Merry Christmas from XWAU Posted by K_Kinnison
Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for everything!


The Guide to Atmospheric Backdrops Posted by Forceflow
Well, I finally managed to add frakels awesome The Guide to Atmospheric Backdrops to our tutorial section. So go ahead and check it out!

You can discuss the Guide here


Updated Sections Posted by Ace Antilles
Hello XWAU fans! Ace Antilles here with the latest scoop.

Not content with a new Screenshot page, Forceflow has gone and updated not only the Progress page but also the Download section!

The Progress page has had a tidy and updated with info from the team. I would say it's 97% correct at this point.
Team members that are now AWOL have been removed from their projects. Hopefully they will return one day.

The Download page like the Screenshots will show a different view with every hit/refresh.
The missing Outrider and Razor Fighter are now including and spelling, picture problems fixed!
As ever if you get a bad link refresh a few times to get a working mirror.

Lastly the Warheads Xmod has been replaced with the correct one that now includes the Space Bomb! So you may need to download that again.

Click to the left as always. Nice going Force!


Happy Independence day! Posted by K_Kinnison
For all the Yanks, the XWAU would like to wish you all a happy independence day, and a wonderful 4th of July.

courscant fireworks

And also there are less then 200 more days.


Posted by Forceflow
Hey folks,

I am about to head out to Las Vegas and I'll most likely be without internet for a week. So just in case we have another Hong Kong incident sit tight and wait until next weekend. (But I am hoping it wont come to that :) )
I do hope everybody wishes me tons of luck btw. Although I am in Vegas on business I'll hopefully have some time to hit the tables for a little while ;) Surely could use some extra cash!

:cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash:

Well, anyways, have fun while I am gone and remember I'm not the only admin here, so behave :)

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New Screenshots Posted by Forceflow
Hey folks!

I did update the screenshot section of the page. I made new screenies of all crafts base, exterior and cockpit models. I hope you guys enjoy it (and that my traffic limit wont be breached ;) ) Hope you guys like it, and here are some samples:

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Problems logging in? Posted by Forceflow
Hi everybody,

should you encounter problems logging into the forum please try to completely purge your browser's cookie data. Unfortunately there has been a mishap happen yesterday which messed up the boards cookie settings. (The mishap me being stupid btw... :( )
Sorry about the problems! Should you still not be able to log in please send me an email!


In need of help --> need phpBB programmer! Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks,

I need your help. As you know I finally got the new board set up and it's all nice and shiny now. You might also have noticed that the search function doesn't work. This is due to the problem that my DB size is limited to 100MB. Sadly the board already takes up about 67MB and if I add a search index it ends up at about 130MB, which simply is too big.
I can however set up a second 100MB db, which is nice, but doesn't do me much good... unless there's somebody here who has the time and knowledge to modify the phpBB3 Forum to access a different db when using the search feature. In theory this is actually rather simple, but in real life it's a tad more complicated. (Well, all it really needs is someone with enough time on his/her hands to dig through the code)
So, are there any takers for the job? You would need to have your own db for testing though...
Of course, if anybody can offer me a bigger mysql db which I can remotely access that would also do the trick ;)
Thanks for the help!


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ReefHome has been updated! Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks, just a small update to let you know the the ReefHome model got a small update, it is now the 10 engine version as seen in the ILM model, with special thanks to Dragon


New Forum Posted by Forceflow
Hello Folks!

Okay, I finally got the Forum up and running! And guess what, it's a completely new forum! It's a phpBB3, so it's pretty much top of the line all nice and shiny!
Now of course you think you'll have to reregister, so that sucks, but lucky for you, all your user information has been transfered, too!
Of course, wih all the posts gone it'll be really boring, right? Well, I guess it would be right, but lucky us I was also able to safe and transfer all posts into the new board, too! (Yay me, it took me forever to get that all working!)

Now I know it looks ugly and there's certainly quite some problems I still haven't fixed (like the not working search-feature) But it's a new start and will hopefully make sure that the XWAU will prevail for much longer!

Discuss this super cool news in our super cool new forum!


Forum Down again Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks,

sadly I had to take the forum down yet again. I hope that I will have it up and running again in about 12 hours or so. Hopefully then it will be more reliable.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



And more to go... Posted by Forceflow
[UPDATE] The Reef Home installer was found to have an error and has now been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience, you WILL have to reinstall everything again. Apologies from Darksaber [/UPDATE]

Well, we've got something new for you guys yet again! This time it's the Reef Home:

Also the Medium Mon Calamari Cruiser was updated to version 1.1 and has a new hangar based on Darksaber's Calamari Hangar. Both are available for download, so go and grab them!

You can discuss those great new additions here


Forum Down Posted by Forceflow
Hi everybody. As you most likely have already noticed the Forums are currently down. Please do not worry! Everything is fine, I am alive and for once not on a business trip. The downtime is due to some maintenance being done.

As I am in desperate need of sleep I'll be doing just that now. Hopefully by the time I wake up in the morning I'll be able to activate the forum again.

@everybody who might have an idea what I am doing: it could actually be working!

[UPDATE]Okay folks, the forum is up again, technically what I tried to do worked, but unfortunately there's some other trouble I ran into. So everything is back to the way it was before[/UPDATE]


Winged Calamari Cruiser (LIberty) Released Posted by General_Trageton
OK, big things first:

DTM continues his Calamari series now bringing us the Liberty-class Calamari Cruiser.

Next, finally getting up to date with all recent releases the following OPTs are now also available here:
- T-Wing
- Escort Shuttle (new version)
- Carrack Cruiser
- Nebulon-B Frigate
- Gun Platform v2 by Macros Edson (new version)

Furthermore, frequently occurring download problems with a few of the OPTs here have been fixed. Downloading anything should work properly now.


Med Mon Cal Cruiser (Defiance) [UPDATE] Posted by K_Kinnison
Look like we have a new home to return to. The Medium Mon Cal cruiser (Defiance) is updated with some rather nice Textures by DTM

more to come soon

[UPDATE: The Cruiser is now also available for download on the XWAU Page]


Modified Neb-B [UPDATE] Posted by K_Kinnison
Happy new year everyone. DTM has updated the Modified Nebulon B2

The drool and thanks can be collected here

[UPDATE] The Modified Nebulon-B can now be downloaded from this page!