More goodness! Posted by Forceflow
And here is another great upgrade, DS took the already great Y-Wing and made it so much better:

It's a true beauty, so go and grab it.

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Search feature finally active Posted by Forceflow
Hey folks!

Since everybody else is apparently working on overdrive I figured I should get off my lazy behind and get some work done as well. So I finally upgrade my hosting package to allow for larger databases and lo and behold I was finally able to activate the forums search functions.

So, no more using google search or blindly looking through threads. You can now finally properly search the forum :)
The search result page might look a bit funny as it has not been adapted to the new look, but it's not too bad and since I have a killer headache I think it might be a while before I'll change that.

Happy searching and hope you like it :)

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The great just became better! Presenting the Toscan Fighter v2 Posted by Forceflow
Well, our guys here never stop working and always find things to improve. And General_Trageton just did it again, so here we are presenting the great Toscan Fighter v2:

So grab it while it's hot and be sure to give it a spin. It's got a great cockpit that comes with an awesome fighter!

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Enforcement Ship (Slave II) released! Posted by Forceflow
And another one to come! We are really on fire this year ;) This time it's the Marco Antonio's great Enforcement Ship! It's a real beauty as always an we are glad to present it to you:

As always, leave your praises in the Forum!


Cargo Facility 1 Released Posted by Forceflow
Hello folks!

We finally have something to release again! This time it's DTM's fabulous Cargo Facility 1. It's been tested and comes with one of DS' wonderful installers. So head over to the Download section and grab it while it's hot!

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Super Star Destroyer Pictures Posted by Ace Antilles
General Trageton has been posting some teaser pictures over the last few days of the upcoming Super Star Destroyer model.
Check them out in the XWAU Forum section.


Small Release Posted by Forceflow
Hey folks,

we have a small release ready for you. Well, to be honest it's been ready for well over a year but things are a bit difficult these days. As such the model only comes as a simple opt with no installer and very little testing. But never the less it is a finished model :)
I put it into the downloads section a while ago but only recently gained the ability to actually do screenshots of it. So here it is, Lehm's wonderful Escape Pod Deluxe:

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New Forum Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks!

You may or may not have noticed the old board being flooded with SPAMbots. Supposedly phpBB 3.0.8 Captcha Feature is much better (actually, I already know it's not...) than the old one. Thus I had to upgrade it, which proved to be a bit more difficult than planned. I'll try to get the look back to normal asap, but I still remember the last time I had to do this. (Meaning it might be a while 'till things look okay again...)

Please be advised the the new forum has a new link, so make sure you refresh the page and use this url for the forum: Forum link Should you have any problems with logging in let me know. We have also gotten rid of a lot of suspected SPAM-Accounts that made it past our earlier defenses. Basically all accounts with no posts at all have been deactivated. Should your account have been among those drop me a line and I'll reactivate it. (Though shame on you for not posting at all ;)

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