Is the XWA Upgrade Project over? Posted by Ace Antilles
NO! But it is on a very long release schedule Lol!

There are still several Opt creators passionate about making new stuff for X-Wing Alliance. Sadly life and other stuff means it's not the top priority it used to be.
New people visit the site, old members dissapear but eventually the Tractor Beam pulls them back for a while. ;)

The good news is there has been some recent progress!
General Trageton and Dragon are still working on the giant SSD. You can find some brand new pictures of it in the XWAU Forum.
Here's a slightly older picture of it to show off the size.

Also the current leader in bashing out new Opts DTM has made some new stuff for everyone.
He's finishing off work on the Cargo Facility 1 and Independence. Again see the Forum for more details.

So not totally dead. The aim is to get at least 1 new release out every 5 years. ;)
If you hold on long enough you may see such things as Tony Knightcrawlers Starviper, Slave II, a new Marauder Corvette and more. But that's not a promise :P

Thank you to all the dedicated followers and Forum members for sticking with us. May the Force be with us!


Happy New Year! Posted by Forceflow
Well, I want to wish everybody a happy new year! Hope you all made it in once piece and had a good time!