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New June releases! - Friday, June 5, 2020
New Screenshots - Monday, May 25, 2020
Revenge of the Fifth - Tuesday, May 5, 2020
May the Fourth be with you! - Monday, May 4, 2020
Combat Utility Vehicle Release - Saturday, April 25, 2020

Friday, June 5, 2020

New June releases! Posted by Ace Antilles
Good news everyone! If we didn't spoil you enough in May then take a look at June's new releases!
From nowhere the Team have pulled out of a Black Hole some lovely goodies for you.

SUPER STAR DESTROYER v2.0. By General Trageton

General Trageton has done a little 2020 update to the massive Executor.
Quick summary of this update:
* Combined main hull textures into HD maps.
* Added a LOD. Updated INI file to load LOD into targeting screen
* Flight-groups, Default, Imperial, New Republic, First Order, XWA Upgrade
* Added material file.

Forceflow made new Screenshots for it available to view now. Discuss the update in the Forum here.


DTM has pulled an amazing update from nowhere for mission builders!

What's new? The Planet2.dat file has been updated as follows:
* Scenario of the Kothlis missions has been updated with HD textures
* Low orbit scenarios have been updated with transparent sky, to make it possible to have planets and stars rising on the horizon.
* 3 new scenarios of the Coruscant low orbit (night, daylight, battle of Coruscant) to be used for your mission editing
* New scenario of an industrial planet low orbit

Also a new backdrop of the Starkiller Base (Slot 49-5 for Allied users)
Lastly he has included some bug fixes for the 2nd and 3rd missions of the Battle of Endor.

Discuss all the cool new Planets in the Forum here.


Chief Engineer Jeremy has been busy as always and updated and fixed many hooks in the last month.
Whenever you have any issues in game we always recommend that you update the Hooks if you haven't recently.
Delete or backup your old Hook setup folder. Download them with XWA Hooks Setup and then copy the files into your XWA main folder.

Bug fixes include areas related to: Mine Fields, Weapon colours, Explosions, Hangar brightness, missing SSD and even a vertical Hangar launch option!

Also the SNM Movie Converter has been updated. For this download - XwaToolsDownloader
Export avi files in Mpeg4 format instead of MotionJpeg format.
Import any video files with the Media Foundation APIs

Discuss all this Hook news in the Forum here and the dedicated individual Hook sections are in the Forum here

EFFECTS V. By Blue Max.
This is a small update which introduces new settings that Blue Max is constantly improving on.

Headlights: Press Ctrl+H to activate front Headlights to help illuminate your way. This will help you see in dark Death Star tunnels.

Different FOVs: Added an additional FOV to DC files called "xwahacker_large_fov". DC files can now have a regular "xwahacker_fov" FOV and a large one, in addition to the global FOV.
What this does is allows you to configure your view inside of Dynamic Cockpits so that you are either sat closer or further away.
This new feature is essential to get the full experience of the updated Rebel and TIE Fighter Dynamic Cockpits. See more in those Forum threads.

Speed Effect: This cool effect adds small debris that moves with your current speed. It's enabled by default, so it's very easy to notice.
It adds small thin trails around you when the ship is moving. So essentially you get the feeling that you are flying through space at super speeds!
Please see SSAO.cfg for more details and customisation options.

Multi Core Option: - A new option that when enabled really helps to boost the FPS from low levels to much more playable.
This solves the performance problems, which many experienced. There is a warning attached with using this option though.
Unfortunately, this option resets the old music bug, which some of you may remember. The in game music will start looping or stuttering non stop until you restart the game.
Right now it happens rarely but at any time. If it happens you will need to carry on your mission or restart the game. Otherwise disable your music.
JeremyaFr is trying to work on a fix with team members testing. It's hard to pin down and recreate but we have high hopes it can be found.

There are more details on all the Effects in the Forum here.

Created by DTM, Blue Max and Darksaber. Updated by DTM.

