Forum Changes Posted by ACE Antilles
You may have noticed some changes to the Forums. (Due to my getting on Forceflow's nerves! Sorry Force =) )
Gone are several of the older forums which you never used and others have been condensed. Try to post in the correct forum so that it saves us and you a lot of time.

To clarify for everyone:
Pilot Lounge - For all general chat to do with anything. No Spam!
XWA Upgrade - Questions or problems about the project. But make sure it is related and not listed in the FAQ or it will be deleted!
Games - Anything to do with gaming in general or other non SW games you want to discuss.
LucasArts Games - This is the new Forum. So anything about the XW Saga, Rogue Leader, SW Galaxies, JK etc then post here. Please don't post in the Pilot Lounge now.
Editing - All problems with programs, making missions, opts etc for XW games.
Software & Hardware Problems - For any PC problems you get or advice.
Dec's Place - For all the beer! :) He can give you advice on how to get great web pages or textures.
Darksaber's Forum - Anything to do with DS's or my own work and site.

So if you have any comments or questions about all this then please use the Feedback Forum


New XWAU Starship picture Posted by ACE Antilles
Admiral Andy has posted a picture of his new Mobquet Transport opt.
You can find it in the "Santa has a new sleigh" topic in the XWAU Forum.
Please don't keep asking for release dates! If we know we may let you know, which mostly we don't! Besides aren't surprises great! ;)

Happy New Year to you all and may 2002 make EP II great!


Merry Christmas! Posted by Forceflow
Good news everybody! We have a package to deliver!
(I just love that show!) And in addition to that it's X-Mas today! So you get a two in one deal!
So, we are finally proud to present you JM's awesome


Yes, that's right! Hope you all enjoy it!

And of course I wish everybody a very happy X-Mas with tons of presents!



New DATech 0.72b Plus More Posted by Darksaber
Patrick has a new release of DATech for you all to try, with this new version (0.72b) you can: -

  • Add new BATTLE pictures
  • Add new MISSION pictures

Remember the title of this news post? I said Plus More right, well the plus more is another new Utility Patrick made called Mapicon.
This nifty little Utility will allow you to have the correct ship picture showing in a mission briefing.

Anyhow to find out more and to download DATech 0.72b (which includes Mapicons 1.0) visit Darksaber's Opt Station

Have Fun.

Oh Patrick has some very interesting plans for the next version so be sure to visit often for news of the next release.


"A date which will live in infamy..." Posted by Saxman
Today marks the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, forever immortalized as the "Two Hours that Changed the World."

On that terrible Sunday morning, 1941, the United States of America was attacked by aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy in one of the most stunningly successful and masterfully planned carrier operations in military history. In one instant, the face of world politics was forever altered. In one instant, the illusion of isolationism in America was forever shattered. In one instant, the United States was dragged into a global conflict it didn't want, nor asked for.

Now the United States leads another war, born of another surprise attack. But even as the military coalition looks ahead and drives inexorably towards its final goal--justice--let us remember the Arizona, the Shaw, the forgotten Utah. Let us remember the men condemned to slow, lingering death in the bowels of the fallen Oklahoma, those lives cut horrifically short as their world became an inferno.

And let us remember those who survived to carry the torch, who stand today over the shattered wreck of the mighty Arizona, over the final resting place of their fallen comrades, never to forget that terrible day when the Tiger was awakened.

And let us never forget the blood shed to make her free.


More opts ready! Posted by Forceflow
Today I can give you an updated Supa Fighter and the Mines! Ready and waiting for you to download them!
Have fun!
Both can be found in the download section!


More New Utilities Posted by Darksaber

It's DAT time again, PalPatrick has released DATech 7b, yes I said 7b, don't think you have missed out on version 6, you haven't.

Version 6 was too buggy so Patrick trashed it and started again.

Anyhow with version 7 you can now add you favourite ship pictures, hull icons, and map icons.

This version uses a different GUI but is basically the same as the older versions.

Oh one note, DO NOT use older versions of DATech with this newer version, If resdata.txt is modified, old programs will no longer work correctly.

The Other Utility is for Rogue Squadron, it's by LukA_YJK and called RogueArm, essentially it will edit your data file to increase or decrease the power of various weapons from trooper blaster's up to bombs, with the same ease it will restore default power of these weapons.

This is one more utility in a long line of editors from LukA_YJK all of which can be downloaded from my site.

You can download both utilities from Darksaber's Opt Station


Muurian Transport Posted by Forceflow
And again we can present another opt for download! The:

Muurian Transport

is done and ready to be blown apart!


Happy Thanksgiving! Posted by K_Kinnison
Wishing everyone a Happy and safe thanksgiving day.


NEW Version Of DATech Posted by Darksaber

Patrick Darbon a.k.a. PalPatrick, has something a little special for you this time with the release of DATech 5b.

First he has combined DATech with HULLTech to make one utility. The new version consists of such features as: -

  • Add new HULL icons
  • Assign Hulls to craft
  • Restore original 2.02 HULL.DAT
  • Add new MAP icons
  • Assign Maps to craft
  • Restore original 2.02 MAP.DAT
  • View and extract all images type 1 format
  • View EXE data for planet, galaxy, nebula, shipstuff

You can download the new version from Darksaber's Opt Station, in the Craft Editors Section.


X-wing Install System (XIS) updated to 2.6 Posted by Darksaber

Defiant has released version 2.6 and this is what he has to say about it: -

I've posted yet another set of additions and fixes to XIS. It's up to version 2.6 now.

  • New commands: InstallHighResSound, InstalLLowResSound, InstallSkirmish.
  • Miscellaneous revisions to the documentation and tutorial.
  • Fixed the string system.

  • I do suggest you update as some patches comming out now, use the new commands.

    So what are you waiting for go to Defiant's Flying Temple and update your version now!


    NEW Icon Utilities Posted by Darksaber

    With special thanks to Patrick Darbon a.k.a. PalPatrick, we in the XwA community can now add our own HUD Icons for custom made craft into the Hull_Icons.Dat

    The first Utility DATech, is still a beta version as Patrick hopes to add more capabilities to it, with a little artist skill you (as I have said already) can add your own custom icons into the Hull_Icon.Dat files.

    The Second Utility HULLTech, you can change the values for the new icons (Default Icons only though).

    To enable you to change the custom made icons read the news post NEW BHE Module at my site.

    As Patrick doesn't have his own Website, I offered to host his Utilities for him, so don't forget where you first downloaded them.

    You can download both Utilities from Darksaber's Opt Station, in the Craft Editors Section.


    NEW BHE Module Posted by Darksaber

    With the new information from Patrick Darbon and JC, I (Darksaber) have put together a new BHE Module version 1.2, with this new version you can change: -

  • The HUD icons for the first 70 slots, allowing you to change the blank icon screen for the reserved fighter to show a icon (Default icons only).
  • Change the Map Icons, that you see in Map View in-game (again default Icons only) up to slot 221.

