Imperial Starships

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Means project is in planning. Models that are registered by someone automatically are considered in planning
In progress, means the person registered for the job is currently working on it
Done, well, project is finished (only used for sub-categories)
Nobody is registered to the craft yet. Feel free to start working on it!
The whole ship is done (only used for whole project)





Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer General_Trageton, Dragon General_Trageton, Dragon General_Trageton, Dragon
Immobilizer 418-Class Interdictor Cruiser Flavid Flavid Flavid
Imperator-Class Star Destroyer Matt Matt Matt
Imperator-Class Star Destroyer Mark II Matt Matt Matt
Imperial Research Ship Marco Antonio Marco Antonio Marco Antonio
Victory-Class Star Destroyer General_Trageton General_Trageton General_Trageton
Victory-Class Star Destroyer Mark II General_Trageton General_Trageton General_Trageton