XWAUP presents: the Super Backdrops patch Posted by Forceflow

Six months of work and testing, more than 350 new high definition images to replace all the original planets, nebulae, galaxies, asteroids and Death Star...to create the most revolutionary patch I've ever made. XWA is ten years younger now!

DTM's Super Backdrop patch is now available on the XWAU download page!

Special thanks to:
JeremyFr, who discovered the offsets in the X-wingAlliance.exe to insert higher resolution textures within the X-Wing Alliance game
Darksaber, to be always present with his installers and precious suggestions

This patch replaces the old Backdrop images and insert a new moder starfield to all the X-Wing Alliance missions including the Pilot Proving Grounds? missions. Use the readme file of the patch for further information and to discover how to insert the new starfield to all custom missions.

How does really changes the XWA gameplay? Some screenshots to show you the new scenario of XWA can be found in the official thread!

Have fun playing XWA again with all XWAUP patches!