We are still not done: Presenting the new Sensor Array Posted by Forceflow
[UPDATE]After a small hiccup everything is right side up again, our apologies for everybody who downloaded the model already. You'll have to download it again, that is unless you like things upside down... then I guess you can goo ahead and keep it. Just don't come complaining if your coffee keeps spilling out of your cup all the time![/UPDATE]

Yes, we have another model done! This might be one of the best months for our project here yet :)

From Marco Antonio

Sensor Array

Another release from Marco this time it's the Sensor Array, the wonderful models and textures where created by Marco with a little help again from Darksaber for opting it. This Station is well worth flying around just to admire the fabulous textures. Well done Marco


This one is again just looking incredible! I also 'upgraded' the status of this model to the Stations and Facilities just in case anybody is looking for it in the Misc section. (It's far too beautiful and big to not be considered a station!)

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Boy do we have a MASSIVE update for you Posted by Forceflow
Things are really crazy and we have plenty of great new stuff for you to download! So many goodies, I hope you'll enjoy all of them as much as we do!

First up some update from Darksaber regarding the installers:

Darksaber wrote:With this new batch of installers Darksaber has changed the way files are backed up, the installers will now create there own individual backup folder, the backup folder will still be stored in for example "LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\Backup"

But instead of everything being saved to the same "Backup/BackupCraft" folder, where the first craft installer you installed determined what the file dates where backed up. Apart from the craft.opt, all the other files XwingAlliance.exe, Spacecraft0.lst, Equipment0.lst, Fronttxt.txt, Resdata.txt, Shiplist.txt, Specdesc.txt and the Strings.txt remained exactly the same and was not overwritten with each following craft installer apart from the *.opt files, all the *.txt files and *.exe was not overwritten, which becomes a pain, because if one installer is messed you would have to start over.

So now each craft installer will now create it's own backup folder which is in this format Y-M-D_H.M.S_CraftName (Year-Month-Day_Hours.Minutes.Seconds_CraftName)

Like so 2019-08-09_11.49.30_AccelRing

Even if you use the same installer again it will create it's own individual folder based on the date, time and name, so if there is a problem with one of the installers it will be easier to track it down, and replace the files to the previous stable version.

With today's computer systems and the size of HDD's that most people have, I don't see the problem of multiple backups taking up too much room. So when your happy with the version of XWA you have the back up folders can be deleted.

Included in each installer are all the latest Hooks by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) as of August 06, 2019.

Please note: The Hook files are only overwritten if the existing file is older than the new file, otherwise installation of the Hook is skipped.

Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) also recommends that you install the updated ddraw.dll that includes the commit to reduce memory usage (Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) latest version is v1.3.7). Otherwise the game may run out of memory and crashes in kernelbase.dll. You can download the latest version from JeremyaFr's xwa_ddraw_d3d11 Git Hub Page

A massive shout-out to Darksaber for continuing to better and of course providing the installers! This has made the upgrade process so much easier and smoother for everybody!

And now to the new models we have :)

From Warb_Null

Dunari's Rest Casino

The original Casino needed a major overhaul, Warb_Null has done exactly that with this beautiful looking station


A lot of great details have been added in the model and now make it really unique and more believable as a casino location. Make sure to give this one a very close look!

Gun and Warhead Emplacements

You'll be amazed at the detail Warb has put into these wonderful looking weapons platforms


While it might not be a good idea to fly by those beasts too close it's really worth it if you want to really see all the little details that were put into this one.

Repair Yard

Another great looking station from Warb_Null that was screaming to be remade


Another station redone, you know that always makes me very happy since the stations were painfully underupgraded in my opinion, so now having two new great stations makes me a very happy admin :) And I am sure once you check out the model it will make you very happy as well!

Stormtrooper Transport

We have a brand new Stormtrooper Transport, which replaces the old version by Gank and Darksaber


Such a small craft, so many great looking details, this one warrants a barrage from your ion cannon so that you can admire all it's glory!

From Marco Antonio

A surprise return by Marco and he's still on form after many years, creating the amazing models and textures and with a little help from Darksaber for opting them. Hopefully he may have one or two more up his sleeves ???

Imperial Research Ship

After being left on the shelf for a number of years, Marco made his return with this wonderful looking craft the Imperial Research Ship


Great concept and awesome upgrade to this ship!

