and a Happy New Year Posted by Forceflow

Well, so this is it. Another year has passed. It certainly was an eventfull year, both in terms of history and in terms of the XWAU. We released a lot of great new opts this year and recruited some new people.
We had our good times, we had our bad times, but we're still alive and kicking looking forward to survive yet another year.

So everybody, be good, try not to blow yourself up tonight so that we'll see again in yet another new Year!


Merry Christmas Posted by Forceflow

it's this time of the year again I guess! So a Merry Christmas to all of you, whereever you are, whatever you do. Another year has almost passed, and I think we can all agree that overall it was a good year.

Best to all of you!


Updated Rank System Posted by Forceflow

Just thought to use my time and Update the Ranks a bit. I added some new low post ranks and changed the high post ranks, plus I renamed the moderator rank. For a complete list view below or consult the FAQ section:

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0 - 10 Posts

10 - 25 Posts
Cadet 4th Class
Cadet 4th Class

25 - 50 Posts
Cadet 3rd Class
Cadet 3rd Class

50 - 100 Posts
Cadet 2nd Class
Cadet 2nd Class

100 - 250 Posts
Cadet 1st Class
Cadet 1st Class

250 - 500 Posts

500 - 750 Posts
Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

750 - 1000 Posts

1000 - 2000 Posts
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

2000 - 3500 Posts

3500 - 5000 Posts

5000 - 7500 Posts

7500 - 10 000 Posts
Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral

> 10 000
Vice Admiral
Vice Admiral 

Fleet Admiral
Fleet Admiral  



Preybird Available Posted by Forceflow
Most of you most likely know already that DS finished the Preybird, now it's available here :)

Go grab if you don't have it!

some screenies as always!

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Edited Layout Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks,

I thought about the many suggestions and comments that have been made on the Forum about the new Layout and tried to incorporate as many as possible into the new Layout V2...

So, keep the suggestions coming!

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New Page Design Posted by Forceflow
Hello Everybody!

As you probably noticed the page has a new look. (If you haven't noticed, hit F5 repeatedly and/or clean your glasses) The special thing about this particular Design is, that it's actually made by me! (For all you younger participants of this Forum I might add that my Photoshop and artistic skills are really bad!) I am not quite sure if I myself like the new Design, but I got so tired of the old one to give it a shot.

So, fire away, what do you think?


P.S. Commenting on this new Design is mandatory!!! ;) It doesn't have to be all positive, it just needs to be honest!

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Update CRL Posted by Forceflow
A fixed Version of the Light Calamari Cruiser has been uploaded, so the problem with the crafts not being able to land should be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvinience.


Cloakshape Fighter Posted by Forceflow
And they just keep on coming and coming!
Next up is the Cloakshape Fighter, excellent work by Marco Antonio Malheiros, yet again! Grab it while it's hot!

And some pics so you know what you'll get into:

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Container Transport Posted by Forceflow
And another faboulous opt done by Darksaber is being released! (Wow, we are really picking up speed again!) Incredibly piece of work done by the man Darksaber himself! Grab it while it's hot!

And some screenies just for you:

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Escort Shuttle available for Download Posted by Forceflow
Hello Folks!

I am sure most of you already grapped the excellent Escort shuttle done by Marco Antonio Malheiros from Darksabers site. Great work, and we hope to see more from him, soon! (And I can tell you it does look very promising!)

Be sure to grab it if you don't have it!

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Modular Conveyor Released Posted by Forceflow
Hello folks!

As I am sure you are all already aware of Gringlas marvelous work on the Modular Conveyor! The team checked it out and now here it is, ready to be blown to bits and pieces!

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UK games mag new Star Wars article. Posted by ACE Antilles
The latest GamesTM magazine writes about the state of Star Wars games. And a large part of the feature was written by myself, Ace Antilles! :-) The XWAU even gets a name drop. ;-) For full details check out the post in my forum.