  • You can download the New 1.2 Module from Darksaber's Opt Station, in the BHE Modules Section.

    Patrick is also working on a new utility called DATech, which will enable you to ADD new Icons to the data files yourself.

    From what I have seen of it so far it's very promising.


    If you haven't heard already Posted by Darksaber

    Defiant's updated XIS to version 2.5

    It's just a small update, it will allow you to add sound effects to the SFX folder.

    So I suggest you drop everything and head over to
    Defiant's Flying Temple and update your version now!


    Azzameen Family Base available! Posted by Forceflow
    And another opt is ready for you to download! The:

    Azzameen Family Base

    done by master Darksaber himself is done and ready to kick ass!


    The war has begun... Posted by Forceflow
    I just heard that the US has started their attacks against the Taliban. Let's all pray that this was the right decision, and let's not forget all the civillians that will undoubtly now suffer even more than they already did before this war started.

    I do not know if this war has to be fought or not, but I feel sad that it seems to be the only choice.


    We want your help. Posted by ACE Antilles
    The XWAU is in dire need of help. If anyone has any experience in making textures then we want YOUR help!
    Go to the topic in the XWAU Forum for more detail. Please help us to complete our goal.

    There's been nothing new to report, but if you've been paying attention you will have seen some new screenshots in recent posts. :)


    Bulk Freihgter available for download! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, that's right! Another opt for download! JC's awesome

    Bulk Freighter

    avaits you in the download section!


    XIS 2.4 Finally Uploaded Posted by Darksaber

    Defiant's done it again, he's released version 2.4 this is what he has to say about it: -

    It's mostly just been sitting around... not many people around to beta test lately. Anyway, here are the changes:

  • File extension checking for most of the install commands. This should provide a little more security. The files that are extension-checked are the ones in the commands table that specify a file extension: DAT, FLM, IMC, OPT, PLT.
  • Clicking a link in the Release Notes dialog will now launch a web browser, assuming a modern rich text control is installed.
  • Fixed a horrid bug in the string system where it was always off by default.

  • Can I also point out that Defiant has a forum set up for feedback and suggestions for XIS. Please, if you could use this instead of posting all over the web, this would be much apprieciated.

    So what are you waiting for go to Defiant's Flying Temple and update your version now!


    Movement again! Posted by Forceflow
    Great new everybody! The team has made a huge change in our working plan. From now on we will release single opts from time to time. Not all opts will be released, but patches will be much smaller now. We hope to gain new momentum from that.
    Today we present you the:

    Supa Fighter

    Which is available in the downloads section now!
    I hope you all enjoy this!


    If anyones really interested or bothered Posted by Darksaber
    While checking for something on the TIE Bomber, I found that I didn't include the LOD distance value, so if your still experiencing drag with this opt that?s the reason.

    You can download the updated version at Darksaber's Opt Station


    Unbelievable Terror and Hatred... Posted by Forceflow
    I write this while still being in shock from the incidents that happened today. I still cannot believe the pictures I have seen today, cannot grasp the hatred that have caused them. I cannot even begin to feel the pain and grief that all of our American friends must feel now.

    I do not know how to word my terror. Today certainly marks the beginning of a new time. A time where nobody, nowhere is safe. A time that will surely show us again the endless cruelty and pain that people can inflict upon each other.

    I ask all of you to show your support for everybody who suffered today.

    Be assured you all have my sympathy, I know it may not be worth much, but it's all I can do now.

    Christoph "Forceflow" Maier


    OPTech v0.8 Released Posted by Darksaber
    That?s right Jedi Hunter aka Com_Trooper has release yet another build of OPTech.

    He has made a heap load of bug fixes and enhancements to this excellent utility.

    To read more of what changes he has made please read the forum thread
    OPTech v0.8 ready to be used

    And be sure you visit his website at XvT Technologies to download it


    Finally a new Layout! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, I was finally able to upload the new laout! The forum so far has not changed, but will, soon. (This was what I was testing in the Admin center btw, for those who asked)
    As changing the Forum is a pain it will most likely take quite a while to do. So I fear you'll have to stick to the old one for now...


    XIS 2.3 Released Posted by Darksaber

    Defiant has released an updated version of his excellent X-Wing Install System to version 2.3, these are the changes he has made to it: -

  • New commands: InstallFilm, InstallFrontRes, InstallMissionVoice, InstallMovie, InstallResData.
  • Readme dialog is now resizeable.
  • Error-checking added for the most common XMOD creation problem: zipping up the wrong directory as a whole.
  • Added the option to leave out any string changes (so you can keep your original ship descriptions, etc.).
  • Fixed a minor bug in the backup system where TAB data would be preserved between installs in non-international versions. This has been (somewhat sloppily) remedied by creating a blank TAB file if one doesn't exist. It seems the current backup/restore system still has some weaknesses. During an uninstall, it will not remove the directories created by InstallMissionVoice, though it will remove the files themselves.

  • Can I also point out that Defiant has a forum set up for feedback and suggestions for XIS. Please, if you could use this instead of posting all over the web, this would be much apprieciated.

    So what are you waiting for go to Defiant's Flying Temple and update your version now!


    News of the teams current progress. Posted by ACE Antilles
    Well it's been quiet on the news recently. :-( So here's some now :-)
    Over on the XWAU Forum you can read my post "Project Updates!" It will fill you in on the teams current status.

    Admiral Andy has also posted new pics of the Light Calamari's hanger.

    Lastly the ships from the Imperial TIE and Fighter Patch are available on Darksaber's Opt Station. You can download them as seperate X-mod files for easy install.


    OPTech 0.7 Out Posted by Ypoknons
    Just a quick update - OPTech 0.7 has come out with some bigfixes and several more small features, such as new error checks and coplanar checking in the Tri2Quad feature.


    Optech Version 0.6 Released Posted by Darksaber
    That's right Jedi Hunter aka Com_Trooper has updated his excellent Opt creation utility Optech!

    To read more of what changes he has made please read the forum thread
    OPTech v0.6 for your modelling pleasure

    And be sure you visit his website at XvT Technologies to download it


    Weapons Patch has been updated Posted by Forceflow
    The weapons patch has been updated! It's nothing big, just also has the Ion Pulse.


    RFP, IFP, ITP Note Posted by Darksaber
    A Question came up on the forum about the new RFP 1.2 containing LOD's sorry but this version does not have them.

    Efforts are being made to include these in the next patch.


    RFP XMOD and weapons XMOD, new Vote Topic Posted by Forceflow
    Today we released a new version of the RFP. With slightly modified crafts. (The size was corrected) We also splitted it up with the weapons, so hopefully there will be nor more dorid laser problems! You can get both new patches in the download area!

