XWAU Craft Pack v1.6 Fixes / Issues

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XWAU Craft Pack v1.6 Fixes / Issues

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Post by Ace Antilles » Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:37 pm

This is a list of some issues, bugs or improvements found after the release of XWAUCP v1.6. Please read the instructions carefully.
It may not be a complete list and bugs are being addressed in several ways for future fixes and improvements.

LIST FROM SEPT 20th 2020.

Presently there are no known major issues with the XWAUCP v1.6.
Please make sure you install the XWAU Craft Pack v1.6: Patch v1.0 directly after installing the XWAUCP for best results.
Installation, performance and other bugs can occur depending on different computers and user setups.
We are working on the next major update to make installation simpler.

It is known if you use a monitor refresh rate of above 60HZ then you may experience problems.

If you choose the Nebulon-B Frigate - Strike option you may experience crashes due to missing Frigate2.opt.
Please download the Nebulon-B Frigate from the Downloads page and reinstall to fix this.

If you experience any bugs or need help please post in the Bug/Help section.

There are multiple mission fixes in the works. They include Briefing icons, balance issues and cosmetic improvements.
They will be available at a later date when fully tested.

Battle 5 - Backdrops missing - FIXED
Battle 5 and 1 Battle 6 mission have bad INI files. This means they will not show the new Backdrops.
This is fixed in the full release of SuperBackdrops Patch V3.1 and beyond.

B0M0902 - Fixed Briefing Sound
XWA original bug. In the briefing the officer says Liberty and should say Defiance. I have edited the Wave file to correct that.
To fix download the file below and replace the files in your Wave folder.


Previously posted bugs in individual installers should have all been fixed now.
If you still have an outstanding bug please check you have the latest version from the Downloads page.


These are new additions to the game and many can be experimental in adding new features to the game.
New Hooks are included in installers but to check you have the latest versions use XWA Hooks Setup.
If you have any Issues please check the Hook section for relevant posts or help.


These and the VR elements are additions to the game engine pushing it beyond it's original limits.
Supporting many VR setups and an evolving game is hard, so it's a constant work in progress. Different experiences are to be expected.
If you have any Issues or questions please check the XWA VR Help for relevant posts or help.


We understand that the XWAU can be complicated at times. The team is working to improve the installation process to make it easier and less problematic.
These bugs and other improvements will all be fixed in the next major release asap at a later date in 2020.
We apologise for these issues and hope these fixes help you. Please report any other issues in the Bug Reports / Help Requests section.
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