Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Bug fixes in Mega Patch: Update 2.1 Posted by Ace Antilles
XWAU 2020 Mega Patch Update 2.1 is now available.
We had to release this one so close to the last as there were a few big bugs that slipped in that needed fixing.

The X-wing "radar" screens were not showing the correct directions. This has now been fixed on all the XW versions.

I also added a last minute mission fix to B2M5 that was making the mission fail often.
Added a wait order to Liberty at the end of the mission. It was going to Hyperspace and crashing into Fighters attempting to land.
Tweaked the voice messages to try and make them appear as they should.

Sorry to anyone that's already installed Update 2 but this fix couldn't wait. Just install 2.1, you don't need to remove 2.0 first unless you want to.

Thanks to everyone that reported the bugs. You can still read the full Update 2 details in the original post below.

Monday, March 29, 2021

XWAU 2020: Mega Patch: Update 2 Posted by Ace Antilles

We've been working on it for some time but now available is our XWAU 2020: Mega Patch: Update 2!

This Update contains a new TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor from DTM.
It comes with various Skin and Profile choices to be used in missions. See full details in the Forum.

Also there are new Skins for the Assault Gunboat, brand new Animations and Cockpit Damage effects plus many small updates and bug fixes.

All the files from Update 1 are rolled into this update too. So all you need is the original 2020 Mega Patch and the current update.

Please read the full release notes in the Readme or Forum for the full information.

We hope you enjoy the new release and will have more for you very soon :)

Monday, March 15, 2021

This is the way.... Posted by Ace Antilles
Moff Gideon, we have located the Mandalorian on the planet below. Your ship has been prepared for you.

The XWAU ended 2020 with a seismic charge, but that doesn't mean we have been doing nothing since.
We've been compiling things since January for our first Update of 2021 and hope to release it very soon.
What started as a small update has exploded! It will feature updated Fighters, new features, new skins, profiles, bug fixes and more!

One of the things we will be using are new Animation features. These will allow us to give more "life" to the fighter cockpits and other craft.

This also includes an amazing new area we can now utilise: Cockpit damage effects and events!

Please visit the forum topic here to read more.

We're also creating several new Tutorial guides for new features so that they are more accessible to all custom creators.
Vince T is currently updating the old FAQ to bring it into 2021. He needs your help though.
Have you ever wanted to know something about the XWAU but couldn't find an answer?
Then see his topic and post your question so we can make sure it's covered in the new FAQ update.
Please visit the forum topic here to read more.

You will find a few more previews or WIP pictures in the Forum and look for Mega Patch: Update 2 sometime soon!

Monday, December 28, 2020

XWAU 2020 Mega Patch Update 1 Posted by Ace Antilles

Now available is our first XWAU 2020: Mega Patch: Update!
This Update contains new releases, updated items and bug fixes all rolled into one installer.
So all you need is the original 2020 Mega Patch and the current update. The previous Fix Pack v1 is included in the Update.
We made this update as a simpler way to release stuff to you rather than multiple individual installer.

We've added a bunch of stuff old and new. So please read the full release notes in the Readme or Forum for the full information.
We wanted to end 2020 with a final new release so we hope you enjoy it :)


XQ2 Platform v1.0: Brand new release of the XQ2 Platform and Hangar by Vince T.
Another brilliant Station to use in game with HD textures and 4 subtly different Hangar Maps depending on your Faction.
You can see pictures and videos of the XWA Upgrade releases in the Showcase section on our website.

Discuss this release in the Forum here.

Effects by Blue Max v1.5: Blue Max has updated and improved on areas of his great Effects package.
There are new procedural shaders for Lava and Explosions as well as for the Death Star used in Endor mission 4.
The Reactor Core explosion has been replaced with Duke's explosion shader and other visual fixes.
For full information read the Special-Effects-Readme.

Hooks - Skins: JeremyaFr's Hooks have been updated with the latest bug fixes and new features.
There is also a great new Skins feature. Essentially it allows anyone to add their own custom looks to an Opt. You can add flightgroup colours or new textures from a folder rather than being built into the Opt itself. So mission creators now can have a lot more options for customised ships. It's something that will be used more by the XWAU Team in future releases.
Discuss this release in the Forum here.

There's also been some minor updates to some Opts: XQ1 Platform, Calamari Cruiser Defiance and Imperial Star Destroyer II.
Plus bug fixes to some campaign missions and more.
We've already got lots of cool things in the works for 2021 which I can't share with you now but the team never slows down!

As we've pointed out on several occasions it's likely Internet Security programs will flag our downloads as trojans etc.
We can assure you these are False Positive results and nothing we can do about them. Virus software is getting more protective and cautious all the time. Just select to allow/keep etc the file and you will be fine.

Discuss this update in the Forum here. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Forum has been updated Posted by Forceflow
Dear all, the forum has been updated to it's newest version. Hopefully nothing broke while doing that. Everything should be the same, though note that the ULR has changed to:


Old links will still work, though in case you have the forum bookmarked directly please change it to the new link.

Other than that things should behave just like before. (You might have had to login again) There are no notable new features other than that it is now possible to tag users @Vince T This will only when you make a new post, not when editing posts! The board will provide you with a userlist as soon as you type the @ Symbol and the first letter of the user you want to tag.

If you do not wish to be notified when someone tags you you can do so in the UCP under Board Prefferences --> Edit notification options

There it is the last option: Someone mentioned me

That's it, please let me know if you run into any issues here!

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