Victory Star Destroyer Update 1.1 Posted by General_Trageton
Another update! I've made a few changes to the VSD that fix a problem which would returning ships not land correctly or even crash into the hull. The problem should be fixed now.

PLEASE NOTE: Until Forceflow uploads the new version, you can only get it from Vince T's X-Wing HQ. The version found here is still the old one!

Sorry for the inconveniences!


Fix to the Firespray! Posted by General_Trageton
Darksaber has made an update to the great Firespray, which fixes a problem that eventually crashed the game.

You can download the update from Darksaber's X-Wing Station

Again, apologies for any complications!


Firespray Attack Ship Released! Posted by General_Trageton
We've got another one for you! Master Qui-Gon and Darksaber just finished the famous Firespray Attack ship, more populary known as Slave One. This Baby features four FG colors(EPV slave 1, EP2 Slave 1, Andrasta, etc.) and allows you to choose from three different weapon configurations:

Boba's Firespray

Azzameen Firespray

Jango's Firespray

Civilian Firespray

A word from the authors:

"There are three options for the Firespray Attack Ship which you can install.

Option 1: This version has the standard lasers as seen on the old Totally Games version, which are Green Lasers on the turrets at the bottom and the Missiles coming from the middle guns as I can't remove of those guns, but if you look at the TG version the missiles are place around that same point.

Option 2: This version will fire Yellow lasers with missiles placed in exactly the same positions as Option 1, but the only drawback to this is, that you do not hear any laser fire sounds and I don't know how to fix this.

Option 3: This option fires Red lasers from the middle guns, turbo red lasers from the turrets and missiles placed under the turrets, as seen on Jango Fett's Slave 1 in Attack of the Clones, which makes this version of the Firespray more powerful."

You can download this great piece of work from Darksaber's X-Wing Station
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Merry Christmas Everyone Posted by K_Kinnison
Hoping you all get your own Christmas "Upgrades" this year.


Victory Class Star Destroyer Released Posted by Forceflow
Hello everybody and an early Merry Christmas! Speaking of early, we also have an early present for you guys! Trageton's incredible Victory Class Star Destroyer is now available for download! So be sure to click it before heading to your next Christmas celebration!

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Coming up this Christmas Posted by General_Trageton
Christmas time is nearing and so is the completion of the Victory-Class Star Destroyer

For now, here's a little something to ease the wait! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving! Posted by K_Kinnison
From all of us at XWAU, have a happy Thanksgiving.

Just Don't let your eyes, put fat on your thighs


Rebel Medium Transport Released Posted by Forceflow
And here you though you've seen it all ;)
We have yet another opt to present to you. This time the incredible Rebel Medium Tranport Done by Marco!
Great work there!

Now Actually Available! Sorry about that...

So be sure to grab it while it's fresh!

Also Some screenshots of the Luxury Yacht and the Rebel Medium Tranpsort have been added to the Screenshots section!

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LuxuryYacht released Posted by Forceflow
Qui-Gons superb LuxuryYacht is now finally vaialable for download! Hope you'll enjoy this one!

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Upgraded ISDs available! Posted by General_Trageton
By to popular demand, our own Darksaber has upgraded Matt's great Star Destroyers, which now feature destroyable weapon systems.

But you've waited long enough, so without further ado, here they are!

Now finally available in the Downloads Section!

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Modified Corvette Release!!! Posted by Gringlas
Hey, guys!

Darksaber was able to finish the installer today, so I can proudly present you the Modified Corvette. Model is by Marcos Edson, textures and opting by myself, Gringlas.

As Forceflow isn't available for two weeks now, I just uploaded it to my server. Here is the download link:

Now finally available in the Downloads Section!

Have fun!

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Coming soon, and not so soon Posted by K_Kinnison
We have some new ships coming up the pipe, and decided to offer some teaser pics to keep you hanging in suspense.

You fell in love with this ship in ESB with the super powers of "Stand by, Ion control" and "Escorting X-wings". We have the Rebel Transport by Marco. Sadly, we cannot show you the front since it is still at the secret rebel base:

(Click on images to view at thier full size)

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Nearing it's completion and almost ready for release we have a ship that takes a good idea, and makes it better. This ship "the flanneled one" decided not to use to replace the Tantive IV in the DVD release of the old Star Wars movies. So, The Modified Corvette with it's Model done by Marcos_Edson and Textures by Gringlas will be coming soon to a download link near you!:

(Click on images to view at thier full size)

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A New Release --> Modified Action Transport Transport Posted by Forceflow
Yes, we finally got another one for oyu guys! JM did it again and we are proud to present the Modified Action Transport Transport for download!

