It's this time of the year... Posted by Forceflow
Well, well, well...

It's this time of the year again. I hope you all have a wonderfull Christmas and of course a great and happy new year!
I hope we'll all stick together some more and have a great time together!


Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

to all of you!


News - A new News Item Posted by Forceflow
Well, there's the news folks! There's a new 'News' Topic on the Frontpage of the site (Namely this one) showing you that we are
a) not dead and
b) still do read the Forums although it most likely doesn't look like it.

Unfortunately besides this mind staggering news, there really aint that much to tell. We've got some smaller opts in progress that might be released soon, though progress reports have been rather 'well spread' lately.

As for the wish for seasons greetings, that's still a little way to go. I am still at work and have a test (doesn't that suck, I have all the disadvantages of work combined with the disadvantes of school) tomorrow about databases and this sucks! So, don't expect any cheers from me until the end of the weekend. (Since I'll be off the internet on the weekend I wont be able to post any time sooner!)

Well, that's for the news, this item can be discussed here


XWAU vs XWA Posted by ACE Antilles
Wow news! ;)
The XWAU vs TG comparison thread keeps on growing larger and larger. With bigger pictures all the time!
Recent addtions are the: Interdictor, Muurian Transport, Mobquet Transport, Bulk Freighter and now the Azzameen Family Base.
Go to the forum and see what we've been doing for all this time! :)
"XWAU vs TG"


Missing Files Posted by Forceflow
The unavailable files have been moved to the main server and should now be accessible. If there are still problems with them please contact me!



Download problems Posted by ACE Antilles
We are having some "technical difficulties" with some of the Opt downloads. The Nexgo server we use is playing up.
So for a while some of the X-mod's might not be available to download. It also affects any images from there, so screenshots may also be affected. Normal service will be resumed soon. :)


XWAU vs TG - Battle of the opts! Posted by ACE Antilles
That's a feature I'm running on the XWAU forum. Hopefully you've all seen it? It's a comparison of all the TG opts with the XWAU ones.
It highlights the many massive improvements the XWAU Project has made over the years. I'll be adding more images as it goes along so check back regulary. Today I've posted the Gun Platform and Mine A.
Take a look here: "XWAU vs TG"


And there's even more... Posted by Forceflow
... coming the way! Another opt has been finished and is being uploaded to theserver as I type this! DS has done it again! This time he presents to you the completely redone (and new shuttle optimized ;) )Calamari Hangar!

Hope you all like it, but I am sure you will ;)

I can't tell you much, but be assured, there's more coming...

Comments about this new piece of art can be postet here


New Download Page just got a NEW DOWNLOAD Posted by Forceflow
Yes folks, that's right! We got a new Download! This time Darksaber did it all by himself! We are proud to present the

Lambda-Class Shuttle

An incredible piece of Art brought to you by Darksaber!
The Shuttel can be found in the new Download page! I hope you all enjoy it!

The new Shuttle can be commented here


New download page. Posted by ACE Antilles
I redesigned the XWAU Download page in a quiet moment. Forceflow has uploaded it to the site now.
I hope you all like it, it's a little more organised now.

Also pictures of the Tug and Proximity Mine A have been added to the "Other" page.


R-41 Screenshots added / Progress Updated Posted by Forceflow
Topic says it all. For comments about the R-41 keep posting here



R-41 Starchaser screenshots Posted by ACE Antilles
You can now view the screenshots that I created on the Forum.
I hope you like them. Well done to Flavid, Darksaber and Wraith1 on the Opt.

In an edit to Forceflow's earlier post, please post replys under that thread now. Here's the direct link.
"Presenting the R-41"



XWAU is not dead! Posted by Forceflow
Yes folks, we are not dead! And for proof we have the fact that the:

R-41 Starchaser is out!

Yes, you heard right, the R-41 is finished! Thanks got out to Darksaber who completed the model! Go and grab it in the downlaod section!

I didn't have the time to make screenshots, so if anybody out there would be so nice as to provide some for the page I'd really appreciate it!

Comments on this news-topic can be made here


Minor Update Posted by Forceflow
Marcos_Edson finished the proimity Mines. While this in itself might only be a small update it shows that he really can do awesome textures and so hopefully we'll see some more work from him soon!
One screenshots can be found here:
Other Opts

The XMOD is now available in the download section. (Link has been fixed and should work now!)

Comments about the Prox Mines should be made here:
Nice work on the Proximity Mines!


Flame Wars Posted by Forceflow
Hello Folks,

sadly it has come to my attention that Flame Wars seem to be errputing all over the place. Not only does it seem that threads are taken off-topic in a flame debate but whole flame threads seem to have been started.