DTM has been super busy! This is a small but great update to all of the Dynamic Cockpits. In particular the TIE Fighters.
To get these new updates to work you will need to install the latest Effects v1.1.3.1 or later.

When the original TIE Cockpits were released not everyone was getting the desired view intended. This has now been corrected.
Effects by Blue Max version allows you to easily choose your favorite FOV during the flight. The magic key is CTRL+F
Includes 2 predetermined FOVs - normal view and enlarged view. The enlarged one is very useful in combat to broaden your visual spectrum.
If you already used Xwahacker to make changes you may wish to restore your old FOV value (86.30) and then install the updates.

The updated TIE, Rebel and Z-95 installers are available to download now.
More explanation and pictures on the update are in the Forum here.

ASSAULT TRANSPORT V2.1. By General Trageton

General T is on a roll recently. This is an updated and fixed version of the Assault Transport, not a major remake.
* Fixed illumination errors on the engine textures.
* Fixed the Engine Glow colour & Transparency.
* Created a .mat file to make the cockpit glass all glossy.

See more pictures and discuss the update in the Forum here

All of these new installers are available on the Download page now. Enjoy!

Monday, May 25, 2020

New Screenshots Posted by Forceflow
Hi folks, small update for the page incoming. I had a bit of time on my hand so I finally got down to it and redid pretty much all of the existing screenshots. I did not re-render most of the cockpit shots as those are kinda moot if you don't take them in-game these days. There's also one or two models that I did not re-render due to some issues. But pretty much everything else has been re-rendered.

There's over 1.500 new shots (over 3GB of data) available. All scenes are rendered in a higher resolution (1920x1080) with consistent lighting throughout all scenes and all flightgroup colors available. (And man, some of those are simply kick-ass!) I also made sure to have a brighter overall light in the scenes to show off the models and textures a bit more. While this makes for less dramatic scenes it certainly shows off the models themselves much better. I also included shots of closed sFoils and extended gears where available. In-game hangars should now also have better and more consistent shots.

Do be aware that those are not in-game screenshots but rendered in blender. This makes it much easier to make screenshots, but also means that I do have to take some artistic license in some areas. So while the shots properly show of the models and textures themselves, lighting effects are not true to the game.

In addition to that you can now also navigate through the screenshots better. If you start in the screenshots gallery and open an image there you'll now have a back and forward link to simply scroll through the available shots. (This does not work for the direct links here in the forum)

Here is a small selection of some of my favorites:

I know it's not a new model, but I hope some of you will enjoy it as a stop-gap until the next one shows up!

Discuss the new screenshots here

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Revenge of the Fifth Posted by Forceflow
Written by Ace Antilles.


Suffer Revenge of the Fifth Day Rebel scum from all of us at The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project!

Star Wars Day was a great success but that's not all we wanted to leave you with this week.

Z-95 Headhunter V5.0 By DTM

DTM has only just released v4 and now he's made v5! A new Z-95 Quad Motor version.

The new installer contains both the previous version (Dual Motor) and the new one (Quad Motor) and this new version also has a Dynamic Cockpit.



You can discuss this new version in the forum here:


IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER V2 - Work in Progress - By Driftwood and DTM.

This is an early look at the ISD2 that Driftwood created. It's not ready for release yet.

Right now it's being built in the Kuat Drive Yards. It needs more fine tuning as it's so amazing looking it would blow your XWA game apart right now! The level of detail on it is brilliant.



Discuss this sneak peak here:

We will prevail in stomping out the traitorous Rebellion. Happy Revenge of the Fifth!

Monday, May 4, 2020

May the Fourth be with you! Posted by Forceflow
May the Forth be with you! Written by Ace Antilles.


Happy Star Wars Day from all of us at The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project!

In 2000 the XWAUP released its first upgrade the Rebel Fighter Patch. TWENTY years later and we are still going strong! Members have come, gone and come back again but there are still amazing old and new talented people working to improve X-Wing Alliance for you.