Grab it while it's hot, and enjoy the ride!


Progress and Lightsaberist aka BRL Posted by Forceflow
Two things, one very happy thing:

I finally got around to update the Progress page so the info on it should be 99% accurate! (Yay me...) So you folks can actually take a look at it and see what is done and still needs to be done. (For example what ships could need some textures) Hopefully this will get us moving again!

Now to the annoying thing.
BRL (currently posting as 'The Lightsaberist') is back. Now, most of you are too new to know what's going on and I will not go into details, but everybody know this:
BRL has been banned a long time ago for very good reasons and is not welcome here! Ever since he was banned he keeps coming back by registering under other nicks with different e-mail addresses.
This behaviour is and always will be completely unacceptable
I do not care whatsoever what you think about BRL. He is not welcome here, and everybody who disagrees with that will have to live with that fact quietly.
I do not want to hear one single word about it. This you will simply have to accept if you wish to be welcome here.

Simply ignore him, he will be dealt with as best as is possible. Everybody pouring more oil into the fire will also be dealt with!

Oh btw, all of Lightsaberists posts have been deleted. Might make for some strange reading in some threads, but since he rarely had something on-topic to say it shouldn't matter that much.


Fixed Version of the Corvette Posted by Forceflow
I uploaded Darksabers fixed Version of the Corvette, so grab it while it's hot ;)


Downloads being Redone Posted by Forceflow
Hi Folks,

due to the fact that I keep messing up the downloads (and that updating them is a pain) I am redoing the script. This might lead to the unavailability of the download page for a little while. Should be done soon though! (Say an hour at most)

Okay, I modified the download-script so I'll have an easier time updating it now. (Meaning there's less room for me to mess up things ;) It looks very plain right now, I know, but I am working on that.

Okay, it certainly is no longer plain... but I dunno, it does appear to be a tad much now... waddaya think?

Comments are highly appreciated! (And yes, I know that there are two pics missing, working on that)

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Corellian Corvette Posted by Forceflow
Yes we have another model :)
This time it's an incredible Corellian Corvetter, originally being done for Jedi Knight by GoZ_Spaceboy, Opted by Berruga and tweaked by Darksaber. This is some incredibly nice piece of work!

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Another Update to the Corellian Gunship Posted by Forceflow
Darksaber has just informed me that he has tweaked the Corellian Gunship yet again. So you might want to redownload it. It's just some fixes with the turrets, so for all you modem users you might want to think about that.


Stormtrooper Transport Posted by Forceflow
I am very happy to announce that the incredible Stormtrooper Transport has now been officially added to the XWA-Upgrade page! Hope you all enjoy this one as much as we do!

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Space Colony 2 Posted by Forceflow
And one more!
Yes, we have yet another opt to present, and again a big one :)

This time it's General_Trageton's incredible Space Colony 2! Hope you will all enjoy it!

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And another one to go! Posted by Forceflow
Well, you've all seen Col. Fishguts great Escort Carrier and the XWAU is proud to be able to know host his work!
So start up your download managers, 'cause this one is a must have!

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Small Bug in CorellianGunsip Posted by Forceflow
Hello Folks,

unfortunately there has been a small problem with the Gunship which now has been corrected. Darksaber sends his apologies to all who already downloaded the Ship.

The fixed Version is available for download here now.


Updated Corellian Gunship Posted by Forceflow
Some of you may hav e already seen Darskaber's great new two Corellian Gunhsips. If not, be sure to check them out now! Both Versions look astonishing and you'll get to choose inside the installer which one you'll want!

In addition to that there has been a small fix with the Lambda Shuttle, which is now also available for download here!

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A warm welcome to all visitors from Penny-Arcade Posted by Forceflow
Well, it seems like XWAU just got a popularity boost, big time.
Our Hits just trippled, but unfortunately that also kicked our main download server over the Bandwidth border, so I am afraid the downloads are down for today. According to Griffin they should be back up tomorrow, so don't be too dissapointed, you will get the downloads.