!!!HELP!!! Posted by Forceflow
Okay people, I need your help! I am being SWAMPED with e-mail viruses and it seems at least some of them are coming from people here at XWAU. I just deleted 1500 email (150MB!!!) worth of e-mails which I must've gotten within the last couple of days.
So PLEASE everybody install a VIRUS SCANNER on your system asap! While I wrote this message I already got another 10 Virus e-mails.
On the same note, it seems there are just about as many Virus e-mails are being sent in my name (there have been another 700 to 800 Mails that I deleted that had the 'Undeliverable mail:' in their header), so if you get an e-mail from me and I didn't tell you I'd send you a mail with an attachment don't open it without checking back with me!

Thanks a lot



Imperator Class Star Destroyer Posted by Forceflow
Finally again something big to release! And this thing is truly big! Matt has really outdone himself with the ISD. Great work, I hope you all will enjoy it! There are actually two Version out, the ANH and the ESB Version, so grab which ever you like better. (Or grab both if you feel like it :)

Here some pics to get you started as always:

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Coming Soon Posted by Forceflow
Yes, that's right folks, we've got something really nice and really big coming your way soon!
Final Test-Phase has begung so watch out for this release!

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Posted by Forceflow
Okay, besides the point that my hometown soccer team still didn't make into first league (again within the very last minute of the game) We do have a new release so at least there's something I can be happy about :)

Yes that's right folks, reports of our death have been exaggerated! (Though not by much, I know) Anyways General Trageton, our newest member, hast just given me the go to release the Toscan Fighter, so head over to the download section and grab it while it's hot!

Here some screenies to get you started:

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Welcome the Newest Member of the Team Posted by Darksaber
General Trageton, who submitted his soon to be released Toscan Fighter to the Team and now has been accepted

So please give a warm welcome to General Trageton


New Release Posted by Forceflow
Yes Folks, that's right! We've got something new for you! This time it's the container Pack. They might be small, but they pop up in just about every mission and now they look damn good!

Thanks a lot for JC and Marcos Edson who made this release possible!

Here some screenies to get you started:

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Away Posted by Forceflow
Hey folks, I'll be gone for the next 4 days (most likely drinking the little remains of my brain out) on a class trip in Amsterdam.
In case I do survive and have enough brain cells left I'll be back sometime friday (or most likely saturday)
Behave and stay good!


War Posted by Forceflow
Again in a few years has the world as I knew it changed drastically and I am depply saddened to see this. I am also frightened into what this world may change and what consequeces those changes will mean for every one living on this world.

Today the United States of America declared themselves prosecutor, judge and executioner all in one person. Today all contracts ever been made after the second world war have been nullified. The order in which we have lived in for the last 60 or so years has been made meaningless.

The United States have decided to attack a souvereing country against the protests of most nations. No matter how Gerorge W. Bush may call it, this is an attack and not self defense.
Yes, Saddam Hussein is a dictator, yes he is dangerous and yes, he may be called evil. However, the USA is attacking him for grounds of breaking UN Laws, which in fact have been broken tonight, by the USA themselves.

The USA have repeatedly demonstrated that no rules, no contracts or laws have any meaning for themselves, and I feel that this is a very dangerous thing. I do not know if an attack on Iraq was the only way, I do not know if it will in fact make things better, I do not know what I would have done. But I do know that the way the USA chose is a very treacherous and dangerous way, not only for the USA or Iraq, but rather for the whole world.

Nevertheless, my heart goes out to the American and British soldiers who risk their lives for a cause they believe is just and right. Those are brave men who are willing to sacrifice their lives to make the world a better and safer place.
My heart also goes out to the Iraqi soldiers, who often have no other choice than to fight a war in which they will most likely die. They have no other choice because Saddam is holding their families and will undoubtly kill their families should they not obey him.
But first and foremost my heart goes out to the Iraqi population, who have no other choice but to live where they have been born. Who have suffered for many years already and will suffer even more now.

I hope that those who fight this war will remember that most on all sides of this war do not want to die and do not want to kill, but rather only want to live in peace and freedom.

