Small fix for the XWAUCPv1.4 Posted by Forceflow
There's been an issue found with the latest version of the XWAU and Darksaber had to make a small update to the XWAUCPv1.4 installer. Due to an Offset added to the XwingAlliance.exe which was reportedly to stop the game crashing with resolutions higher than H >1200. Unfortunately instead of stopping the game crashing it actually made the game crash.

He has removed the offset from the installer fixing the problem and he has also fixed the Shuttle.opt as lasers where being fired from the centre of the opt, lastly DS has fixed a skirmish picture dat file as it was displaying a Dreadnaught instead of the Assault Frigate.

We are sorry for the problems and kindly ask that you redownload the XWAUCPv1.4 again.


XWAUCPv1.4 available Posted by Forceflow
Thanks to JérémyaFr and his never ending patience and persistence in searching the XwingAlliance.exe offsets to finding new additions to the game.
We now have:-
S-foils for any craft slot
Pilot mesh animation for any craft slot
Engine sound and weapon sound behaviour for any craft
Adding custom starfield backdrops to Skirmish Missions, such as DTMs Super backdrops

Thanks to those tweaks, the craft in the XWAUCPv1.4 have had a upgrade, enabling S-Foils, Pilot Animation and Engine & Weapon Sounds.

For a full list of tweaks updates and upgrades and to discuss go here


New Release: Pirate Ship Yard Posted by Forceflow
Amazing, but we are still not dead and there's still progress being made. Case in point DTM's awesome Pirate Ship Yard

Go ahead and grab it while it's hot. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!