    Plus there's a new poll! Vote for your favourite Patch now!


    LA poll: Which LucasArts game series is your favorite? Posted by K_Kinnison
    Who knows... i know JKII/DFIII is coming out, but what about the X-wing series? And who cares about Monkey Island or Indiana Jones?

    Vote for your favorite
    .. and maybe there will be a new X-wing series game put into the works... instead of that console crud LA seems to enjoy putting out.


    And another opt finished! Posted by Forceflow
    Today we can present you the Imperial Landing Craft done by MJT! Great work on it! Congrats! You can check out the full screens in the Screenshot section. Here, as always, some thumbs:


    And finally here it is! Posted by Forceflow

    The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Team proudly presents:

    The Imperial Fighter Patch

    Available in the download section! Be sure to get XIS 2.21 from Defiant's Site Before you try to install the patch! Make sure you read the installation notice, too!


    New poll! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, the unbelievable happened! I finally made a new poll! Okay, it aint that inventive, but basicayll I just wanted to try out how easy/hard it is to make a new one. So go ahead and vote on the ITP! 6 is the best, 0 the worst rating you can give.
    You will need your Forum username and password in order to vote!


    Small fix and add-on Posted by Forceflow
    The 1280 x 1024 res patch has been fixed, and the 1600 x 1200 res patch has been added in the download area. Hope you monster computer owners like this one ;)


    Small Update Posted by Darksaber
    Defiant has released a XIS 2.21 which fixes a slight bug.

    So go get it from Defiant's Flying Temple

    If your having trouble Download the ITP, try using Get Right Go-Zilla or Accelerator Plus.

    Ace Antilles has posted a few threads in the XWA Upgrade Forum for bug reports or comments you have on the ITP


    It's been a long wait... Posted by Forceflow
    But it sure as hell was worth it!

    The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Team proudly presents:

    The Imperial Tie Patch

    Available in the download section! Be sure to get XIS 2.2 from Defiant's Site Before you try to install the patch! Make sure you read the isntallation notice also, and to back up your pilot files!


    And JC did it again! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, that's right, he got another opt done! This time it's the Bulk Freighter, and again it's some marvelous work he did on it! Now when I remember the first textures this guy did, and now I see that! Great work JC! the design is quite new to the old bulk Freighter, though if you looks closely you can truly see the resemblance to the old model!

    Hope you all like it as much as I do!


    XIS (Xwing Install System) 2.2 Released Posted by Darksaber
    Defiant's Released XIS version 2.2 so please go to his site and download it if you wish to install the IFP and ITP correctly.

    Warning: if you do not use this new version to install the Xmod Patches you may come across a few problem!

    This is what Defiant has to say about the new enhancements: -

    • Enhanced the backup system as planned. There's not any support for backing up multiple files with the same name yet, so full mission support is probably going to have to wait for a while longer. Those of you upgrading from previous versions should uninstall your XMODs and reinstall them with the new version.
    • Added a dialog to show the progress of an installation.
    • Increased the size of the readme dialog. It was annoying to read before.
    • New icon.
    • Upgraded to a newer version of NSIS, added custom icons.
    • Fixed a bug in the patching system where it appears the EXE was always the file being patched (Doh!), and added support for wildcards. This was designed to allow patching of all pilot files (*.PLT) in the game. The only shortcoming is that the patched files are not backed up by default, so be careful until I can come up with a better system. For now, I've made XIS back up pilots by default.

    Go get it from Defiant's Flying Temple!


    ITP and IFP... and our little surprise! Posted by Forceflow
    Hang in there people. Both patches are being tested as I write this and we hope to get them out to you in a short while. We're sorry for the delay, but we have a surprise for you packed into the patches which should make up for the wait!

    Well, I guess it's about time to tell you about our little surprise we have been working on recently. You all know how much stress the XWAU opts put on even the newer systems, so the team (mostly Darksaber actually) did a bit of research and we finally decided to include Low Quality Opts into the XWAU opts! This will hopefully speed up the game considerably while not affecting the quality of our work!

    I hope you all agree that this was worth postponing the release of the ITP and IFP. (And if not, well, sorry, can't do anything about it now)
    We're hoping to get the patch to you asap now. So stay tuned!


    X-wing: Legacy is back up Posted by K_Kinnison
    After some ISP problems, and then delivery problems (thankyouverymuch FedEx)

    X-wing: Legacy is now back up. It still needs some work. But it is now online and kicking butt to serve the X-wing series Editing community.



    New Container shots from JC! Posted by Forceflow
    JC completed another one of this cool containers! Great work!
    As always, you can see the full pics in the screenshot section but here some thumbs to get you started:

    And Flavid also submitted his interview! Sorry for taking so long to update it!


    JC submitted his interview! Posted by Forceflow
    We got a new interview waiting for you! This one is from JC, so be sure to check it out asap!


    Quiet, eh? Posted by Ypoknons
    Don't worry, we're by no means dead. The IFP is undergoing final bugfixing and testing, and we're almost done with that. I assure you that we are making quite good progress on the ICP and RCP, but unfortunately we can't show you the progress screenshots. Not meaning to tease anyone here, just reminding you that we aren't dead.


    XWAUP RFP for XVT/BOP Posted by Darksaber
    You can now download the Rebel Fighters for X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter/Balance of Power, from Darksaber's Opt Station

    Some changes had to be made, to some of the craft so they would be compatible for the XvT/BoP game engines.
    One example was the X-Wing, just converting the XWA base opt wasn't good enough.
    Due to the rotation in XVT the X-wing's S-Foils where not horizontal, this problem has been fixed.


    Tie X1 Cockpit Shots! Posted by Forceflow
    Here are the Tie X1 Cockpit shots! Again, awesome work on it DS!


    Tie Bomber Cockpit shots Posted by Forceflow
    I finally upped the Tie Bomber Cockpit shots. Sorry that it took so long, but I was rather busy over the weekend.


    Non XWAUP Topics Posted by Darksaber
    Again people seem to be posting non-XWAUP topics in the XWA Upgrade forum.

    This XWA Upgrade forum only deals with topics concerning the project

    So please think first before posting your subject, and choose the correct forum for your topic.

    Otherwise the topic will be moved or closed!

    Thank you


    IFP Beta Testing has started! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, that's right folks! Beta testing for the patch has started!
    There are quite some news that come with that. First of all, there will be TWO IFP patches.
    One will be called ITP (Imperial Tie Patch) And will inlcude the following crafts:
    Tie Fighter, Interceptor, Avenger, Defender, and Bomber (~ 10MB)
    The other one will be called IFP (Imperial Fighter Patch) And will inlcude:
    Tie Experimental 1 - 5, Tie Ex1, Assault Gunboat, and Missile Boat (~10MB)

    The IFP is so far done and has entered final Beta testing. There are still problems with the installer that have yet to be sorted out, but it looks like we are finally getting somewhere!

