New Member and new Release! Posted by General_Trageton
We are proud to welcome DTM to the XWA Upgrade Team. After numerous projects of his own he has decided to contribute to the XWA Upgrade Project and - with the completion of his work - proven most worthy to be on the team. A promotion well deserved.

So what is it I'm talking about? It's the Loronar Strike Cruiser, most beautifully redone, which is now availabe for download.

[UPDATE]Now available on the xwaupgrade-Server![/UPDATE]

Now go out there and have fun!

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Website Downtime Posted by Forceflow
Hi Folks!

As I guess most of you have noticed the website was down for a week. This was due to some sort of mess up from my provider. Unfortunately the downtime started just when I had left for Hongkong, cutting me off from the internet almost completely.
I only found out about it on thursday and get my dad over here in Germany to work on it. (Since the toll-free number my provider has does not work outside of Germany)
I hope the page will not suffer any more downtime and that by now most of you found out that the page is online again!

In case anybody cares, my trip to HK was purely pleasure and I had a great time! I am however in desperate need of sleep now, so I'll be logging off for now!

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She'll suit you just fine Posted by Forceflow
Hi everybody!
As I am sure you are all aware Master Qui-Gon and Darksaber have released the updated YT1300 and Millenium Falcon!
Both opts are now also available on the XWAU for download!

Hope you enjoy them!

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Asteroid Hangar now Available! Posted by Forceflow
I know it's a little later than it should've been but real life has taken over most my time these days. But trust me, the waiting was well worth it! Here's the incredible new Asteroid base!

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Suprosa has benn released Posted by Forceflow
Hey everybody,

we are proud to give you Marco's incredible Suprosa!

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Mole Miner Released Posted by Forceflow
Great News, Marco has done it again and the XWAU is proud to release his great Mole Miner!

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Cargo Ferry & Prope Pod released Posted by Forceflow
Way too late since I was sort of gone from the internet the XWAU is now finally proud to present two new opts!
The Cargo Ferry and Probe Pod! Hope you all enjoy them as much was we do!

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