Happy life day! Posted by K_Kinnison
Happy life day to all Wookies and Merry Christmas to everyone else from XWAU


Away for holidays! Posted by Forceflow
Hey Folks!
I'll be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow and will be gone at least until the 8th of January. (Depending on how full the flights are maybe later) I just wanted to wish everybody a merry christmas and a very happy new year! Hope to see you all up and around once I come back! (And I sincerely hope we don't have another desaster like last time I went to Hong Kong.)
So again, have a great holiday season and see you all next year!

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YT-2400 (Outrider) [UPDATE] Posted by K_Kinnison
Happy Labor day everyone, we have got a treat. DTM has completed the YT-2400 "Outrider" and has done an EXCELLENT job.

Download it now, and capture the Suprosa!

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Razor fighter v1.2 [UPDATE] Posted by K_Kinnison
L.D.Khatgar has updated the Razor fighter with Cockpit and Exterior Opts.

please use this link to leave comments and more information while the XWAU Ewoks work behinds the scenes to create mirrors and installers


Firespray updated cockpit Posted by K_Kinnison
Over at Darksabers there is an updated cockpit for the Firespray

RED = Slave 1 and Boba Fett
Yellow = Azzameen "Andrasta" with a White and Blue Mandelorian (Sorry but it was impossible to include both a Fett model and a more Human model to represent the Azzameen family member).
BLUE = Slave 1 and Jango Fett
GREEN = Gray Firespray and White and Gold Mandelorian


Happy 4th to all yanks Posted by K_Kinnison

Celebrate the "freedom"* of your country by blowing up a small part of it.

*only 595 more days


Skipray Blastboat [UPDATE] Posted by K_Kinnison
---Incoming transmission---
From: Bothan Intelligence Network
Core sector 000-00-4675
Encryption code: 32456256e8
Reply: MAND

Marco Antonio has updated the Skipray Blastboat, using mainly the EGVV as an Example. This is a splendid addition to the XWAU craft.

Thanks to Darksaber for hosting the download Here

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and yes, it took me a while but I finally got around to get my security clearance updated and deleting all the spam from my computer that was slowing me down. Honestly, how many "Is YUR saber big ENUF?" E-mails do I need? - K_K

[UPDATE] The Skipray is now also available on the XWAU Page! Thanks for all the great work!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Posted by General_Trageton
Hey folks!

Another year has passed. It's 2007 now and the XWA Upgrade Team wishes all of you a


May your wishes and plans for this year become reality!


Right with the beginning of the new year, there's been a slight change made to our forum settings. Due to the large number of [b]spambots[/b] that keep invading our forum since October '06 we had to make the forum visible for registered users only, hoping to put down the spam attacks. This is probably rather annoying for all you long-time lurkers, but don't hesitate to register and join in the illustrious chatter ;)

You can comment on this measure HERE!

Thank you for understanding!

- Vince