Okay, the downloads should be available again! Since I still had them backed up on my server I could simply chage the download script again. So everybody who couldn't get the files can get them now!

And btw, everybody coming from Penny-Arcade, be sure to say hello in here :)


Virus Warnings Posted by Forceflow
Well, since this problem does seem to keep popping up, again another warning from me considering eMail Virus Messages.

Some important things to remeber:

  • eMails are always potentially dangerous!
    Don't point and click at everything you get before double cheking that it is what it seems to be! Everything that seems odd should be tripple checked!

  • Never open any attachement without running it through a virus scanner!
    And it doesn't even matter whether you expected the file or not. Some Virus nowadays when the machine sent somebody a file and then pretend to be a follow up of that message.

  • Just because the header says an eMail is from your best friend, girlfriend, lover or whatever, does NOT in any way mean it's really from them!
    eMails are like normal letters, you can write anything you want into them! Nobody bothers to check it!

  • www.fun.com may not only be an URL but could easily be a file
    Check if it's really an URL and not an attachement! (Some really nasty trick that one if you ask me)

  • I will never ever send you a file unless you specifically request it from me!
    Never, ever, period! I certainly don't send any .exe, or .bat, or .com files, ever. So should you ever get an eMail that appears to come from me with a potentionally dangerous filetype (including but certainly not limiting to the above meantioned) there is an incredibly good chance it's a virus!

  • Make sure your eMail Programm is configured so that it will not hide known file extensions!
    This is a Windows problem, can be configured in the folder options. Just because on first sight it looks like a .txt file doesn't mean it really is. (That is if your OS hides the file extensions)

  • Anything that looks like it's coming from me but is not from forceflow@gmx.net is not from me!
    I only use this address to mail to other people! Never anything else! The only other address used is webmaster@xwaupgrade.com which is only used by the Forum for info messages! Absolutely nothing else!

  • Recently many Virus have sent zip files that are password encrypted!
    Do not open those files! Why would anybody send you a pw-protected file that you did not request and then post the pw in the eMail?

That's what I can think of on top of my head. There's more I am sure, but that's a start I'd say.

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Planetary Fighter Released Posted by Forceflow
And now finally also available on the XWAU-Page! The Planetary Fighter done by Marco Antonio Malheiros! Great work!

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Asteroids released! Posted by Forceflow
Again great work on those Asteroids Abolisher! They have been avaluated by the team and are now being released as an official XWAU-Model! Go grab them while their hot!

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Problems with financing the server Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks!

Today (well more or less) I lost my biggest contractor which basically paid for my webspace. (Not directly of course, but with the monthly income I got from this contract I was able to maintain the webspace without loosing money) Unfortunately I have to reconsider what to do now.

The webspace costs me 40 ? (about 50 $) per month. Due to the high traffic that the XWAU generates (between 25GB and 30GB) I cannot find a cheaper webspace which offers me all the freedoms that I need.

Now, my financial situation does allow me to continue hosting for a while, but sooner or later I have to do something about this. The project simply starts to cost me way too much.

So, does anybody have any ideas on what to do? Webspace would help, but please, before you start sending in links to hosters make sure that those providers are good! It is hihgly unlikely that you'll find one that is free and includes enough webspace (around 200MB I would guess), PHP, SSI, free Perl scripts and of course at [b]least[/b] 30GB of traffic per month.

I did try placing add banners on the page before, but that didn't work out (pretty much got ripped off by them) and I don't see another solution for now. (I did think about PayPal for donations, but am simply not sure about that one, anybody has any experience with that?)

Any other suggestions would also be helpful. Money is getting tight over here and I really don't know how much longer I can maintain the page.

Suggestions or comments here


Small Update Posted by Forceflow
Hey Folks,

apparently there was a little mixup with our latest release. The Containerpack 2 available on the page didn't have the most up-to-date versions of the containers in it. This has been fixed now.


New Opts Posted by Forceflow
Hello folks!

Finally we got something for you again! And quite a bit this time, too!

First there's Decoys Corellian Gunship which has been cleaned up a bit and now is finally being released!

But that's not all, there's also the ContainerPack II available for download! Hope you'll enjoy blowing up those babies, too!

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