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Podracing Video Player/Hook

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Post by REGNR8 » Tue May 14, 2019 6:47 pm

I come seeking help from the XWAU community!

*I apologise to the mods if this isn't the best place to put this (please let me know and I'll move it if you don't want it here)

I've been using Machine Learning to increase the resolution and enhance the quality of the cutscenes in STAR WARS RACER, the pod racing game for n64/Dreamcast/PC.

I've been successful in extracting the videos and doing the work using ML to bring them up to 1080p.

However, there is no current method for encoding the videos into .snm/.znm (compress) format.

I was tried using Jeremy Ansel's .avi -> .snm tool built specifically for XWAU toolkit but I have been unsuccessful and am returned errors.

I was suggested to by a member of the RACER community (JayFoxRocks - working on the reverse engineering for the SWE1R open source project) to look at the smush replacement created here by a few of your members (most recently being Jeremy Ansel).

It made much more sense to replicate what was done here and completely replace the Smush.dll with a player function that could read custom HD videos.

I started experimenting with your communities TgSmush.dll.

The thought was that is might just work if the SWE1R exe could read the dll.

So I renamed the TgSmush.dll to Smush.dll as is required by the exe (along with the config file and I renamed the original smush to the name given in the readme) but I was returned errors again.

"The ordinal 5 could not be located in the DLL" - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png

It was suggested to me that if a .def file was added to the package so that the TgSmush has ordinals, it might work.

The problem is, I'm much more of a video production person than a developer. I don't know how to make the edits to Jeremy Ansel's code and compile it for testing.

So I'm hoping that there is someone within the community, Jeremy Ansel or another talented developer that would consider looking into this problem for the RACER community.

Help me, XWAU Forums! You're my only hope! :hilfe:

example of HD frame from SWRacer intro video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 0-edit.png

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