank decoy for this honor. I will be bringing you news of the XWA and XvT gaming community. And anything else needed

May The SHWARTZ be with you


XWAUP: Little Page Update Posted by forceflow
Hi everybody! I am finally back from Canada so I can start working on the page again. There have been some minor changes to the page. Since we are getting ready to launch the RFP, so there is quite a bit of chaos going on, so please excuse that the page is not up where it should be right now.
There are some new screenshots, namely the Y-Wing, so go check 'em out!


XWAUP: Holidays Posted by Ypoknons
Well, I'll be going to North America tomorrow, and I won't be back until the 30th or something like that. Because this is just me, the Rebel Fighters patch will not be delayed, obviously. It should be release when Forceflow gets back on July 10th. No more news updates will be coming until then. Plus note that ironically I will not have much internet access at all when in North America.


XWAUP: Star Destroyer Day Posted by Ypoknons
I can't believe I forgot to post this... Matt has done the Super Star Destroyer Dxf and Saxman the Imperator I Star Destoryer (Imperial-class for those of you who need that tip). Admiral Andy has also updated his Supa Fighter design.


XWAUP: JC and His Beloved TIEs Posted by Ypoknons
Basic news. JC has finished the TIE Interceptor Dxf and is finishing his TIE Bomber Dxf. Admiral Andy has scanned and posted (courtsy of JC) a Supa Fighter design that looks good. From now on, I'll probaly post about such things, so...

Also, JC must have been staying up late, because he just finished the TIE Bomber Dxf! At this rate, the the Imperial Fighters Pack could out by the end of the holidays! :)


XWAUP: Y-Wing! Posted by Ypoknons
The Y-Wing exterior OPT is on its way to being completed! The Exterior is pretty much done, and the rest should be following on hot on its heels. This OPT has an interesting history, as Saxman made the dxf, then Darksaber changed large portions of it, and finally good ol' Dec finished it off, adding textures and all. Good work, and well, you need to wait just a little longer for the release of the Rebel Fighters Pack.


XWAUP:Regarding TIEs Posted by Ypoknons
I am sad to say, with Hottie and Darksaber leaving, all of the former projects have been left open to all XWAUP OPTers. I put this news on the page late, yes, but sigh... JC has done a TIE Fighter DxF, and as always, it is excellent. That's it.


XWAUP:Another Update Posted by Ypoknons
Well, I'm back from my exams.

Bascially, the rundown is: Final X-Wing cockpit has been completed, I think. The beautiful Missile Boat Dxf has been basically finsihed, and my favorite thing about it is that it follows the more TIE Fighter version of it. Great going, Matt. Marcos has finished the Modified Corvette Dxf, and that look looks good too. That's about all for now.


XWAUP: Some News Posted by Ypoknons
I know it's been pretty quiet lately, but that's because we're preparing for the release of the Rebel fighters pack. The Hottie problem has now been happily resolved, thankfully. Also, Matt, our weapons expert, has creat, believe it or not, new lasers and ions! THe lasers are great, but the ions look good in the screenshots, but apparantly look even better when moving.

Oh,about website updates: The creator the this website, Forceflow, will be on holiday in Canada for the next few weeks, so check out the forums for screenshots and the usch. Sorry for any inconvienace caused.


XWAU: 4 new Screenshots Posted by forceflow
Okay, I included four more screenshots, 2 for the Assault Frigate and two for the Correlian Gunship.
I also worked a bit more on the progress pages, but that wasn't much...


XWAUP: Release Dates Posted by Ypoknons
For those of you wondering about the release date of th Rebel fighters pack, here is what Darksaber has to say:

"It will be sometime yet as I haven't even started the Y-wing yet, I only have a test Dxf at the moment, plus the xwing still needs some work on it and the bwing with a few things, so be patient please.
I'm not giving any dates as I don't want to dissapoint people if I don't finish them by that time."

So please, don't bug the team. :)


XWAU: Progress Page was redone Posted by forceflow
The progress page was bothering me a lot lately. It was way too long and not really comfortable, so I split it up into several parts, I think this should be easier to work with, especially since you now see what categories still need to be worked on and what not.
Hope you like it...