Assault Shuttle

Marco then made this iconic shuttle seen in the cutscene when the Empire takes over the Azzameen Family Base


Really incredible update and again the amount of detail that got crammed in there is great!

From DTM

Acceleration Rings

DTM was Inspired by Star Wars Resistance, when he saw the accelerator rings in the animated series, so he's created his own versions an they look wonderful in the Pilot Proving Ground, try your skill and fly through them.

From Star Wars Resistance


DTM's version in game


A new ship to add to the list of upgrades, and it's a great new look for sure!

Thanks to all involved, hope you all enjoy our new offerings, be sure to hand out plenty of beer to all involved!

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Posted by Forceflow
And the XWAUCP 1.6 is finally here. After so many new ships and features Darksaber decided it was time to make a new complete crafts pack. There are tons of changes in this one. So make sure to head over to the downloads section and grab it!

Changelog wrote:
- All the latest Hooks by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) as of February 26, 2019

- The TIE Resolution options have been removed from the installer

- Added a Widescreen Resolutions option to the installer

- Added the ability to select your own Destination Folder

- Added the Humble Trove version of XWA to the Required Media section of the installer

- All of the TIE Cockpits models have updated due to the limited view, they now have a wider field of view

- While altering the TIE Fighter Cockpits, Darksaber has recolored all the TIE's, they are now a muted blue/green/grey color

- Advanced Basic OPT Project, adding the Pilot, Cockpit and Interiors to the Base opts. All fighter type craft and a few shuttle type craft have had the ABOP treatment

- With the addition of new Hooks by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) another idea was proposed, to add Landing Gear to most of the playable Starfighters, it works on the same principle as the S-Foils. DTM set about adding landing gear to the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, Z-95, and T-Wing and has done a wonderful job, later came the Missile Boat and Gunboat.

- The Assault Gunboat has had a major update by DTM, The wings and laser cannons have been reworked to introduce S-Foils, and to give to this imperial fighter a more aggressive and powerful aspect. All external textures have been repainted in HD by DTM, following the old lines designed by the original author (Matt). And to color match the TIE's, some small details have been added by DTM, thanks to the HD features.

- Y-Wing textures have had another update and the T-Wing, the R5 unit has been removed as it was to the wrong scale, and the textures have been muted removing the yellowish color.

- A SLAM System has been added to the Missile Boat thanks to Justagai who initially found the offsets and to Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) who created the Slam Hook, this hook enables the SLAM system when the K key is pressed.

- The Firespray (Slave1) has had an overhaul, with the addition of the S-Foils Hook by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr), Darksaber had the idea of trying to get the craft to rotate 90 degrees so the engines would be facing downwards in the landing, so with a bit of tinkering from Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) to the S-Foils Hook and DTM coming up with a solution to the angle rotation together we have managed to get the Firespray to rotate exactly how we wanted it to.

- DTM's Imperial Research Station - Based on the Imperial Construction Modules as seen in Star Wars Rebels

- Darksaber and Driftwood updated Luxury Yacht - Which now includes Cockpit and Interior

- Driftwood and Darksaber's New Rebel Platform - A totally different design from the original Rebel Platform

- Warb_Null a New member (and prolific modeller of numerous games) joined the team with his take on the Satellites and Comm Relay

- Darksaber's Lambda Shuttle also had an upgrade, thanks to Driftwood a Cockpit has been added and it also has a working Rear Gunner Turret. In addition the textures for the Shuttle have had a HD overhaul and Darksaber has also added Flightgroup colours

- DTM updated the Nebulon-B Frigate with 4 different versions:- Standard: with a single deck hangar, Strike: with a double deck hangar, Carrier: with a multiple deck hangar (this is the version seen in the original TG games) and Medical: the Redemption seen in the movie, no hangar!

- Warb_Null then released the Pinook Fighter, a really great model with some cool new ideas, including an RX series droid and landing gear

- Warb_Null also gave us his awesome interpretation of the QX5 Platform

- Darksaber and Driftwood also gave us a New CR90 Corvette, original model and textures are by Andrew Barragan (Barraganap) used with permission, you have a choice of 7 different versions.

- Warb_Null's New Cargo Facility 2

- Darksaber updated the A-Wing to include a new cockpit with HD textures based on the images of the A-Wing Cockpit from First Strike Star Wars Mod for Battlefield 2142.

