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Advice on VR hardware

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 5:30 pm
by Old_Jedi
Hi guys

Having taken the opportunity to upgrade my work laptop to a Dell G5 gaming rig (i7-10750; 16GB; NVIDIA GTX 2060 6GB) I thought I would ask Santa for a VR headset. I will pretty much be playing XWA and some Squadrons, not at all hard-core, so was wondering what your experiences are with the Quest 2? I realize I asked a similar question a while back, but am now much nearer pressing the button on ordering this (bugger all else I can do living in a Tier 3 area this Xmas)

Would you recommend it, how does it compare to the older and soon to be discontinued Rift S? Is the fixed 3-position IPD a hindrance?



Re: Advice on VR hardware

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 9:14 pm
by m0rgg

Disclaimer: I havent tried RiftS.

I went from an Oculus CV1 to a Quest2 and it is a clear improvement in terms of image quality. The difference between Quest2 and RiftS is less pronounced, but still in favor of Quest2, even with USB Link to a PC and the associated video compression. With the latest update to Oculus Link, if your machine can push it, you can have a similar if not better image quality.
Of course you need a USB cable, but you can get a cheap one from Aliexpress (I paid 13€~$15 for a 5m one).

The RiftS does not have mechanical IPD adjustment, only software, so Quest2 is superior in that regard. Even with 3 positions, if you are in the average range (and especially in the lower part) it should be fine. I went from the analog setting of the CV1 to the Quest2 without noticing the difference (I'm 65mm, right in the middle between 63mm and 68mm, and it's perfectly clear and comfortable. A 1-3mm difference in IPD does not impact the image quality a lot.

But apart from cabled PCVR, the Quest2 has 2 advantages that can be very important (or not) depending on your use case:
- Standalone VR and portability: you can use VR anywhere without bringing your PC with you (although with a gaming laptop it is less of an advantage).
- Wireless PCVR: with Virtual Desktop and a good 5GHz Wifi network you can play PCVR games wireless in the Quest, with a quality comparable to the Link, and insignificant latency (unless you play competitive Beat Saber or similar). When you test wireless, you may never want to go back to cables :-)

The main advantage of RiftS is the confort, but you can fix that with a cheap halo style head-strap for Quest2 from Aliexpress (~25€). It's the one I have and a clear improvement over the default and even the original CV1. Or some of the other headstrap types if halo is not comfortable for you. Quest2 is made for easily interchangeable headstraps, no need for 3D printed adapters or mods.

Oh, and there is the Facebook account requirement, which can be an issue for many people, but that applies also to the Rift S. You would need to go to Valve Index or HP Reverb G2 to avoid that.

Even with the $100 discount for RiftS, I would still buy a Quest2 today. The only hesitation would be if you can catch a used RiftS for a very intersting price.

Re: Advice on VR hardware

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 5:43 pm
by Old_Jedi
Thanks very much for the detailed review.