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Re: XWAUCP 1.6 has been released

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:11 pm
by Darksaber
eddybruch wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:42 am
I just stumbled around in the www and found your site - reinstalled xwa and WOW! Its amazing you what you folks did to the game. It is pure awesomesauce!
I wished i had expirience in 3d stuff to help out but unfortunatly I am not artisticly inclined :(
However - while looking throu the ship library i noticed there is some clipping with the tie-bombers pylons, nothing that bothers me realy, but maybe i found some bug you wanted to know about.

Big thank you for all your work and a big thumbs up. Im back to playing the game. :)
Welcome eddybruch, yes you may have stumbled across a bug, I'm not sure what you mean by clipping, but I loaded the Tie Bomber in the craft library, and noticed the pylons seem inside out, I've discovered what is causing the problem, you'll notice the 4 holes either side of the main pylon strut on both pylons, these are done using transparency they are not actual holes, the transparency though is causing the texture to seem like the pylon is inverted, as soon as I remove the transparency the pylon is fine.

So thanks for the bug report, you have a keen eye, I'll fix it asap, thanks

Re: XWAUCP 1.6 has been released

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:39 pm
by eddybruch
Yes thats what I meant. I didnt know the right words to discribe it :) Thanx for the keen eye comment and the welcoming.

Re: XWAUCP 1.6 has been released

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:57 pm
by AV8R
Hello Everyone!

Long time lurker/user, first time poster. Be gentle.

I've been enjoying XWA Upgrade for years. Brilliantly done by the artists and programmers here - I've have loved this community's work immensely. Their efforts have made X-Wing Alliance so much more enjoyable and immersive. And while most of us have played through its story endless times, XWA retains its wonder with each new iteration of the XWA Upgrade platform as it moves ahead with ever more detailed models. Thank you all for your efforts and visions.

Now on to other stuff. While testing out XWAU version 1.6 earlier this month, I was once again impressed by the level of detail in the newest models - especially the backdrops. Wow. They are just spectacular. But then again, that's what the XWA Upgrade Project has always been about - beautiful graphics. Well, also improved immersion and realism as well as improvements to make use of more modern computer hardware.

But alas, there were a couple of issues in 1.6 that I just couldn't ignore that ended up being deal-breakers for me:

1) Animation issues: I have a decent computer setup (i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, nVidia 1050 Ti with an MSI monitor capable of 144hz refresh) all of which makes gaming quite enjoyable. But even with this level of performance parts, there were still issues. When using the 144hz refresh rate, everything ran smoothly in game, but in-mission there was a bit more image tearing in the center of the screen for larger objects, especially backdrops (planets, galaxies, moons, etc), large ships (Star Destroyers and the Executor) and the hyperspace sky. So I backed down the refresh rate to 60hz, and while this improved the image tearing greatly, then the out-of-mission screens had issues. Any animations - doors opening in the main halls, moving to your seat just prior to mission briefs, the opening and closing of simulators and even the options screen animations slowed to a crawl. It was also evident in the Ship's Library - ships were slow to load and spun very choppy at 60hz. This anomaly never occured in XWAU version 1.5. Why would the animations be refresh rate dependent in 1.6?

2) Audio issues: Likely related to the animation issue, the audio during animations also cuts in and out severely while the animations are playing at 60hz. Also, audio would cut in and out (although not as often) during campaign and simulator briefings and some audio drop-outs, as well as clicks and pops, would occur in-mission (although these were more random and brief). And all of this only occurred when running XWAU 1.6 with my system at 60hz. Very strange. These things never happened in version 1.5.

So I was left with a dilemma - do I run my video at 144hz and deal with significant image tearing in-mission or back the refresh rate to 60hz and deal with all of the animation/sound issues it produced? But the answer was neither - I just went back to XWAU 1.5 and called it a day. Since I read through the forum and did not see anyone else post about these specific issues I figured it was just something particular to my system and, while I really like the visuals in 1.6, I just couldn't deal with the anomalies it was producing on my rig.

If others start posting similar experiences here, then maybe there are some minor issues with version 1.6 that would need to be fleshed out. But for right now I can only assume that there is something that XWAU 1.6 doesn't like with my particular setup. I guess I'll just wait and see.

Thanks for all you've accomplished over the years!

R. H.

Re: XWAUCP 1.6 has been released

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:01 pm
by keiranhalcyon7
I'm on mobile atm, so I apologise for my brevity.

Support for frame rates above 24 per second was introduced in 1.6, I believe. I suggest reading through this thread, and posting in the software/hardware issues forum if none of the settings described there help.

Also, make sure your hooks are up to date using the hook downloader.