Now, I know I don't control the boards as much as I used to. But I simply don't have the time, nor the energy to do so right now! What I also do not have right now is the patience for all of this!
So be warned, whoever flames my board will be punished, and I wont bother with any little things anymore like boots. You'll find yourself banned and that's it!

But also a warning to everybody else:
Don't feed the trolls!!!
Feeding the trolls on this board is no longer acceptible! Whoever is caught taking part in a flame thread will be in danger to be punished also! It's really simply, if you don'T have anything nice or productive to say, just don't touch the keyboard!

I am in a really bad mood lately, I've got a lot to deal with, so don't try me. It's a bad time, trust me!


Scary Stuff... Posted by Forceflow
Hey everybody, I just wanted to post something I found out this morning. It's toally XWAU UNrelated, but nevertheless improtant read. M$ and Intel, both making sure life on the PC is going o get MUCH more annoying and harder!

Some of that stuff is, at least in my opinion, even illegal in germany! (Not to meantion the new EULAs that come with the Media Player, I sure wont install that one)

I highly suggest everybody finds the time to actually read this:


I know it's a long read, but everybody should be aware of it!


Unofficial XWAU news Posted by ACE Antilles
Some more XWAU related news for you.

Over on my site you can now download the XWAU Assault Gunboat X-mod as a single opt! Matt has allowed me to host the X-mod so that anyone with download trouble can just get that, rather than the whole IFP. But get it anyway! :)
For more information take a look at my Forum area and head over to my site. The X-wing Outpost.

Also Darksaber has released the final version of his X-wing Fighter! After many revisions, the once XWAU original has been improved once again. It now has a great brand new cockpit and all over improvements! Look at his site for all the information.
Darksaber's Opt Station.


Well, well... Posted by Forceflow
Not much going on here right now, I know.
But be assured we are still working on the project, although it is slow right now. Basically I just wanted to remeber this one saying I just came up with. (Well, could be that this is in fact not my invention but that I read it somewhere some time ago, but it'S good nevertheless)

Life sucks! But always remember, tomorrow will be worse!

Okay, so it IS a depressing thought, but so is my internet bill and eveything else, so don't complain.


Page online again Posted by Forceflow
Okay, I activated the page again, hopefully all excess traffic the site generates now will not be on my bill. Since I switched into a higher (and more expensive) account.
I really hope we'll stay under the limit this month. This is really starting to eat away my resources.

Well, for now go ahead and post on the forum again. All files are available for download, too, again.


Forum Offline Posted by Forceflow
Hey Folks, as most of you probably already noticed the Forums are offline. As are all downloads.
Everything will be up again in a couple of days, but I fear for now they have to be off for at least 2 or even three days. My providers wants at least $50 from me for the exceeding traffic my page generated this month and additional traffic will just cost me more and more. So unless somebody has some big bucks he can send over to me asap the page will need to be in this half functional status until the first of June.

I am really sorry about this, I know it's quite bad, and I don't like that I have to do it, but I just don't have this kind of money right now.

Hope you all will stick with me on this one.



Forum Updated Posted by Forceflow
I updated the Forum. While this might only be temporary this new Forum will be online for now.
In case the link to the Forum doesn't work reload the navbar!

If all fails use this link:

Hope it all works.


XWAU Skirmish Pack Posted by ACE Antilles
Well it's not an official XWAU update but it is related.
I've released a XWAU dat pack on my site. It contains pics of the XWAU opts which you can import into Datech for the Skirmish Editor.
Take a look at my site for the full details and also look on my Forum. :)
The X-wing Outpost.


TUG is ready for download! Posted by Forceflow
Happy Easter everybody! I have an easter egg fo you! The Utility TUG is done and can be downloaded!


Chat Posted by Forceflow
Okay folks, FINALLY it's possible to not only post on the Forum but do a real-time IRC chat! Many thanks to Defiant for setting this up!

One reminder for everybody, nicks on the IRC chat do not have to be the same as on the Forum. So Just 'cause somebody is named like somebody on the Forum it doesn't mean he actually IS the one on the Forum!

Anyways, this will be a test phase for now. Hope you all like it!

Happy chatting!


ILC Pics Posted by Forceflow
I added the ILC screens that Ace posted in the Forum.
Thanks again Ace


ILC pictures Posted by ACE Antilles
Some comparison pictures of the Landing Craft opt by MJT can now be seen on the Forum. Take a look to see the improvements over the TG version. :)


Added the Gun Platform Comparison Picture Posted by Forceflow
Topic sais it all :) Thanks again Ace!


Gun Platform comparison Posted by ACE Antilles
Well I hope you are having fun taking hits from the Gun Platform? :)
Take a look at the comparison pics in the Forum to see the beauty shooting you!