    On a side note, the Tie Ex1 (Vaders Tie) will replace the Booster Pack. This was decided because of technical difficulties that we encountered. The patches will also be optimised for 800x600 resolution, but small additional packages will be available for other resolutions, too! More information will be available once the patches are released!


    Links Page updated... Posted by Forceflow
    I updated the links page again, so now it should be compatible with lower resolutions, too!


    New XIS version 2.1 Release Posted by Darksaber
    Defiant's updated his X-wing Install System to Ver 2.1 this is what he has to say about it: -

    Added InstallMission command so that new ships can be put into existing missions. Script version updated to 2.1. No LST editing yet, though--sorry! I'm planning to enhance the backup system further for the next release so that things like frontend graphics can be installed. That will also pave the way for a generalized InstallFile command that will make the existing ones obsolete. The main problem with the current backup functions are that installed files aren't removed with the uninstall command--they're only overwritten by any old files with the same name that exist.

    Fixed a bug that would insert a new line when altering the last line of SPACECRAFT0.LST or EQUIPMENT0.LST. Some problems with TAB string data being maintained across multiple installs were fixed. Also fixed the changing of the cursor to an hourglass during the install procedure.

    You can download the new version from Defiant's Flying Temple


    Star Wars: Galaxies Screenshots! Posted by K_Kinnison
    Star Wars Galaxy Online has updated thier site, and released the first screenshots for thier new game.

    Star Wars: Galaxies will be a Massively Multi-player online Role-playing game. Characters can choose from 8 differant species to play, and do what ever thier heart desires in the SW universe, maybe even becoming a Jedi.

    Check out the mouth dropping screenshots here


    Posted by Ypoknons
    A major breakthrough in X-Wing Alliance editing has been achieved: We can now
    make import new cutscenes into XWAU. Check out this thread
    at X-Wing Legacy for more details. no, before you ask, we're probably not going
    to upgrade the cutscenes!


    Ace's Interview is out! Posted by Forceflow
    Ace sent in his interview! Go check it out! Some great stuff in there!


    Container A finished Posted by Forceflow
    JC finished the Container A. It's a great piece of work, especially the texutres are great! Go and check it out!


    Download Page comepletely redone Posted by Forceflow
    I completely redid the download page. It should now look muhc nicer. I still ahve troubles with the script, so in case there's an error message please make sure you send it to me! thanks!


    Link section completely remoddeled. Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, I finally got sick of all those stupid banners floating on the link section. (I hate this "chaos" sort of look) So I completely redid it. For now no more banners will be shown, though this might be changed once I find a convienient way to do it!

    With this new look I might add more pages to the links section. This is however yet undecided. Be sure to head over to it and check it out! As always, feedback is very welcome! (So far feedback on the navbar has been rather slim btw!!!)

    Oh and btw, please guys! Please don't send me 2MB emails! I know it's meant in a friendly way, but I don't appreciate it if my e-mail account is being spammed! Only contact me if it's absolutely neccessary! Most of the things should be posted on the Forum! chances of me answering the Forum is MUCH bigger than answering e-mails!



    Played some more... Posted by Forceflow
    I played a bit more with the Navbar and header. Tell me what you think of it. The reason why I moved it to the top is because this way people with a resolution of 800x600 will also be able to actually see the text. BTW, Netscape users do not see the effect, sorry about that. I haven't tested this effect on any other browser, yet, so feedback on browser compatibility would be nice!


    Played a little bit with the Navbar... Posted by Forceflow
    You might have noticed that I played with the Navbar a little... It was just an idea and turned out pretty nicely I think. I still have some problems with it, so feedback on it would be great. Be sure to realod the frame so you can actually see it! (Plus you need JavaScript to be enabled in order to see it!)


    A Gentle Reminder.... Posted by Ypoknons
    I would like to remind everyone that the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project Forum is for posting about the project itself. It is not a general gaming forum. If you wish to post about other topics, please go to the Pilots' Louge or another forum. Thank you.


    Poll 0.9beta is online! Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, after people started asking about a poll I was looking for a good poll script all over the net. Well, I didn't find one, so I made my own.
    As you can see (in case you Browser supposrts IFRAME), it is now present on the upper right part of the screen and needs a username and password! Simply use the username and password that you use on the Forum. The Poll script is still a BETA version. If you wanna helpt me send any erors to me. (Please also write what you did)

    I am working on an Admin script, but this could take a while, so right now actually changing the vote is kinda hard to do...
    (Meaning I wont make a new vote every day or week!)

    Amazing, 3 People voted before I was able to actually write all of the above...


    New Version of Allied! Posted by Darksaber
    Troy's made another update to Allied, now it's version 1.57. It's mainly Bug fixes for TIE Fighter imports, so for all those folks who do have the registered version, it's well worth keeping your version up to date.


    Great news everyone! Posted by Forceflow
    I have some really good news for you today. I can finally show you the first set of screenshots from the Ties! Tie Fighter, Interceptor and Defender now got a cockpit! They are based on the same work, but each one was modified to the exact needs! Go check out the awesome pics!


    Screenshots are up Posted by Forceflow
    Just a small notice to tell you that the Lusla Screens are now available in the screenshot section!

    Update, some more shots are available in the Screenshot section now!


    MC-40 Lusula Thumbnails Posted by Ypoknons
    Since these screenshots came out but Forceflow hasn't got around to updating the screenshots page yet, I guess I'll put the tumbnails up before the screenshots go up on the page later today. These screenshots are also available in the XWAU forum.


    Two new Forums Posted by Forceflow
    Just in case you haven't notced, there are two new Forums available. Dec's Place and Darksaber's OPT Forum. Both are hosted for thm to use on their pages. We might add more hosting, but that is not sure yet.
    For now, go check them out, some interesting stuff to read there!


    Interview Posted by Forceflow
    The interview with Admiral Andy is up! So go and check it out!


    Happy Easter everybody! Posted by Forceflow
    Well, and look what i've got, I have TWO easter eggs for you ;)
    First one is an updated pic of JM's Dreadnaught!

    And second one is of course the completed puzzle! You can click on the thum to get to the big pic!


    Memerbs change and puzzle Posted by Forceflow
    There's been a change of members. Nerd2 is out of the team, and some members are now honorary members. Go check it out on the contributer page.
    Due to Nerd2 no longer being with us quite some projects have opened up again, so go check that out on the progress page.

    And now todays puzzle piece:


    And again... Posted by Forceflow


    Not much more to give you... Posted by Forceflow


    Major Update! Posted by Forceflow
    Wow, quite soemthign to report today!
    First of all JM's personal page has been updated. He also submitted his interview! So be sure to check that one out!
    Next we got new screenshots of the Dreadnought waiting for you! (The flight group markings)

    And we finally got some IRD pics ready to show you!