- General Trageton has updated his ATR-6 Assault Transport to include HD textures

- General Trageton added another release with his stunning Space Colony 1

- Decoy's Z-95 HeadHunter has been removed from the Installer, sorry but it was a little outdated.

- DTM has finished his Super Backdrop v2.0, this new version introduces new starfields, which characterize the different regions that are visited during the XWA campaign.

- The Imperial Star Destroyer 2 has had a bit of an update thanks to DTM, now comes with Flightgroup Colours Red = Empire, Gold = Captured by the Rebel Alliance, Blue = New Republic, Green = Chimaera.

- DTM has also updated his Strike Cruiser with HD texture.

- Darksaber updated the R-41 Starchaser, due to strange shadowing caused by having a physical open tube for missile launchers on top of the main fuselage; he's also updated some of the textures to HD.

- The Lasers and Ions have had a makeover with the addition of Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) the Weapons Color Hook, Darksaber has updated all the Laser and Ion Opts, You now have two choices of Lasers, Standard XWA Lasers or Star Wars BattleFront 2 Lasers

- To take advantage of Weapons Color Hook you may notice a few changes to the color of the Lasers and Ions from certain craft, it's not a bad change, it just takes a little getting used too, it's probably not canon but who cares. If you don't like what we have come up with you can blame DTM, he came up with what craft fire which colour laser.

- Laser Count from 64 to 256 option has been totally removed, as if applied, missions became out of balance and usually unplayable.

- At the beginning of the year (Jan 2019) Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) updated the hooks to add support for .ini files per-craft or per-mission, (Please Note: the.txt files are still supported) so instead of having to deal with countless *.txt files, in some cases 5 *.txt files per craft, this number has now been reduced to one *.ini files which was a bit of a relief. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES!

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And it just keeps getting better Posted by Forceflow
Here we are with yet another bunch of great releases!

We start with warb_nulls awesome

Cargo Facility 2

Another station crossed of the list and an absolute beauty to behold:

But lo and behold, today we don't just have one station, we actually have to:

Space Colony 1

GT loves all things big and epic. The first of the Space Colonies, while the last in line, is the first to be released in HD. Drastically scaled up from its rather puny original it features a detailed hangar complex, spacious enough to easily accommodate Lambda Shuttles flown by drunken pilots. :D

It's another stunning beauty! Be sure to check out it's huge inside hangar!

And we are still not done! In the quest to make already beautiful things even better, GT has another upgraded-upgrade up his sleeve:

Assault Transport v2 HD

This HD rendition of GT's original Assault Transport has been given a neat buff in detail. In addition a few weird looking textures have seen various improvements.

I always thought it was one of the best ships we had, but man it's even better looking now:

I would say we are off to a great start this year! So many great ships!

Thanks to all involved, not only the creators, but also DS for providing the installers and all the team members testing out the ships and offering insights!

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SPAM / DDNS attack on Forum Posted by Forceflow
There appears to be somewhat of an attack going on against the forum. Because of that I had to disable access to it for non-logged in users. My apologies. I hope to be able to change this again, but since the attack appears to also hinder logins for registered uses there is little I can do right now :(

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New upgraded Assault Gunboat Posted by Forceflow
So, 2019 has just begun and the guys are already hard at work to make this a great year for the XWAU. To start the year we are proud to present the update of the incredible XWAUP Assault Gunboat by Matt. Below are the details of the upgraded craft:

  • The meshes of the five wings and of the laser cannons have been reworked by DTM to introduce S-Foils, and to give to this imperial fighter a more agressive and powerful aspect.

  • All external textures have been repainted in HD by DTM, following the old lines designed by the original author. Some small details have been added by DTM, thanks to the HD features.

  • The textures of the wings are new by DTM, introducing a new art of Flightgroup colours.

  • Landing gears have been added by DTM. They work thanks to Jeremy's S-Foil hook function.

  • The model has been re-opted by DTM

  • New installer by Darksaber

And here are some screenshots to get you started:

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Also, some of you may have noticed the new Wiki linked on the page. There the guys are trying to compile all the know-how that we currently have regarding the modding of X-Wing Alliance. It's still very much a work in progress, but it should already provide some great stuff to get you started. The Wiki is locked to only be editable for XWAU-Core members, but everybody should be able to read it. (Let me know if you encounter any issues with it)