It's teaser time... Posted by Forceflow
I know it's been a while since we last shown something, so we figured it's time to let you peak behind the curtain just a bit. Here is an actual in-game screenshot with multiple hidden little Easter eggs. Let's see who finds them all first!

(Be sure to view it in full size)

Let us know what you found here


Forum migrated to newest version Posted by Forceflow
Some of you might have noticed that you had to login to the forum this morning. This is due to me migrating the forum to the newest available version which was somewhat overdue. Hopefully everything works as it's supposed to. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the new forum.

Unfortunately the move did not quite go as planned so there is a small chance that we lost a post should you have posted within 30 minutes of this post going live. It shouldn't have happened but again, there is a small chance that t did happen. Sorry about that.

Let me know of any issues here


Some Forum Issues Posted by Forceflow
Hi Folks,

some of you may have noticed the forum acting up since last night. This is (or hopefully was) a side effect of some server maintenance that I needed to do. I think I have found a temporary fix for the issue but it would be really helpful if anybody who is noticing any errors or issues with the forum could let me know. I would also appreciate it if some of you could just try to post in here to let me know if they could do so without any errors!

Many thanks and sorry for any inconvenience

Please see the forum post here to report any bugs or to see if the forum works for you.