    Defiants personal info Posted by Forceflow
    Defiant submitted some of his personal info for you! So I advice you to check it out!


    Almost there... almost there... Posted by Forceflow


    Almost forgot... Posted by Forceflow
    Yeah yeha, I know, I am getting old...


    Aren't you getting tired of puzzling... Posted by Forceflow
    Still there I guess... okay, so you get a new piece...


    New Version of AlliED Posted by Forceflow
    Troyd made a new AlliED version. It's now 1.56. The only new thing I know is the added wireframe model for the SSD. AlliED can now display wither the original 8km model or the true 17.6km long model. He added this so it would be easier for us to change the missions with the SSD in it. Many thanks again for his help!
    If you want to check out his page, check the links page or go directly from here! here's the link:



    Decoys info changed Posted by Forceflow
    Dec's personal page has changed. It has a new pic and the link to his new page on it now!


    And another piece to make you happy ;) Posted by Forceflow
    Here you go:


    Not many pieces left... Posted by Forceflow
    And one more to show you :)


    Is it morning again??? Posted by Forceflow
    Oh man, I feel like ... damn, can't say that *sigh* Oh well. I guess I am getting sick, haven't been able to sleep last night and my head is killing me... Anyways, what did I want to do? Oh yeah, puzzle piece, here you are:


    Tie Bomb is done! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, that's right, the Tie Bomb (or ex 4) is finished! So with that now only the cockpits need to be finished! Here are some thumbs to get you started:

    And of course here is todays puzzle piece:


    Tie Bomber shots! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, we finally got to show you the Tie Bomber! With this one done the IFP is getting really close to it's end! But don't get your hopes up too muhc, there's still plenty left to do! But we are definetifel getting there! Here the thumbs as always!

    And here a new piece! We're etting near the end now...


    Well, it's STILL today... though hardly, but it still is :) Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, here todays puzzle piece ;)


    Review and XWL down Posted by decoy
    Yes that's right we had a review and what a review it is. MikeyBear from ALIENPANTS took the time to review our little project and what a review it is, THANX Mike.. Please go and check it out they got a great site.

    Some aditional information X-Wing Legacy is down for the moment, it could take some more day's, jumping servers and stuff. Please give the people some time they have asured us that they will be back so don't panic


    100 000 hits and puzzle piece! Posted by Forceflow
    Great news! We finally hit the 100 000 visitors! This in fact already happened yesterday! I think that's some really good news! Let's keep this up, maybe LA will notice us after all!

    Okay, now for the puzzle piece:


    Battlestats.com: XWA Week of War 23 Posted by K_Kinnison
    It has been a very productive Week for salvage operations in the BSC WoW area of space. Squibs, Ugors, and other space salvage operations are making record profits form the Week of war.

    Final stats are: 73 clubs participated, 489 Dedicated pilots, and 1456 missions were flown. To all the Pilots, the BSC staff salute you!

    Alas, only the brave, crazy, or lucky could climb out of the Wreckage and claim Victory:

    First place: New Republic Navy Rating: 94.706
    Second Place: Alpha Strike Force Rating: 82.353
    Thrid Place: Screaming Wookiees Rating: 80.588

    The Pilots who entered the fray, have become feared and respected, The New Republic Navy did a Clean sweep of the Top three:

    First Place: NRN_Photon Rating: 99.13
    Second Place: NRN_Ecnerwal Rating: 96.50
    Third placeNRN_Morosaka Rating: 95.10

    Thanks for all who participated and made the WoW such a success for everyone!

    Click HERE for more Stats and Information


    Better late than never Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, here todays puzzle piece


    Puzzle time... Posted by Forceflow
    Well, look what I found...


    Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles... Posted by Forceflow
    The puzzle is strong in this one...


    LucasArts survey... Posted by Forceflow
    I totally forgot to post this piece of news. I guess some of you already know, but there might be some that don't! LucasArts is making a survey about what kind of game people would like to see next! So I suggest you all hop over there and make sure they understand it's another classic X-Wing style game :)
    That's the link to the survey:


    And another piece again :) Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, it's another day, so you get another piece!


    New Rules uploaded... Posted by Forceflow
    Just so that nobody can complain that he didn't know about general behaviour on this Page, I updated the rules section with following items:

    1. Everything that you find on this server is property of the XWA Upgrade project. This means you may not take anything from the server and use it for your own purpose in any way without the approval of the XWA Upgrade Team! There are some exceptions:
      a) you may use and modify anything you find here for your own purpose, but never make it public in case you do
      b) you may use the screenshots provided on the page for your own purposes, but you need to keep the copyright intact!
      c) you may do screenshots of all models yourself and then do whatever pleases you with those shots!
    2. Snooping on the server is HIGHLY inappropriate! Do not try your luck on it! In case I find out that anybody was trying to find things that he should not get, I will ban the person of the server without warning! Do not think you can get away with that, I get the full server logs. If I want I can pinpoint what you did, when you did it, and how long you did it! So be nice and leave the server alone!

    Please remember those rules!


    Puzzle pieces and other matters... Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, first of all, I would like to notify everybody that it's not approbriate to try out the server! Don't start digging in it to find files that you are not supposed to see! I get the full server logs (btw, around 66MB per WEEK) and if I notice anybody continously trying his luck on the server I'll make sure you wont get on it at all!

    Okay, now for todays puzzle piece...


    I am back! Posted by Forceflow
    I am back, and I see there was no piece yesterday, so I am gonna put up two for today :)

    Here's the first:

    and the second:


    Sunday's Teaser Pic Posted by Ypoknons
    Keep those guesses coming. Here's the pic.


    Another Teaser Pic Posted by Ypoknons
    Since Forceflow is out of town for a little while, I'll be posting the teasers until he gets back. Here's the next one:


    And here it is again... Posted by Forceflow
    New puzzle time... I wont be here over the weekend, I hope Dec will be able to post the pics, but I havem't heard from him either. I hope to have at least some sort of i-net access, so there's still a chance you wont have to go without the pieces! But enough talking, let's show you the piece! And keep the guesses coming!


    It's morning yet again... Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, so I guess it's time for a new piece, let's see what I can come up with this time...


    Another day, another piece... Posted by Forceflow
    As the topic say, keep the guesses coming, though I guess it's gonna get obvious real soon...


    Puzzle... Posted by Forceflow
    Okay everybody, we thought of somehow making your waiting time a bit more interesting. So I made a little puzzle for you. I am going to post a new piece everyday from now on. Once you have all the pieces I hope you'll be positively surprised :)
    Anyways, here's the first pic for you:


    Post from Decoy on the Forum, which EVERYBODY should read! Posted by Forceflow
    This is what Dec had to say, direct link to this post is at the bottom!