Added some Comparison Shots Posted by Forceflow
Thanks again to Ace I was able to add two more comparison shots into the screenshot sections. One from the Azzameen Family Base and one from the Interdictor!
Check them out, and thanks again Ace!


Another Opt ready for you! Posted by Forceflow
Although small in size, it still looks aweseome and is featured in quite some missions, so be sure to download the

Gun Platform

Have fun with it!


Interdictor comparison pictures Posted by ACE Antilles
Always keeping myself busy! You can see the comparison shots I did of the Interdictor in the Forum now.

Also go to the LucasArts Forum for some news about the latest Star Wars game.


Azzameen Base pictures Posted by ACE Antilles
I've posted a comparison picture of the old and new Azzameen Base opt on the Forum. Plus more screenshots, take a look. Darksaber did a great job!


New Opt Viewer released! Posted by ACE Antilles
BiosBoy has released his great Opt Viewer utility!
It's a 2002 replacement for such programs as Opt Explorer, Opt Snooper and Tex Extract. It can't do everything that they do but it does most, all in the 1 program too. See my Forum for more details and check out his website for download ASAP! ;-)
Displays information on:
Meshes, Textures, Transparent textures, Palettes, Mesh information, Levels of detail, Face groups, Flightgroup textures, selected Hardpoints and a lot more too!
BiosBoys Blaster Shop.


The Interdictor is out! Posted by Forceflow
Great new everyone! We have a package to deliver!
Yes, that's right folks, the

Immobilizer 418-Class Interdictor Cruiser

is done and waiting to be downloaded! I hope you'll enjoy this one!


Some small update Posted by Forceflow
I finally got around putting some screens for the Mobquet Medium Transporter up! You can find those in the screenshot page!

Thanks for the Pics Ace!


This is it! Posted by Forceflow
Okay, folks, I have great news for all of you! It's finnally been decided to give you what you've all been waiting for a very long time!

Yes that's right! The

Lulsla-Class MC-40a Light Calamari Cruiser

can finally be downloaded! I hope you all have fun with this one!

We aint dead, yet!


Interdictor shots and updated Dreadnaught! Posted by Forceflow
Yes, we've got more screenshots! This time from the awesome Interdictor done by Flavid that is waiting to be released. It's not gonna take long, so be sure to drop by regularly!

In adition to that did JM send me an updated version of his dreadnaught, so be sure to download that one again!

Happy hunting!


Gun Platform Screenshots Posted by Forceflow
Screenshots from the newly finished Gun Platform are available in the screenshot section!


XIS Update Posted by Darksaber
Defiant has another update of XIS for you, this it what he has to say about it: -

I've made some much-needed updates to XIS, mostly preventative measures, but another to address DAT installation now that more is known about them. Some people have been having trouble (Since 2.6?) uninstalling mods, but so far I haven't been able to recreate the problem. It will delete the backup log, but leave all of the other files intact. Contact me if you (still) run into the problem and I'll try to find some sort of common ground.

Changes: -

  • New command: AddToResData
  • Error checking for ZT patches. This should prevent a corrupted patch from writing past the end of the file and making it bigger.
  • Removed the extension checking from 2.4. It was more trouble than it was worth, and wasn't really all that secure.
  • Some fixes to the backup system, the script parser, and the InstallMissionVoice command.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the release notes box.

    Like Defiant said "if you (still) run into problems uninstalling mods" please use his forums at Defiant's Flying Temple and explain the problem in detail so he can try to find some sort of common ground.

    Downloads the new version from Defiant's Flying Temple


Fighters Fixed Posted by Darksaber
OK! I made new 202 files for each and have thoroughly tested the A-wing, B-wing and ANH TIE Fighter. This time (Fingers Crossed) they are fine, and you can go ahead and download them again.

Ok Hope you enjoy them and again I apologise for the bug in the previous versions.

Please visit Darksaber's Opt Station to download the bug free versions now!


Warning about the New A-wing & B-wing Posted by Darksaber
There is a BIG problem with the ZT/202 files in these two Xmods

Basically they got screwed somewhere along the line.

This goes for everyone who have downloaded the new versions.

Delete both the A-wing and B-wing from your HD, DO NOT INSTALL THEM! They WILL screw up your XWA.exe

May I also point out that this has nothing to do with XIS what so ever.

And I am profoundly sorry if they HAVE already screwed up your exe.

But then again you take that risk when installing them and I won't be held responsible for your own actions.

You install them at your own risk!

Fixed versions will be available soon!


IRD Fighter released! Posted by Forceflow
And another opt is waiting to be downloaded! Yes, that's right, JM's awesome


is done! Go and get it!


And yet another one! Posted by Forceflow
Yes people, that's right, we've got yet another opt ready for you! You saw it already on the Forum, and here it is finally the:

Mobquet Transport

Hope you all enjoy this one!