A gift for all our Imperial friends / enemies: The Dynamic Cockpits for all the TIE Fighters available in the X-Wing Alliance, each with its own characteristics.

TIE Fighter, the progenitor: cheap but reliable

TIE Bomber: robust and powerful

TIE Interceptor: a definite improvement over the original!

TIE Advanced X1: experimental, fast and deadly

TIE Defender: Admiral Thrawn's jewel.

TIE Avenger: the new generation of TIE Fighters

But there are also the TIE Specials: Bizarro, Booster, Warhead and Big Gun! In all, ten different dynamic cockpits!



REBEL DYNAMIC COCKPITS V2.0. By DTM, Blue Max and Darksaber.

It has been asked loudly, and here it is. An improvement of all the cockpits released with version 1.0, to improve the visibility of the MFD and therefore the playability of XWA, even without the aid of the HUD. But remember: if you still need the good old HUD, just choose the right option when installing the patch.

In addition, the collection is completed with the wonderful B-Wing cockpit created by Blue Max, who shows great talent in many different skills!



Discuss all the cockpits in the Forum here



The room that you share with MK-09 has been upgraded! This Upgrade replaces some of the Souvenirs or Medals that you collect throughout the course of the game.

Some are improved but many are based off other Star Wars universe items. Also, there are rewritten descriptions to elaborate them or to better match the new upgrade.

To get the full experience you will have to install it and discover all the cool new additions.


Discuss the Crew Quarters Upgrade in the Forum here



The Victory-class Star Destroyer returns in never-before seen detail! This iconic imperial warship has received a complete visual and functional overhaul and comes loaded with new features and goodies.

6 Flightgroups: Default, Crimson Command, New Republic, Old Republic, Old 'n rusty, Damaged.

Working S-Foils: The ship will now open its wings as it emerges from Hyperspace and close them before jumping out.

Custom Hangar OPT with two launch variations: Ground touchdown or TIE racks.

And yes, the Victory II will be coming in the future.



Discuss all the new VSD in the Forum here


EFFECTS V.1.1.3. By Blue Max.

With this evolution of the patch, the lights of the new shading system are connected to the mission's light sources. It seems like a small detail, but in reality, it is a great success obtained by our talented Blue Max! Also many other improvements, all to be discovered, such as the new lens effects and the new suns.


Discuss all the Effects in the Forum here


SUPER BACKDROPS PATCH V2.1. By DTM with Darksaber.

Version 2.1 comes with new starfield backdrops and explosions effects. It is an update that improves all the backdrops, taking advantage of the JeremyaFr Hooks, which allow the use of 32-bit transparent images. Basically, the planets no longer have the black outline and blend better with the star background. No changes to missions, no new unpublished images, only a huge leap in quality!


Discuss all the Super Backdrops in the Forum here



Jeremy has been busy pulling XWA to pieces so that everyone can have a better game.

His custom ddraw.dll has been updated to v1.3.10 with: new radar renderer and new bracket renderer. This is also featured in the Effects v1.1.3.

A new hook allows using a custom HUD targeting Reticle image for any flyable craft. This means you could have one crosshairs in an X-Wing and a different one in a TIE Fighter!

Also TgSmush now adds support for mp4 files, so you can use custom videos simply as cutscenes!

His XWA Opt Editor has been updated, you can choose many Landing Gear options and much more!


Discuss all the Hooks in the Forum here


Now that's how we celebrate 20 years! There's still lots of cool things being worked on too. May The 4th Be With You!

Discuss this huge load of awesomeness here

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Combat Utility Vehicle Release Posted by Forceflow
Yes, the team is still hard at work not only at cracking and tuning the engine but also at making new models! And while some models may be small the amount of detail that can be put into them is just amazing!

With this we are proud to present warb_null's incredible Combat Utility Vehicle:

It may be small, but hot damn does it now look incredible!

Discuss this great new release here

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