    It's not frustration that is the cause of me writing down this little piece of my mind but rather a sense of disbelieve that came upon me while reading Skeletons post on the public forum. I hope that sharing my thoughts with you will settle this once and for all but it will probably be a waste off my time because a lot off people usually don't read more than the first 2 and the last 2 sentences. Any way i just read through the whole (by now closed thread) thread once and i must say that the first impression gives me a real negative feeling. I don't like having negative feelings about something i am doing for the fun of it. Actually it is spoiling the fun a great bit .

    First of all let me state that we are in no way a professional gaming company, or have a professional organisation, or are we professional artists. As the matter effect almost none of us have been professionally schooled in doing what we do. All we are working with here is a bunch of individuals with the urge to create, a bit of talent and just not enough time. If you will keep that in mind you will maybe get the big picture and see that we ain't doing all that bad. We are not in this for the money or any other personal gain, first of all we are in it because we like doing it and second we do this to give all just a little bit more gaming pleasure. As you can see these goals are far from the once a professional company would have so please don't compare the XWAUP project with something like that because than you will be seeing us with he wrong perspective. The work we make, comes to it's current quality by some intense self study, a bit of feel for shape and colour, a great interest in everything labelled Star Wars and a whole lot of time spent besides our normal 40 hour workweek. As you can see we deferent a quite bit with today's professionals which do have had good schooling in the programs they use, as well as the resources needed to do their job and not to forget the time to do it. Please don't forget they also get paid to act like professional and are supported by a PR manager in contact with the public. Even though our work is compared with the work of professionals, WE for that matter are far from professional not because we lack the talent but rather because we didn't have the same schooling, support and resources. What we are showing you here is probably just a tip of the ice berg, i don't know what some of the members could do if given the proper support, but i think you could be pleasantly surprised. So any speculations on what we are, what we should be or what we will be is totally out of place here. We like doing what we do our way you either like the result or you don't but that's actually all there is you can do.

    Please keep in mind that you are a guest at our home.YES this site is the HOME of THE XWAUPGRADE, so it's our home. How would you like it if some complete stranger would walk into your home and starts telling (or strongly recommending) you how to do the dishes or what colour you should paint the wall. We started this site as our development platform but along the way it turned out to be a public show board, which isn't bad but does seem to come with some complications. Not everybody was born with the virtue of endless patience or the ability to clearly speak his/her mind in a polite way (without spelling mistakes), this how ever doesn't make them bad people, it does how ever complicate the whole situation. All we want is to give you some nice looking crafts all we ask in return is just a little bit of respect no more no less. Now since we will not be charging you for any of the stuff we made or will make in the future do you really think you are entitled to tell us what to do and how to do it??? I think not, but i wouldn't even want to state it that blunt because we do listen to feedback and sometimes we even do the modifications, people have suggested. If we decide not to follow your advise, please respect that because there probably is a good reason why we don't. I must confess how ever that reasons don't always seem that clear, in those cases you just have to take our word for it. For example i might happen that you just get sick off one model and you are actually glad it is done, than you need a break from that model just to keep it interesting for you. So redoing a whole opt just to include one small thing isn't something you would like to do. Now this solution seems a bit selfish actually it is not, if you loose interest work tempo will go down so the release date will have to wait longer (not good i think). Also if you loose interest you will get sloppy and the OPT will not turn out as good as you would wanted it to be. All in all even if there doesn't seem to be a good reason for something to be denied there usually is, don't bug people with it, they might answer you in a way you might find offending.

    As for all the people who think that they need to give us a lesson in moral standards please start again at the top.

    For the rest off our faithful friends, let's sum this up shortly.

    This isn't a professional organisation

    We are NOT selling a game.

    You are not our clients.

    You don't owe us we don't owe you.

    We are no professional artists

    We are also not professional public relation people.

    We are just human and will react like such

    Yes we do make mistakes but don't we all

    Suggestion maybe made and will be taken in consideration.

    The one making the OPT will take the last decision to add something or not

    When a decision is made please respect it

    Don't start nagging

    Posting 30 new topics in less than 2 weeks will be considered SPAMMING

    You are a guest at our forum please respect our wishes

    I'm not speaking for the whole of the team but i'm sure alot of memebers will agree with me.



    SUPA Fighter Exterior shots have been uploaded Posted by Forceflow
    New shots from the Supa Fighter have been uploaded to the server! Make sure you check em out!


    Faq's have been updated! Posted by Forceflow
    The FAQs have benn updated with follwoing two questions regarding the Ties:

    Q.:Will the Ties have flight group colors?
    A.:No. For two reasons, first, there has been no movie evidence of Ties actually having flight group colors. Flight group colors for the Ties would also make the file size for the actual Ties a lot bigger, which is the other reason why we decided against flight group colors.


    Q.:Will all Tie's get unique cockpits?
    A.:No, not all of them. For once the Experimentals will not get cockpits at all. (since they are not flyable) Also, some of the Ties will most likely share the same cockpit, with only minor texture corrections. This has to be decided still though.
    I would like to remind everybody to check the FAQs regularly in order to avoid the problems we have on the Forum right now!


    Tie Advanced X1 done! Posted by Forceflow
    The Tie Advanced X1 is finished and DS made some great screenies of it! So you better check 'em out! Some thumbs to warm you up again:


    New High-Res screenshots Posted by Forceflow
    I everybody, I finally got my XWA to work properly with my new graphics card, so I thought o make some new high-res screenies for you guys! Today I made A-Wing, B-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Z-95, Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor screenshots! All are placed in the ships screenshots sections! (The high-res screens are at the bottom of the list, ususally between 5 and 8 pics!)

    I hope you like 'em! If you want more like those gimme a call and I see what I can do!


    It's a Sad Day Posted by Ypoknons
    I am sorry to say that Admiral Andy will be leaving us after the Supa fighter is complete due to Real Life complications. Andy has been a very dedicated worker for the XWAU, producing several excellent OPTs, and we wish him the best in his future endeavours. He will be sorely missed.


    And yet another script change. Posted by Forceflow
    Mhm, maybe I should post 'em all in once?

    Okay, this is what I did at first today:
    Something more technical, I updated the progress script again, so now all the links (either to the approbriate screenshot page, or the member page) are now back in. Should make navigation a bit easier!
    Hope you like it.

    But this aint enough for me :) So I actually hooked the Member Pages up to that script, too. So now actually all crafts that do have a members name on them will also finally show up on thier member pages! (Complete with the link to the screenshot section if needed :)

    So, this should make it a lot easier to actually keep track of who is doing what! I really would like the members to now go to their pages and check out the info there! If ships are missing or shouldn't be there please tell me!


