Victory Class Star Destroyer 1&2 Released Posted by Forceflow
I am sure you all know it already, but just to be sure, Generel_Trageton released his great Models of the Vicotry Class Star Destroyer 1&2.
Both have been added to the download section.

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Xiytiar Transport Posted by Forceflow
And again a great new OPT for the XWAU! This time it's Berruga's incredible Xiytiar Transport!
Go check it out now!

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Escape Pod released Posted by Forceflow
And another one done! Proud to present Master Qui-Gon's great Escape Pod. Get it while it's hot!

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Freighter Type K released Posted by Forceflow
And again an incredible piece done by Marcos! The Freighter K is now availabe for download!

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!!!DO NOT REPLY TO PRIVATE MESSAGES!!! Posted by Forceflow
I said it before, and I'll say it again:
Do not reply to private messages via eMail
These messages will not end up with the whoever send you the messages but will end up in my own eMail account. The PM notification is just this, a notification. The Mail you are getting is in fact generated by the message board and as such is also being send by it. (Thus the webmaster@xwaupgrade.com eMail Adress as the sender of the mail)
So, unless you really feel the need to share private information, passwords, insults to XWAU Members and the such with me you should really consider using the Forums reply function.

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SpaceColony 3 Released Posted by Forceflow
You've already been teased about it, and now you can finally get it! XWAU is proud to presents General_Trageton's newest Masterpiece, the SpaceConlony 3

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NEWS FLASH: George Lucas Hates AotC, Going Into Music Biz Posted by K_Kinnison
Director George Lucas says that he ?couldn?t care less? if moviegoers don't like his last and final installment of the Star Wars franchise, ?Revenge of the Sith?. He spoke last Thursday at the ShoWest convention at Paris/Las Vegas.

?In fact,? Lucas went on, ?I hate it myself. ?Revenge of the Sith? is the biggest piece of crap I have ever done.?

?It?s so hard to be objective about your own work,? said Lucas. ?One morning I got out of bed, and grabbed one of the old screenplays and read it while having my oatmeal. ?God! This stuff is really awful? I remember thinking. ?Obi-Wan Kenobi?? Where in the hell did that come from?

?But I?ve kept quiet up until now because this whole thing, painful as it has been, has been quite lucrative, as you know. I learned early on that you have to play towards your audience-give ?em what they want. They wanted crap and I?ve been rolling it out and rolling in it for nearly 30 years now. The filthy lucre anesthetized me.?

Conventioneers sat in stunned silence as Lucas derided the picture, and the entire series. ?That?s the film that we?ve been counting on to jump-start the summer season,? said Kerry Snowball, manager of the Cineplex 22 in Waco, Texas. ?We still can maybe count on ?Legally Blonde-Back to the Future? to save our asses. I just don?t know.? The theater business has been characterized as lackluster over the last 18 months. ?Some of the movies that were supposed to be big just flopped,? said Snowball. ?We were left holding the proverbial bag of popcorn.?

People close to Lucas confirm that he is going to sell Lucasfilms, and start working on Music videos for bands such as "no doubt" and "Third Eye Blind". The future of the Star Wars universe is unclear.


Passenger Liner released Posted by Forceflow
And again we are proud to present an incredible new opt! This time it's JM's beautifull Passenger Liner:

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Heavy Lifter Posted by Forceflow
The opts just keep on coming! Now it's Gringlas' awesome Heavy Lifter!

Greab it while it's hot!

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Freighter Type C Posted by Forceflow
As I am posting this the great Freighter Type C is being uploaded to the Page! So once you can see the screenshots of this incredible piece of work, you will be able to download it!

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I'm back... Posted by Forceflow
Okay, I'm back and hopefully done updating now. All new Crafts and fixes should now be up and running here. So next time you format your hard drive you should be able to find everything here now :)


New Release: Freighter Type H Posted by General_Trageton
And yet another one! This time it's Marco Antonio Malheiros coming up with his newest strike, the upgraded Freighter Type H!

The file is available for download at Darksaber's X-Wing Station!

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