Merry Christmas Everyone! Posted by Forceflow
Well, it's that time of the year again I guess! So I wish you a happy Christmas!


SPAM Problem on the Board Posted by Forceflow
Hi everybody.

It appears the anti-SPAMBot function of phpBB has been cracked :( I noticed a lof of new user being registered in the last month and the number of undeliverable eMails to my private Account went skyrocketing. While I was able to fix the problem I am afraid I was not quick enough. I just got wind of a mass private message sent from one of the SPAMBots that got through. I did delete the user and this should have deleted the private message for everybody who did not yet read it.

Just a general Information, I nor any other Forum Admin or Mod will ever send out a mass private message through the Forum without also posting it on the main page!

Of course we will also never ask for your password or ask you to reauthorize yourself. (If that should occur the message will always be from the board itself, not from a user!)

Should you get any more unwanted messages please let me and the staff know immediately so I can take care of the offender!

And now happy posting!

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Update your links Posted by Ace Antilles
Darksaber's X-Wing Station

XWAU Member Darksaber has had to move his site location. So make sure you update your bookmarks to the new link.

Please pass this onto any other sites that are connected with X-Wing Alliance.
His site hosts many essential editing tools and we want to keep all XWA fans out there happy.


Still alive and kicking! Posted by Ace Antilles
X-Wing Alliance is 10 years old and still popular with us die-hard fans!
Many people, like myself, come and go but we usually get sucked back in.

Work is still progressing on a few ships, if slowly. We'll get there! Hopefully the XWAU will have a new Fighter for you to fly soon.

General Trageton and Dragon are still working on the giant SSD. It should be finished before Windows 10 is released. ;-)
For all those that missed it here's a sneak peek.

Thank you to all the dedicated followers and Forum members for sticking with us. Long live X-Wing Alliance!


Happy New Year Posted by K_Kinnison
Happy new Year...

... I think