    The BOOT Posted by Forceflow
    Post from Decoy on the Forum

    The BOOT thing started as a practical joke between DS and me and off cause Force although Force can't be held responsible since the main part came from my sick brain Any way it had something to do with a topic we are discussing over on the private forum, can't tell nothing about that yet but as soon as we can you will know.
    It's pretty simple actually the BOOT comes for the KICK So the BOOT was created and used on certain members on the forum, what started out as a joke turned in to something useful, at least we hope. We use it to warn people who are very close to the edge of what we will tolerate here at the forum or among the members of the team. If you get the BOOT all moderators and users will know you where, at least once, officially warned for your behaviour on the forum, if you screw up again all mod's will know what to do...... BAN. We will start with a week, when you will return you will find you're self with 2 BOOTs. Since we only have 2 feet we will only give you 2 BOOTs and with 2 boots you will be very close to a PERMA BAN.

    Can you loose the boots??? Yeah sure you can just behave a month and you will loose your BOOT for your second BOOT you will have to behave "good" for an additional 2 moths, so 3 in total to be clean again.

    Thats actually the whole BOOT-story, nothing more, nothing less... Ragnarok/BRL got his BOOT based on his past behaviour, he is the first user to get the BOOT but he unfortunately won't be the last. Just don't forget that he can loose the BOOT by behaving "good". Behaving "good" how ever doesn't mean you can't have you're own opinion, as long as you're opinion isn't illegal or anything and you don't keep repeating it you are still behaving quite ok, please keep that in mind. So i don't want to see no lynch mob's going after and labelling people who have got the BOOT, let the judging to us we will try to be as objective as possible. You want to nominate some one for the BOOT please do so by E-mail don't post it in public.

    The BOOT will remind people, close to the edge, that they can and will be kicked if necessary. That's all for now i hope that answered any questions you had about the little BOOT thingy. Ohh one last thing I'll see if i can loose the flashing animation

    In case you wonder, the BOOT looks like this:

    Also, if an official Member of the XWAU Team gets the BOOT, it means something different!!!

    The Rules section has been updated with this info, too!


    Teaser shot... Posted by Forceflow
    Hope you guys will like this teaser better than the last one!
    I hope to get some more pics to you over the weekend, but for now you'll have to go with this:


    Tie Avenger Shots are out! Posted by Forceflow
    Great NEws everybody! Darksaber finished the Tie Avenger today! With that ship ebing done there really isn't much more missing until the IFP can go into the patching phase! It's still gonna take some time, but we're definetifely getting a LOT closer now! Some thumbs to show you what we've got:


    Progress Section 'Updated' Posted by Forceflow
    Well, I just updated the progress section a bit. It's more of a technical update than a content update. (A reminder to all Members: Please check the progress section for errors!!!) The section is now based on a perl script I wrote. I am trying to make it interactive so actual members can change the stuff themselves. Well, it's still a long way to go, but at least it's now easier for me to make the approbriate changes!


    New shots available... Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, today Matt posted some new progress shots of the SSD. The new dxf is really awesome looking and I can'T wait to see that puppy textured! Be sure to check it out in the screenshot section! (You can find it under the progress pics!)

    Some thumbs as always:

    And we also got some new sbase shots of the Supa fighter, some modified textrures and stuff, so don't miss that one either!


    Small updates with the FAQs Posted by Forceflow
    I worked on the FAQ's a bit more. I just added some text, no actual questions. This is also a reminder for everybody to actually check the FAQs before posting on the board! There's been a lot of FAQ questions popping up lately on the Forum!!!


    A Talent for War is Back! Posted by Ypoknons
    Most of you probably already know this, but A Talent for War is back! ATFW has always been very helpful to us, I would like to thank them for their help.


    Battlestats.com: XWA Week of War Posted by K_Kinnison
    BattleStats again, hosted the largest XWA Gaming event called the "Week of War". In this event, gaming groups from around the world compete on The Zone for a 7 day, fly til you drop fest of exploding ships, fierce piloting, and die-hard gaming. At the end of the event, the wreckage is cleared, and the results are posted for the Best Groups, and players for the monthly event.

    over 60 groups, and 450+ players competed in over 1300 games. At the end, only the best could be decalred winners.

    Unoffical Club Results are:

    First place: New Republic Navy (NRN)
    2nd place: Global Starfighter Alliance (GSA)
    3rd place: Rebel Special Forces (RSF)

    Unoffical Player results are:

    First Place: NRN_Photon
    2nd place: GSA_Cardif
    3rd place: GSA_MARTIN

    More statistics here


    Resized the Awing download it directly from here. Posted by Darksaber
    This is the first time I have done this, so if there are any mistakes I apologise.

    Ok, as for Awing, basically I have just rescalled it to 6.24m as Saxman suggested to fit in with the size of the other fighters in the game, Oh and corrected the POV setting, so make sure you check the readme file for the new setting before testing it.

    You can either download directly from here

    Rescalled A-wing Version 2

    Or you can download it from my website at

    Darksaber's Opt Station

    Hope this works :)


    Tie Booster is done! Posted by Forceflow
    And DS did it again! Now he got the Tie Booster or experimental 5 done! That is great news and another great opt! So go ynd check it out!


    Some shots of the Supa Fighter and JM's personal info Posted by Forceflow
    Two in one today! First check out the new shots from the Supa fighter! Those are base shots. With the base being that good already I wonder how the exterior is gonna look! Some thingbs to get you started:

    And then JM did sent in his personal info, so be sure to check that one out, too!


    Matt's interview is done! Posted by Forceflow
    Hi everybody, today I have the interview with Matt! It's gives you quite some insight! Be sure to check it out!


    HAPPY is back! Posted by Forceflow
    Yes, that's right! I was able to finally find it in my old archives and was able to at least make it readable. (Sorry, I cannot include it into the Forum)
    Man, that threads brings back a LOT of memories. (Good and bad ones) After reading through it again I must say that this one was definetifely the BEST HAPPY Thread ever... So everybody go and check it out, it's one of the oldest thread now available, and one of the oldest to have ever been on the Forum! (And with 35 pages the longest, too!)


    And some more great Assault Gunboat shots! Posted by Forceflow
    And here they finally are! Today I got the final shots from the Gunboat, complete with the Cockpit shots, so be sure to check 'em out! As always some thumbs to water your mouths!


    Assault Gunboat Pics Updated... Posted by Forceflow
    I totally forgot to meantion that there also has been an update of the Assault gunboat pics! go check 'em out! The thumbs are still from the old versions, but most pics are new!
    (Okay, I am lazy... sorry...)


    Some great news for today! Posted by Forceflow
    JM is back, and he's really back! Today I am able to present you some screenies for the Dreadnaught done by JM! And let me tell you, that thing kicks some serious butt! It's awesome work!