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Added the Assault Frigatte Posted by Forceflow
Finally got around to adding DS great Assault Frigatte! This certainly is one fine piece of ship! Hope you all like it!
Btw, if anybody has some good screenshots from this baby it would be great if you could send them over to me, thanks.

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New Release Posted by Forceflow
Yeah we finally sorted things out and decided to release the Imperial Landing craft.

We hope you all like it, while it does not come with a cockpit (as originally planned) it should still be a real beauty to look at!

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It's been a while Posted by Forceflow
Well, again you people have not heard much from me lately. I am sorry about this. But things have changed, this place has changed, the community has changed. I have changed.

I can still remember how this all started, or better how it all started for me. Dec told me about this cool project, and once I had seen their webpage I knew there needed to be some work done. Since then (how long was that ago? 2 years? Or even more) I have spent countless hours on this webpage. I spend whole weekends saving the page or the forum, uploading, downloading, converting. There have been times when I worked 'till 4am to get things straight. There where months were I visited the Forum 10 times a day, read every single thread and knew every single member who posted on the Forum. Every new registered member was a cheer and hitting 100 000 visitors was the reason for a great party.

Just recently we hit 500 000 hits. That's half a milling visitors. This should've been reason for a damn big party, however I didn't even notice until a couple days later. This is when it hit me.

Things aren't what they used to be!

There have been so many friends I lost over the time. People I thought would stick with us till the end.
So is this the end?
Is XWAU really dead?
I don't know.
What will happen to the XWAU?
I don't know.
Am I giving up on it?
I don't know.
I am sorry, but I really don't know. I've spent less and less time on and with the page. I barely read the Forum these days, and with basically everybody quitting the project I really don't know what to do. I simply lost control over it. I used to smell a flame war before it errupted, now I usually see it once somebody closed down the thread. I don't even know who from the moderators is still active. Besides Defiant and Ace Antilles, whom I really want to thank for doing what is supposed to be my job.
I made a little effort today and finally got over it adding all the updated crafts from Darksaber to the page. (They are just the ones being at his page for very long, so please only download them if you haven't gotten them from his site. Traffic aint cheap these days) Though considering this should have been done something like half a year ago or so it certainly doesn't make things that much better.

I am still wondering about how things are going to turn out. XWAU is not dead yet, but to be honest, it doesn't look good either.

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"I have a bad feeling about this!" - The current state of the XWAU. Posted by ACE Antilles
NEWS! Bet you had forgotten what it was like! Bad news really.
Flavid has official quit the XWAU. :(
He like many has not enough time to contribute to the project anymore. He will pop by now and again. Thanks Flavid for all the great new opts you brought us last year! :)

This leaves only 2 opters. Matt is still doing the ISD's and Marcos, who is making nice progress on Containers.
Nobody else is working or opting anything!
JM was doing new Calamari's but we don't know if he still is or has done anything in a long while.

There are some "finished" Opts that could be released. But IF/when they do, there won't be much for a long time after that.
Hopefully the situation will change but at this time those are the facts. It's only fair I tell you how it is.


Another one bites the dust! Posted by ACE Antilles
I also official "quit" the XWA Upgrade team. :(
My role as a tester has been obsolete for a long time now. As there has been nothing to test and everyone does it themselves.
I still think a lot can be done for the XWAU but it can't be done by 2-3 people alone! The project has no leader and is suffering.

I have tried to keep things interesting. Making new screenshots, download pages, comparisons, ideas etc. But making all this effort alone and when no one else can be bothered is very depressing. Also without the Opts that everyone wants it does no good.
I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet. Just recently though it seems that myself, Marcos and Darksaber were the only ones wanting to see things done. Forceflow will implent things as well as he always does. But if no one suggests or does anything there is nothing for him to do! As I said I am fed up of posting my ideas on deaf ears.

I will still carry on as Moderator and help out the XWAU now and again. Plus I want to get out many incomplete XWA projects of my own. But I officially step down from an "active" XWAU member list.