Another two beauties ready for download! Posted by Forceflow
Yes folks, Marco did it yet again! And even though they are really small I am sure you'll enjoy them as much as we do! Here they are, the great

Zero-G Trooper:

and the Space Worker:

Give those guys a real close look before you blow them up!

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The XWAU is proud to present the XWAU Crafts Pack Posted by Forceflow

Yes folks, you heard right! An all-in-one XWAU installer! Darksaber has been working tirelessly behind the scenes and put out a great installer for all crafts that have been completed up until today. I think a round of applause is in order :)
Thanks also to all the others who have made it possible for us to come this far. The pack includes over 100 crafts all of which have been painstakingly recreated to provide the best possible look in X-Wing Alliance.

Please be aware that the XWAUCP will NOT install over the DSCUP! (Since that one includes all XWAU opts anyway) So you only need the pack if you wish to not add any non XWAU crafts. The pack will not be updated with each craft, but I am certain DS will add opts to it from time to time. All crafts that are being released in the meantime will be marked in the download page.

Some more information about the XWAUCP:

It's your Bare Bones Craft installer!

No XWA CD's required
No Shortcuts
No fancy wave files
No Pilot files
No No-CD Patch
No New Video's
No Mpeg Codec Files

Nothing just OPT's, OPT's, OPT's

It includes All the XWAU Craft updated until the 3rd of August 2012 so far.
Apart from the Modified Strike Cruiser (that wasn't included to XWA that was converted from XvT) no other Custom Opt has been added

There are only the versions of the ISD's with the destroyable guns in the pack.

It includes the DDRaw.dll for ATI video cards (ONLY) and the Font fix for Nvidia Cards, plus the new Planets.dat by DTM, which are all optional

Also all mission fixes are included, so are the different configurations of Missiles, Lasers and Ions

There is a choice of Astromech Droid as in the Droid installer R2-D2, R2-Q5 (Black) or the R5-D4
Correlian Gunship with or without Fringe
Dreadnaught Darksaber's or Jm's
Freighter Type K with or without containers
Millennium Falcon Han or Lando versions
Luxury Yacht or the Lady Luck version with guns
Slave One default green lasers, a red laser version and a yellow laser version (but has no laser sounds)
Pursuer Enforement Ship or Boba Fetts Slave Two
SSD 17.5km or 19KM versions
Tie Bomber X2 Missiles or X4 missiles
Tie Defender or Tie Defender MK2 (with the missile launcher on the side of the cockpit)
Tie Fighter standard or ANH versions
Tie Warheads standard or a version with lasers as in the Tie Int
Ywing Yellow or Red FG

All craft slots have been enabled if a user wishes to add their own choice of custom crafts.

You can find the XWAUCP on our download page!

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Small page updates Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks,

just some minor changes that were done recently. First off the progress page has been updated. A few crafts were missing and some were not properly assigned. That was fixed. In addition to that I revamped the download page a bit as well. Again, nothing major just some small changes. Most prominent was our decision to define the alternate ISD as the ISD II. This was already the case for the DSCUP anyways so we figured as long as we don't have an ISD II we might as well stick to that decision. Other most notable is the fact that it is now noted whether a craft is included in a different file. (Thus eliminating the need to check all files) And of course a big thanks to DS for updating all XMODs to exe installers. Should make it much easier to work with as well!

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Marco did it again! Posted by Forceflow
Yes, there is yet another model ready for release! Marco already gave a preview of the craft but now it's all done and ready for you to download and of course blow up :) It's a great model with beautiful textures, so be sure to give it a close fly-by before taking it down!

Let's hope we'll see even more of his stunning work soon!

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There's no stopping us! Posted by Forceflow
And the opts just keep coming. Another great one from Marco Antonio :) This time the Star Galleon, a used to be boring ship now looking sleek and dangerous! Be sure to give this one a close look, it's looking absolutely gorgeous!

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Another one done! Posted by Forceflow
And it's a great one! The team is proud to presents Marco Antonio's stunning Industrial Complex. It's a huge complex and hist texturing job on it is absolutely stunning. Be sure to give this one a close look!

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Home One-Class Calamari Cruiser entering the system... Posted by Forceflow
Yes, even though our fanbase appears to be dead we are far from it. Another long awaited opt is finally ready to be blown apart. This time it's a huge beauty and the last missing rebel starship: The Home One-Class Calamari Cruiser. It's big, it's beautiful and it's ready to kick some imperial butt!

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Due to the Independence being a custom addition to the XWAUP, the installation has a couple of options to be compatible with both the DSUCPv1.1 and DSUCPv2.0.
Note that either option is compatible with a clean installation of X-Wing Alliance.
But if you?re installing the Independence on either the DSUCPv1.1 or DSUCP2.0 the installations change as the Opt Location and Species Pointers are different.
If you select the DSUCPv1.1 option the craft will be in slot 122, but if you select the DSUCPv2.0 option it will be in slot 121.
Please pay attention and select the correct option to install, for the version of DSUCP you have installed otherwise your XWA installation WILL become unplayable.


Outrider V2.0 Posted by Forceflow
Any yet another model got an upgrade DTM with help from Darksaber upgrade the Outrider with new textures and a new cockpit complete with a new Dash Rendar. It's a real beauty, so be sure to give it a spin!

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Sighting of Corelian Transport Type YT-2000 confirmed Posted by Forceflow
Yes folks, it's yet another download! And it's a wonderful one as well. This beauty completed the YT series, so make sure you grab them all and check those beauties out in the game:

But before you do don't forget to thank DTM and Darksaber who teamed up to bring you this beauty!

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Presenting the Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer Posted by Forceflow

The biggest, the most badass ship ever to be upgraded by the XWAU. Long awaited it's finally here. G_T and Dragon have worked tirelessly to make this one of the most impressive crafts we have. It's simply huge! I know most of you had already given up on it, but here it is. So go grab it, enjoy it's beauty... and then blow it into shiny bits and pieces ;)

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