    So come on and check 'em out in the screenshot section! Some thumbs to get you started:


    Dec's On Holiday Posted by Ypoknons
    Decoy has gone on a short holiday. Don't worry, he should be back in a few days.


    JM's New Website Posted by Ypoknons
    I know we usually don't post about new websites, but this one I really have to post about. Long time community member JM has gotten his phone working again and has a new website with all of his awesome OPTs, most of them having been revised. You really should check it out. Sorry to the people whose websites aren't posted about here, but I guess you'll understand.


    Teaser Posted by Ypoknons
    Here, we have a Mon Cal teaser for all of you.

    I wonder if you can figure out which Mon Cal it is.


    Forum problems? Posted by Forceflow
    I noticed today that the Forum was really slow on the load. I also got one or two error messages that vanished when I tried the same action again. Please report slowdowns and/or error messages to me so I can check out if the server is acting up or not.


    Progress Page Update Posted by Forceflow
    I just updated the progress page, corrected some erors and stuff...


    Avi Render of the Tie Interceptor Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, I placed the avi of the interceptor on the screenshot page, too. Go and check it out if you like it! The file was coded using DivX, so you'll need that codec.
    Hope you all like it!


    New Tie Interceptor shots Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, I hope Dec wont rip my head of because of that, but he send me the Tie Int model so I could use it in MAX. I played around with it a bit and checked what I could do with it. So far results aren't that great, but it's still a rather nice rotating animation I made. I put it up on the T/I screen page for you guys to check it out.
    Quality is rather low, but it should give you an idea. If you guys like it (and Dec is willing to help me) we might do more of those. So go and check the gif out. Be sure to give some feedback on it!

    (And let us all pray Dec didn't mind me putting it out so early, but next week is gonna be hell, so it was a now or never thing... well, now or in a week...)


    Flavids personal info and "disagreements" on the Forum Posted by Forceflow
    Well, first let's start with the happy news, Flavid send me his personal info, so you can check it out in the Contributer section.

    On a more serious note I am sure people have noticed the overall tense atmosphere over on the Forum. There's been some rather tiring discussions going on lately, and both sides seem to be in a rather bad mood, so I would aks everybody (Simple visitors and team members alike) to take a good and deep breath and to think before you post. I would like everybody to try to cheer up a bit and be a little more friendly. Some things should be taken into consideration:

    1. Is whatever I wanna post something interesting for others or is it simply a post to improve my post count?
    2. Is whatever I wanna post a friendly reminder or could it be just that I wanna piss off somebody?
    3. Does my post belong into THIS Forum or should I post it somewhere else? (If in doubt, choose the Pilot Lounge)
    4. Am I sure that the question/comment/suggestion I am making is not meantioned in the FAQ? (If in doubt, check there! If it is meantioned, drop it!)
    5. Is the person I am about to flame really an asshole or could it maybe just a newbie and a friendly reminder would be a lot more approbriate? (If in doubt, go for the newbie! If you're not in doubt about the person being an asshole, don't post)
    6. Am I behaving like a reasonable human being, or might I be pissed off right now and should maybe not post at all?

    If you consider all of this, and still think you should post, read 'em again, just to be 100% sure! And always remember:

    If in doubt, better shut up!


    And another one! Posted by Forceflow
    And we have another member! Most of you still know MJT I am sure, he's been accepted into his team for his grat work he showed us so far!
    With all those new members overall speed on the project should pick up! So I'd say that this is indeed great news!


    Two new Members Posted by Forceflow
    Helllo everybody! Great news, we got two new members for out team! Both Flavid and Sergione have finally been accepted into the team! And if things keep going like that we might even get some more really soon!

    But now, give a hand to our newest members!


    Matt's personal info Posted by Forceflow
    A near miracle happened today, Matt finally send in his personal info, so besides JM, Nob, and Defiant we all have 'em together now.
    Go check it out!


    Kung Hei Fat Choi! Posted by Ypoknons
    Okay, you didn't need to know this, but it's Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Long ma Jing Shen! Xue Xi Jin Bu! Just for fun here.


    Assorted Bits of News Posted by Ypoknons
    Not much going on right now, I guess. It's quite likely that we'll be doing a XvT and Collector's Edition of the RFP, but we'll have to wait until Darksaber gives his approval. In other news, long time community member and Mon Cal maker JM has returned, so that's good news. And well, start earning your ranks!


    Slightly modified Ranking System Posted by Forceflow
    Okay, I changed the ranking system a bit, just so you know what it looks like right now I give you a rundown on the ranks and needed posts to achieve them:

    up to 20: Recruit
    more than 20: Flight Cadet
    more than 50: Flight Cadet first grade
    more than 100: Flight Officer
    more than 200: Lieutenant JG
    more than 350: Lieutenant
    more than 500: Lt. Commander
    more than 1000: Commander
    more than 2000: Captain

    There's also a secret rank that I wont tell you off. If you find it you MAY receive a special title. Just always pay attention to your current rank and maybe some day you'll find it :)

    Oh and btw, if this now starts a frenzy of useless post I'll remove all custom ranks again and strip everybody of his/her post count! So behave!


    Interview with Saxman Posted by Forceflow
    I finally got the interview with Saxman ready and upped! Some interesting things about the 'father' of this project, so be sure to check it out!


    Link section updated Posted by Forceflow
    Hi there,

    I finally found the time to update the link section again! The new sites all showed up on the top referrer list I keep on the server, so I thought it would really only be fair to link to them, too! So go check 'em out!


    Missileboat done! Posted by Forceflow
    Great news for today! Matt has finished the Missileboat, and I must say it's a real beauty! Great work on the ext, awesome cockpit and great base model! All done by Matt!
    As always some thumbs, but make sure you see the whole show in the screenshot section!


    Reminder Posted by Ypoknons
    Please use the appropriate forum for the appropriate topics, not just the XWAU one. The XWAU forum is only for discussion that will have some large bearing on the project. Please talk about other topics in other forums. Thank you.


    First XWAU 1k Party Posted by Ypoknons
    The title says it all. A XWAU 1k party has been hosted on the forum by K_Kinnison along with Forceflow, Decoy, and K's little hero apprentice, JC. Check it out, that is, if you like dancing ladies.

    It's not really suitable for little kids like me, but the for the rest of you, it should be fine.


    Updated Asteroid Pics Posted by Ypoknons
    Guimauve has redone the turret on the Asteroid Laser Turret. Here' a pic:

    Be sure to give your feedback on the turret!


    Asteroid Turret and Poll Posted by Ypoknons
    First, Guimauve has sent us a DxF of the Asteroid Laser Turret, which is quiet well done. Be sure to check it out and give Guimauve an opinion.

    Sceond, this is a vote going on in the forum deciding what the Space Colony 2 should renamed to. This vote ends Janurary 7th.

    Sure about the slow news.