Adjusting the FOV in VR

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Adjusting the FOV in VR

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Post by blue_max » Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:02 am

If you erase the file "Focal_Length.cfg" and start the game in VR mode, it will automatically try to compute the FOV from the data returned by SteamVR. This is only an approximation, though. You can also open this file and manually enter the vertical VR FOV in degrees:

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VR_FOV = 106.530
Bear in mind that larger FOVs cause a bigger impact in performance, so that's a good reason to try smaller FOVs.

The FOV can also be adjusted in real-time while flying by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left/Right Arrow. If you reduce the FOV too much you'll see the black edges of the screen inside your VR headset, so it can't be reduced too much. For example, for the PSVR I can't set it below 100 degrees, but I expect that headsets with larger FOVs (like the Pimax) will need larger FOVs.

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