XWAUP News Posted by Ypoknons
Apparantly, the XWAUP news script is the same one as the SWSSG one, so I'll mark all XWAUP news as "XWAUP News".


XWAUP: No, not dead.... Posted by Ypoknons
No, unless you've beeen living under a rock for the last few weeks, you know we haven't died. ;) For those of you whom have been away from the forums lately, the major news is that the new site is almost fully operational. Decoy and Forceflow are on holiday. Darksaber has complete the as always amazing B-Wing and Decoy has finished the also amazing Z-85 (which you'll get to fly in the Rebel fighters pack), the Asssault Frigate, and the Gunship. Well, that's it.


Make it Big: the Jek Porkins Story Posted by decoy
Jek Franko released his campaign here is what he told us about it.

"He's big, he's bald, he's ugly. He's Jek Porkins. The bulkiest man to ever fit in the cockpit of an X-Wing is famous for his brief and tragic participation to the Battle of Yavin. But little is known from his early exploits as an free trader and a Rebel pilot.

In "Make it Big: the Jek Porkins Story", discover how this small time food smuggler from Bestine IV joined the Rebel Alliance to become an average fighter pilot known for eating during mission and blowing up for no apparent reason. Jump into the cockpit of the Mynock, Jek Porkins' YT-1300 light freighter. Fly with the Tierfon Yellow Aces in the early days of the Rebellion. Six missions putting your flying skills to test. A larger than life adventure you don't want to miss!

Created by Jek Franko, the campaign is now available for download on the "Make it Big: the Jek Porkins Story" official web site
(https://members.xoom.com/Porkins/main.htm). The six missions are complete with brefing and full voiced radio messages."


Maybe a new Star Wars Flight Sim Posted by decoy
This is what i found at www.theforce.net. Let's hope it realy is a new flight sim.

BIG NEWS: New Episode I Game
Tue, Mar 28, 00 12:41:44 AM EST

All Star Wars games that don't have a title at the time that they begin evelopment end up being assigned a code name. Well, we've just landed information about one that is supposed to be amazing in the next generation gaming market. Europa, the code name for the project, is LucasArts' first upcoming effort in the next generation market.
TFN has learned that in addition to the N64 title to be released this Christmas and the recently released Star Wars Online, LEC has another really great looking title tighly under wraps possibly for the PC and Playstation 2.

While we do expect an official announcement soon, here's your first word about the new TPM game, exclusive to TFN:

LucasArts is developing what sounds to be an Episode I related flight simulator type of game. The project is code named "Europa" and is anticipated to run only on the higest end PCs and one of the next generation consoles.
From what I've seen it looks like it's shaping up into a very cool game. One source suggested that Europa is, quite simply, the most beautiful flight/simulator/shooter that just has to be seen to be appreciated. More soon.

So another title is in the works, huh? We'll keep you updated, of course, and thanks to The Random Menace and others for contributing to this story.


Star Wars Online announced!! Posted by Hades
Jer'yn Moc, from the Obiwan Network's forums, has a brother who is working in a computer TV show and he got this E-mail this morning:


   Three Leading Interactive Entertainment Companies to Combine Efforts to Develop, Distribute, and Host First Star Wars Online Multiplayer Title SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- March 16, 2000 -- LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC announced today it will partner with Verant Interactive Inc. and Sony Online Entertainment to create the first massively multiplayer Star Wars online role-playing game. Expected to release in 2001, the title will immerse thousands of game players into the classic Star Wars universe. Gameplay will feature a unique combination of combat, specialized missions, and daring quests.
   The Star Wars online game will be developed by Verant, distributed and sold at retail by LucasArts, and available for play exclusively online at The Station@sony.com (www.station.sony.com).
   The partnership brings together three of the foremost companies in the interactive entertainment industry. LucasArts, a leading international developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software, has developed critically acclaimed and commercially successful Star Wars titles across a variety of platforms since 1991. Verant, creator of EverQuest, the most successful massively multiplayer online game to date, is recognized as the leading creator of persistent gaming universes. EverQuest currently boasts more than 200,000 customers, 120,000 of whom play daily. Sony Online Entertainment produces and distributes online games and gameshows targeted to mainstream consumers and game enthusiasts, including EverQuest.
   "The combined expertise of LucasArts, Verant, and Sony Online Entertainment will bring to gameplayers an incredibly dynamic online gaming experience worthy of Star Wars," says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. "The immensity and richness of the Star Wars universe lends itself ideally to a game of this nature".
   "We couldn't possibly ask for a better universe in which to create a massively multiplayer game, " says John Smedley, president and CEO of Verant. "Star Wars offers such an incredible amount of depth and detail that we'll be able to create a place for fans to feel right at home. This game is going to be incredible!"
   "Star Wars online will be a phenomenon that transforms online gaming for both gamers and casual game players," says Lisa Simpson, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "It is a great addition to the blue chip brands our audience has come to enjoy at The Station. We are delighted to work with LucasArts and continue our close association with Verant Interactive."
About LucasArts
   LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is a leading international developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for a variety of computer and console platforms. Based in San Rafael, Calif., as well as on the Internet at www.lucasarts.com, LucasArts is one of five companies in the Lucas group which include Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC, Lucas Licensing Ltd., and Lucas Learning Ltd. Lucasfilm is one of the leading film and entertainment companies in the world. Lucasfilm's businesses include George Lucas' film and television production and distribution activities as well as the business activities of the THX Group. Lucas Digital, which consists of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Skywalker Sound, provides visual effects and audio post-production services to the entertainment industry. Lucas Licensing is responsible for the merchandising of all Lucasfilm's film and television properties. Lucas Learning strives to create an "uncommon learning" experience by offering engaging interactive software products that provide learning opportunities through exploration and discovery.
About Verant
   Verant Interactive is an independent development studio that develops cutting-edge online games. Based in San Diego, California, Verant Interactive has a staff of over 70 employees who consist of the development teams responsible for the online games EverQuest*, Tanarus*, and Sovereign*.
About Sony Online Entertainment
   Sony Online Entertainment produces and distributes online games and gameshows targeted to mainstream consumers and game enthusiasts. SOE's site, The Station@sony.com (located at https://www.station.sony.com), is one of the leading online game destinations. The Station distributes online games and gameshows from Sony Pictures Entertainment, 989 Studios, and third-party developers. SOE's advertising sales and partnership marketing team also works with Sony Music Online and Sony Pictures Entertainment Online to offer integrated marketing and sponsorship opportunities for online advertisers across the SOE network of premiere branded entertainment-based Web sites. SOE, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company, is headquartered in New York.

Super thanks to my buddy Jer'yn Moc for this piece of news.
UPDATE: Seems that this info is now available on the official LEC website too. (Thanks Tek for this pointer)


No more XWA for you! Posted by Hades
Blue's News reports that Lawrence Holland, the almighty creator of the X-Wing series of games, is working on a Star Trek space sim to be published by Activision sometime next year. If you ask me, this means that there will be no X-Wing Alliance expansion packs, contrary to some rumors that were floating around the net a while ago.


Force Commander has gone gold! Posted by Hades
I was surfing by the official Lucasarts website when I saw that the real-time strategy game which might just as well be the last of the original SW trilogy games, Force Commander, has gone gold (meaning that the CD has been send to replication) and should hit stores the week of March 20th!


Background Section Posted by forceflow
Hello everybody! I was able to upload the background section today. Here informations about the Books, Characters and weapons of the Star Wars Universe can be found! Check it out!!!
(Link is the Death Star image on the lower left of the screen)
Please give me some feedback on it!


Comparison Section up Posted by forceflow
FINALLY was I able to include the comparison section.
I know it's not 100% complete, but I'd say 99% are in it. So please go there and chek it out! Comments on it are HIGLHY appreciated!!!


Guestbook is finished now Posted by forceflow
Okay, the Guestbook has been updated again, this is the final one, though. It will now archive the entries. So go on and give me some feedback on it ;)
(Bug reports to: forceflow@gmx.net)


New AlliED Version up Posted by forceflow
Hey, Troyd just released a new Version (1.25) of AlliED, go get it and make some awesome missions with it! (But don't forget to register it!!!)


Burnout Posted by decoy
Hehehe i did it i made my own OPT with alot of help from Hades, sure with a whole lot of help from Hades but i did it.
Download it here